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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Heroes of Dracania,

    Here is the release content for the release 256.​

    - Defeat of Undefeatable event rework:
    ● Drop from the first 3 bosses in Circus Monstrorum has been removed and they will
    only drop progress, Flames of a Phoenix and Mystic Cubes.
    ● Bosses in Circus Monstrorum won't drop boss ingredients anymore
    ● Progress drop has been increased
    ● Progress bars rewards have been slightly updated​

    - Mystic cubes rework:
    ● Mystic cubes won't drop equipment anymore
    ● Added Premium Elixir of Equipment as drop from Mystic Cubes
    ● Lost Legacy set has been reworked and possibility of its craft has been added
    ● Quantities of various droppable items and currencies have been increased, along
    with drop rates
    - World drop uniques and set items has been added as drop from bosses

    - Monster Hunt event rework:
    ● Progress bar has been increased
    ● Amount of progress in stack will be difficulty dependent
    ● Monster Hunt Event Attire has been added
    ● Rewards from progress bar have been slightly improved
    - PvE season event reintroduction:
    ● Parallel World Gorga has been added to Leaderboards
    ● PW Mortis has been removed from Leaderboards
    ● Progress bar rewards has been updated
    ● Jewel of Eternal Wrath has been added as reward from Reward Chest of the first
    ● Rewards from leaderboard chests have been improved
    - Previous value of Rune of Recharging has been restored

    - Rank of few bosses has been changed:
    ● Dark Force
    ● Animated Armor
    ● Fiery Animated Armor
    ● Icy Animated Armor
    ● Poisonous Animated Armor
    ● Electrified Animated Armor
    ● Obscure Animated Armor
    - Items drop from Sewers Treasure Chest has been fixed
    - New mechanic of Match Making Rating has been implemented
    - Amount of progress received during Full Moon and New moon has been changed.
    Progress drop has been also added to bosses of those events.
    - Progress drop in Infested sewers of Kingshill has been increased

    Premium Elixir of Equipment:

    While this buff is active, you always get at least one unique or set item from every boss and event chest. You can obtain this elixir as a drop from Mystic cubes.

    Surprise Lottery Box:
    image-001.png image-002.png

    Jewel of Eternal Wrath:
    image-003.png image-004.png

    Enjoy the release!
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