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Discussion in 'Patchnotes and Maintenance' started by Melethainiel, Nov 14, 2023.

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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Heroes of Dracania,

    Today we had a small hotfix, that addressed some of the issues with the new Halloween Crafting/Trader system:
    • Cooked beef, Blueberry juice, and Pumpkin jam can be used both for crafting other items and as a buff.
    • The food collection process for the Halloween Crafting system was been optimized, now there will be a 3-second CD time interval between each item (this change was needed in order to reduce e36).
    • The Pumpkinhead of Smiles now has a proper preview in Collector's Bag.
    • The description of the Ghostly Sugar Pie has been modified by correcting the content and probability of randomly obtained items.
    • The issue with the error message when buying ingredients from Halloween Trader has been fixed.
    • New pets and costume crafting issues have been fixed, and can now be crafted normally (more info below).
    • The 'A Haunted Tale' has now a proper finish text.
    • The bug that caused a crash when viewing the Haunted Party mount has been fixed.
    • The title to the icon showing the current costume has been added for all Pumpkinhead costumes.
    Changes made with Halloween Trader:
    • New recipes were added: Tiny Troublemaker-Charming (crafted with Tiny Troublemaker-Lovely and Tiny Troublemaker-Vivid), Tiny Troublemaker-Dazzling (crafted with Tiny Troublemaker-Luxuriant and Tiny Troublemaker-Elegant), Halloween Gift Voucher (crafted with 5x Tiny Troublemaker) and 30d version of new mount - Haunted Party (crafted with 14x Halloween Gift Voucher).
    • Crafting Tiny Troublemaker in versions: Luxuriant, Elegant, Lovely, and Vivid require now 1x Halloween Gift Voucher and another type of Tiny Troublemaker of the same rarity.
    • Tiny Troublemaker-Talented requires now 1x Tiny Troublemaker and 20x Halloween Gift Voucher.
    • Tiny Troublemaker-Superstar requires now 1x Tiny Troublemaker-Charming, Tiny Troublemaker-Dazzling, and 40x Halloween Gift Voucher.
    In the shop, you will find some new Halloween-themed bundles (the offer is available until 23.11 23:59):
    • Ghost Festival Mount box /7 days (contains: Haunted Party mount for 7 days).
    • Ghost Festival Mount box /30 days (contains: Haunted Party mount for 30 days).
    • Ghost Festival Mount box (contains: Haunted Party mount)
    • Small Bundle of Pie (contains: 1x Ghostly Sugar Pie).
    • Medium Bundle of Pie (contains: 10x Ghostly Sugar Pie).
    • Big Bundle of Pie (contains: 50x Ghostly Sugar Pie).
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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