Remove Jesse O'Barker From Kingshill

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Aslandroth, Jul 4, 2020.

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  1. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    This ridiculous looking character is out of place and offers no inspiration to the game of Drakensang. While you are at it, remove him from the position of CM and remove the job of CM altogether. He offers no value to the community, and the money recovered by his salary could be used to hire a part time developer and work on content.

    Players don't want the worthless live stream, period.

    Players don't want to waste our time on twitch, period.

    Players don't want to listen to this fool insult the community when he doesn't have any idea how to play the game, period.

    Shift your limited resources towards something that is actually good for the game, the players, and the community.
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  2. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I partially agree, I think CM has been put there to promote what the developers have done! With this, every effort to move this game results in a disappointing result!

    They simply made too many mistakes, too many innovations introduced in the live server without trying them in the test server and even when these were patently wrong they were introduced the same!

    By now the game is broken, I hoped that with the introduction of Inf7, they had corrected at least the most wrong things but they did not care and made the game worse, be happy for them hoping that they will change the development team!
  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I actually dont want to comment and my brutal honesty has always bitten me in the behind.

    Jesse has been a very active cm.

    That said though i feel like he has been manipulated by whining mage "friends" which elevated them to how uber balanced they are atm, which also resulted in dks being as pathetic as they are atm.

    Now I think Jesse is more careful of making friends and yet dks still suffer.

    If a cm has that much power over classes, then atleast he has to right the wrongs done to the only melee class in the game.

    I have nothing else to say
  4. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    As far as I can see, I am one of the few left in the game that likes him a lot.
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  5. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    There are still many players from the Americans who can't join Twitch or whatever other platform he uses because we are asleep at the time the streams are run.

    So, if he is supposed to support the entire player community, he should be communicating via these Forums in lieu of or in addition to the live streams.

    (I detest Facebook with a passion, but have wandered over to the DSO page a couple times … I don't recall seeing a CM corner over there. Am I wrong? Does Jesse use that FB platform in addition to live streaming?)

    Do you enjoy his personality or his efforts to improve the game on behalf of the player community? I haven't read here of a single specific positive contribution attributed to Jesse …

    Back in the day, DSO had CMs (multiple) who read and responded to forum messages (CM Haruki was the most active) and who (at least appeared to have) advocated on behalf of the players. Now on the forum we have volunteer moderators who (at least appear) to summarize our concerns and forward them upstream, but with little power to actually influence the direction of development; my impression from various mod comments suggests that they are as frustrated with the game's management team as we are, if not more so.

    My vague recollection: Haruki and the other CM at the time moved on (Were pushed out? Escaped?). Silence for a time from DSO on the forums. Then a few Letters from the Developer were dropped; but the feedback that ensued from the player base overwhelmed and was overwhelmingly negative, so the mystery Developer stopped replying. After awhile, a hint was dropped that a new CM would be hired. I think Jesse basically said, "Hi!," here once, then disappeared. Forever.
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  6. pukiface

    pukiface Someday Author

    Old is gold ;) miss you Haruki!
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  7. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Jesse has a hard time finding words. I think he's not very comfortable speaking English.
    In a way, Jesse's sidekick Hansen is better, but both appear to have quite limited knowledge of the game :/

    I like how they're kinda funny and even make fun of themselves e.g. when some people pointed out their accent being sort of robotic, and so they went ahead and walked around like robots saying: "Hi, it's us, the German robots." ... And "German cringe team."

    But Jesse's stream should be, imo, less about let's play and more about news and about addressing issues and things like that. I get they're trying to engage the community by doing all these lotteries, community coins, and whatnot, but I don't really care. I wish they focused more on communicating the devs' intentions, reasons for whatever is going on, what's next, etc.

    Greg and Haruki had a so so much higher communication level and their work felt way more professional, but at the same time they kept presenting too many false information- I mean promises that have never come to be. Just recently I've watched a stream from December 2015 where they would present plans for 2016, and none of it has ever made it into the game, including new rogue class.

    There was also Clayton, do you remember him? No? No wonder, he did 1 or 2 streams and basically, at least to me, he was virtually non-existent.

    Anyway, I don't really mind Jesse's character and his community coins. I just wish the focus of Jesse's work, or of any CM's in general, were more on other things.
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  8. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    If I want to see a live broadcast there are many channels on youtube, twich, etc ...
    I don't see any sense in the company doing the same when there are people who already do the same and I can enjoy the videos in my spare time without having to connect at a specific time, it can be good or bad for me to connect due to schedules, work, studies or because I'm watching something on netflix lying on the couch.

    I don't think that bp should use the platforms to make live broadcasts, at least from the live server, I think it would be much better if they were from the test server, from when there is new content, expansions, events, or explain something new that they are going to. implement, it is as before they put the event guides on the forum to guide us and explain a little how it was and what had to be done (as I miss it).

    I also think that for live broadcasts they should have a CM for each country, or (if they continue with the idea of having only one CM that makes videos) at least subtitle the videos that would be made in several languages for which we have no idea english, whether for one reason or another, in my case when I studied at school, french was taught, so I know little or no english.

    The thing about eliminating the vendor jesse, neither goes nor comes to me, since most of the times they do the event, they catch me away from home and I can never do it, so for my part it can be eliminated, it is useless if not you can do the events if you can't connect at the times they put it.
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    They're giving quite a bunch of coins in bonus codes like every stream. How many other codes have you seen? 0? Yeah. They made it so that people can choose their own rewards from codes and I like it.

    It's not his English, he does it too when he's translating something for the german community on the stream.

    They're not playing it, what do you expect? Like all the dev team, lol. They're probably playing other games for inspiration.
    (Jesse said it himself that he was playing the Summer Festival the first time on the stream. He noticed a few problems in the process... like the stupid 10:1 ratio of the dust recolouring crafting recipe. A shame they're not testing their game earlier...)

    That's essential of their position, but one can't take it too far either (like some previous CMs did imho). For example, if a class is visibly weaker than other classes and the CM sees it and only claims being a noob at it, it's too much (no, it hasn't happened with Jesse, it's one of the previous CMs).

    Yeah, so much of things they could say about what they're just starting to work at and what they're designing... oh!
    Yeah, we've had that.

    I agree with your every word here.

    Clayton was a deeper problem. I mean, he was trying to be a good CM, but I think he didn't play the game either.

    People are doing a turdstorm over the coins and the NPC. I likewise don't mind them. Maybe the stream quality could be better, but the news part is enough for us to get a grip of what's happening, and before Jesse started with the regular streams we've had way less. Oftentimes the first informator about what's upcoming was the person who made a thread on forum with a general description of TS changes (except for the major updates).
    Overall, I feel like the communication has improved. Let's give them a chance.
  10. emeric80

    emeric80 Forum Greenhorn

    Many games do livestreams with news these days and it's a good thing DSO does too.
  11. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    It is garbage, trying to pretend they are relevant, and basically crack and candy for millennials with no attention span, but may it do you fine. Players with lives and jobs and families do not want to waste their time on this trash. Period.

    One thing that fascinated me was the Herald Dragon Skin was there, and suddenly it wasn't. One of the few things worth buying with those hard won coins, suddenly disappeared the day of the last livestream? The day before? With no announcements? No notes? This must be an example of listening to player feedback that we are hearing so much about. But don't worry, R238 is bringing all kinds of useful (translate - you probably can't finish the event without wasting your coins here, and once they are gone we will bring back the dragon skin so enjoy the stress of deciding which is more important) items for you to spend, brave hero to help you on your quest to enrichen the overlords.

    I do expect the shadiness from BP; that is the norm but not letting us know ahead of time is scummy. More and more when I play this game, it feels like I am gambling.
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  12. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    Agree! He doesn't know how to play this game and he make trader as his own avatar. This is big mistake, this game isn't his game so why devs aprove that idea about his ovn trader-char in kingsrill?
  13. Marcius

    Marcius Forum Greenhorn

    your input actually doesn't make sense, CM Jesse already has his own character in the game (check Atlantis NPC's). to me it seems like this trader was actually supported more by the game designers than jessse himself, its a good way to control another part of the game with a new currency (easier to control the economy of the game), and it also serves the purpose of more interaction with the community + a new event, that will keep at least some players busy.
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  14. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Noooo! That was the only thing I wanted from the Jesse NPC! :(
  15. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I used most of my Jesse Coins to buy 3 more weeks of Premium to add to the 6 weeks I got from the Festival, before Jesse Merchant gets removed.
    We keep getting bonus codes with coins, I'll keep buying Premium with them. Seeing that most of us can't play during the actual broadcast because it's mostly a "time zone" event for a very few select number of players.
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  16. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So you guys are failing to understand the whole concept. I hate it so much what you guys are doing.

    In the past (and I mean previous, previous CMs) there was very often stuff given to some players during livestreams (and I don't mean bonus codes). Raffles and other stuff were conducted. It was only for people who played during the livestream and did certain stuff, or even only for those who got into the CM's group.
    In the past (and closer past here) they used to give codes for various stuff during the livestream. People were complaining however: some didn't need this, others that.

    So they created this system, where:
    • playing during the livestream on certain stuff grants you the coins
    • playing with CM can grant you some coins
    • they're giving bonus codes for next coins
    • ...and then...
    • everyone can choose their own rewards for coins, so nobody can complain about code quality etc.
    • profit
    But yet people are still complaining because they don't understand and are claiming that this "new" system is "unfair". No, it's actually better than what we've had before. It has the face of one of the game's NPCs that the CM chose as his avatar in it? So what?

    Stop it, people.

    No, you don't need those offers at all. It's fireworks and stuff, afaik. Perhaps some actual event stuff too, but nothing you'd really need and nothing that'd be worth the coins.

    I agree, as soon as Jesse leaves the team (as long as game doesn't fall beforehand) the trader can simply be renamed... and it's all right again? Yeah. There's really nothing personalised about the trader except for the name.
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  17. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    So you think that only European players should be allowed to have the coins. That's rather conceited of you.

    I say that if you want it that way, the the live stream should be from 8pm Eastern Standard Time to 11 pm Eastern Standard Time.

  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Many European players don't have the time to play during the livestream, and many American players actually do have the time. For example, I didn't do most of those livestream events. And it's ok, unlike the worm minievents. Because those are just set up like that, and the livestreams are done when they are done, and the event is run alongside.

    Now, frankly, the livestream are done for the players who are already playing the game, not for possible newcomers. And since most of the most of them are from Europe (based on server populations), they're quite focusing on the Europe and put the rest aside. Not that I support their decisions, but that's how it is done... and it is not done for no reason, as you see... and it's not as unfair as you may think (playtime hours are not based only on the timezone - far from it actually, if you take a look at whole servers).
  19. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    See I mean no insult but it is YOU who does not understand. You say the moronic Jesse trader only offers fireworks? I have monitored everything he sells since he was introduced. At first I thought, this is worthless with the exception of mighty spirit guards or premium / deluxe. And then I saw it in his shop, the Herald Dragon skin. It was there. And as the last livestream began, it wasn't. This is why I made my previous post.

    You can disagree with my original post (you are still wrong but it is your right to do so) but my previous one was specific to items that existed in the shop, and then ceased to exist. Get it? Not fireworks, not the normal useless trash but something I actually wanted. Something other players wanted. For you to gloss over that by either not actually reading my post, or not actually looking over everything for sale, and saying it was "just fireworks" demonstrates the kind of ignorance that BP feeds on. I hope this was just an oversight on your part and I do not mean to sound insulting.

    As for fairness, I never said it was unfair. My point in creating this thread was to express the fact that Jesse offers no value. As in 0 value, to the game as a worthless NPC, and to the community as a CM, and to the BP workforce as an employee. The guy is utterly, and completely devoid of value, and his presence in the game takes away from my enjoyment because every time I am in Kingshill I am insulted b his presence, because he is a shrine to all things scummy which is BP. I made this thread BEFORE BP pulled the scummy BP tactic of removing something useful from the shop. This isn't a thread about things being unfair; there are plenty of those. THis is a thread about another insult to injury move of BP.

    Lastly, and I am sorry because this directly calls out the attitude you bring to this thread but you seem to be a "go along to get along" type of individual. Like "Oh guys these are the rules and they know better so we gotta tow the line" kinda person. That never achieves anything. I play the game. I contribute to the game. My voice matters. I am gonna call a spade a spade and call BS when I see it, and I see a TON of it from the BP overlords. You can "hate what you guys are doing" all you want but that makes you a shill, even if you are an unwitting one. Until you understand that the BP overlords are actively against the fun and interests of the players, constantly placing slowdowns, annoyances, deceptive roadblocks in our path in attempt to squeeze our wallets, all of your commentary is irrelevant. I am sorry for how that might make you feel and I have no intention to insult you personally but this is not my opinion, this is fact. There are the players and the cashers and they have created this system. It is a war. I used to pay (a lot) and now I play. I play the game I want to play, not the game BP wants me to pay. Unless they change, and unless people like you never give them a single inch, they will keep cashing, and shafting, and this game will be flushed down the toilet of history. Mark my words on this.
  20. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    And it is again not me who doesn't understand. You said this:
    about the anniversary event, I suppose? So, no, you don't need this trader for that, and probably what will be added there as a temporary offer during that event won't be even able to help in the event itself (aka fireworks - literally).

    Regarding the Herald's skin...
    Buying the damn thing with a very special currency when whatever you get is going to get scrapped soon anyways for there's a CE incoming... just can't be a good idea. On top of that, that cloak system - it's a very bad system itself... and I think they didn't add the other cloaks because they noticed it's wrong. I hope they're going to fix it... but yeah, we can't be sure.

    You know, attacking every single thing they do, even when it isn't inherently bad... is, yeah a very good idea that will bring you very far in negotations. It will surely make them pay attention to our feedback and not just dismiss it because players are hating everything anyways and are still playing.

    This trader is actually a good idea (explained in my above post), and, all in all, I don't have a very good opinion about previous CMs either, so, while Jesse is quite bad, I don't consider it that much a concern. At least now he's doing something. If they fired him and took on another CM (probably somebody from QA team again, or maybe a new guy like Clayton), he probably would go through a period of "accustomisation" or such and general "invisibility". So, as long as we have other way bigger and more important problems in the game, you guys attacking Jesse and the trader (which - the trader - again, is unfairly attacked) is just counterproductive.

    You don't know me.

    You know, I can't read everything, I skim through the posts and reply to what I feel is important. And yes, I noticed this sentence after having finished this post.
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