Remove Honor Talents - Add Equipment Level Cap in PvP

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by AbaddoN9, Jul 14, 2019.

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  1. AbaddoN9

    AbaddoN9 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone,
    Why do we have a 25% bonus damage and 25% damage reduction from Honor Talents?
    This function doesn't improve pvp in any way. It just make pvp even more unbalanced, so i don't see a reason to keep it.
    There are players on level 20-40 abusing of it that never level up their chars. They upgrade green equipments to lv 50-60, get 25% on both bonuses from honor talents, and keep killing new players in one or two hits.

    That's not good for the game. Imagine how a new player feel when their first impression of pvp is like "Oh i hit a player of same level as me by 100 damage, and i got hit by 2000 damage. What the hell is this?"
    Most of them fight 2 or 3 times trying to find a new opponent to get a fair match, but they always get match with the same player that killed them in 1 hit. Then they give up and probably never try to pvp again.

    Also, i would like to suggest an equipment level cap for players below level 50 in PvP.
    New players generally have poor knowledge about the game, also, most of them don't have good mechanical skills. They would lose a fight easily even if both chars fight with no equipment, however, the honor talents and high level equipments just make it impossible for them to enjoy PvP.

    If the goal of Drakensang devs were to make pvp based on players skills (referring to 214 patch notes), then it need to change because right now the pvp below level 50 is only based on who has the most upgraded green equipments and who has max bonuses from honor talents.
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Trust me, they don't need that.

    Generally, the real new players - aka newbies (and not the second chars of the cap players) just go through the levels, they don't really collect glyphes, sometimes they choose wrong equipment, some even don't know about stuff like glyphes and gem removal or gem crafting and throw away/sell all the equipment they get, including their old equipment that contained gems (yes, I really met a few such people - such degree is called a noob).

    If they enter PvP, all it takes to kill them is a player that has well-chosen equipment that is levelled up just a few levels - 5 or even less is enough to give a real edge. And that's for skilled new players, those who have no experience with similar games and no predisposition can simply meet a quickly-levelling second char of an experienced player and that's it.

    The whole current PvP system with only base values is not good for the game.

    This has been happening for years now. Before there was the exp blocking, now there is no exp blocking. Old legacy twinks are still there, and what is currently possible to build is ok, it's not a fault of the glyph system nor of the players who use it: the whole problem lies in the arena system.

    And the fair match won't happen with the current game population, because most of the under-the-cap players are second characters of experienced players that will always wreck the newcomers for aforementioned reasons, and those who are the first characters are not necessarily interested in PvP in the first place - some don't enter the arena at all until they get a high enough level and a clover in dailies. Odds to get matched against another newbie are close to zero.

    I would like to suggest a quick band-aid fix of the PvP (see below) that wouldn't actually harm anyone.

    See above. You have partially answered your own questions.

    Below you can find my suggestion. I'd only like to add here cthat I prefer the shortened stuns' duration in the current PvP and it's really enough.

    Band-aid fix:
    1. Make ALL the equipment work in PvP.
    2. Make HP scale according to the formula:
      HP in PvP  =  base character HP * square_root( HP with full equipment )
      (base character HP is HP with no equipment on the specific level for the specific class)
    3. Make DMG scale according to the formula:
      DMG in PvP  =  base character DMG * square_root( DMG with full equipment )
      (base character DMG is DMG with no equipment on the specific level for the specific class)
    4. Then, apply some sort of buff+debuff combination to some of the states. I'd suggest:
      • -10% attack speed
      • +10% HP
      • Critical Damage bonus is halved (so the basic +100% would become +50%)
    5. When a player is stunned and the stun effect ends or is broken with a skill, they cannot be stunned again for 4 seconds.
    6. Honor talents would work as they're now.
    From there, they could work on creating a new honor tree and perhaps on overriding some of these additions.