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  1. Shanty

    Shanty Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes,

    Get ready for todays maintenance and the new patch release!

    Start Countdown: 02:00pm
    Start Maintenance: 02:30pm

    Finish Maintenance: 03:00pm

    Maintenance contains:

    - Increased map loading speed
    - New Daily Login Feature
    How to obtain double daily rewards;If players make any recharge on the same day, they can receive double daily rewards.

    - Two new item for the Valentine's event have been added:
    Vortex of Love(trail) and Path of Promise(groundmarker)

    Daily Rewards Day 1 - Day 28:
    Day 1: Lockpick*10
    Day 2: Essence of Vigor (purple)*100
    Day 3: Tome of Experience*1
    Day 4: Multitool*1
    Day 5: Fragment of Infernal Passage*5
    Day 6: Gold*100
    Day 7: Key of Prowess
    Day 7 (bonus): Essence of Vigor (orange)*999
    Day 8: Lockpick*20
    Day 9: Essence of Vigor (purple)*200
    Day 10: Tome of Experience*2
    Day 11: Multitool*2
    Day 12: Fragment of Infernal Passage*10
    Day 13: Gold*200
    Day 14: Key of Prowess*2
    Day 14 (bonus): Lockpick*100
    Day 15: Lockpick*30
    Day 16: Essence of Vigor (purple)*300
    Day 17: Tome of Experience*3
    Day 18: Multitool*3
    Day 19: Fragment of Infernal Passage*15
    Day 20: Gold*300
    Day 21: Key of Prowess*3
    Day 21 (bonus): Polished Ruby*5
    Day 22: Lockpick*40
    Day 23: Essence of Vigor (purple)*400
    Day 24: Tome of Experience*4
    Day 25: Multitool*4
    Day 26: Fragment of Infernal Passage*20
    Day 27: Gold*400
    Day 28: Key of Prowess*4
    Day 28 (bonus): Lockpick*300

    If you have any questions, you can hover over the "?",and the details will appear.

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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