Return of Dragan - Curse of the Black Knights

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by RosemaryWilkins, Apr 3, 2018.

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  1. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Who said I had no gems? Did I say that? I've got some sacred sapphires from the good old days, all of my rubies and onyx are royal. I have many good amethyst in the right places and 88k Health. Am I one of the top players? Hardly, and I am not claiming to be. My adornment is merely legendary because I am waiting to finish my CHR lines perfectly before transferring onto spider adornment. I know how crafting works, and the steps I need to take to be where I want to be. That is not the issue.

    My point however is highly relevant, even if you don't understand what it is. When you have item levels and tiers, and difficulty levels, as well as mob levels, even if un-crafted or partially crafted, equipment of the highest order and the level maxed out should yield better results.
    When I pointed specifically to this new release, it is because I was farming Inf 3 ravenclaw per the Baragain strategy in the previous event with worse equipment and less gems than I have now. My complaint is that, in their attempt to bring balance and innovate, BP has once more moved the goalpost, intentionally or otherwise.
  2. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    The idea was to making group for the maps before the boss relevant and the bosses were weakened to compensate, for me the game is even easier now , with few exceptions of course if we count in the fact i have to use guardian again which slows me a little but its overall better than before
  3. molnijanx

    molnijanx Someday Author

    Just 1 question: HOW FARM RED PEARLS WHEN PROGRESS IS FINISHED???????????????????
  4. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    by clearing any of the 4 maps (gloomy, dragan exc, pastures, etc) within the ravenclaw castle - there will be an end boss
    kill him, and there is a random chance that a red pearl will drop.
    cheers. grind. cheers. grind.. lol... sorry.
  5. molnijanx

    molnijanx Someday Author

    killed sargon like 15 times and 0 pears, heredut little bit less but same...
  6. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    just luck yesterday i was doing the knight quest and for 15 heredur kills i got 10 pears i guess its pure RNG
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