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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes of Dracania!

    There will be a maintenance in the morning, to deploy an update R259_20. The schedule is as follows:

    Countdown starts at : 9:05
    Maintenance starts at : 9:35
    Maintenance finishes by : 10:05
    All times are in CEST


    • Quest Guidance and Quest Location is now shown correctly for the quest “When Ashes Fall”.
    • Fixed an issue with Miscellaneous offers at Grima where it required Premium for purchasing.
    • Added progress counter for the quest "Weight of a Feather".
    • Fixed an issue where the effect description of Summer event attire (when equipped) didn't show the Jewel drop possibility text.
    • Fixed several visual issues in the map Greyling Forest and Primal Spark maps.
    • Fixed an issue where the 4x Keys of Prowess from Login Reward was not being credited to the user.
    • Fixed an issue where Master of Ash in Land of Immortal were immune to Mind Control.
    • The Slime leader monster in Land of Immortal is now immune to Mind Control.
    • Fixed an issue where users would get level 100 items from the Sewers Event Main Boss Chest if any other player opened it first. Now the chest will not open up for everyone when anyone opens it.

    • Reworked Mortis Pet from Achievement.
    • Reworked Sewers Event with the following changes:
    1) Reduced the progress required to finish main event.
    2) Increased the progress drop for main event.
    3) Imoroved the rewards from Main event, Toxic Fumes and Mini events.
    4) New items have been added:
    a) Poisonous Rat (Mount)
    b) Toxic Steps (Alchemy Circle)
    c) Pest Aura (Trail)
    d) Plague Doctor (Costume)
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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