Feedback Returning player from 2015 quitting after 3 weeks in DSO post 220

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by yeomanry, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum Apprentice

    Hi Yeo,

    Sure, I'll share. Keep in mind playing non-meta gear means two things inevitably happen, (1) meta players get their panties all bunched up and insist you're nuts for not playing by the meta, and (2) if it is a good alternative to meta, dev will remove it. I'll share anyways since we are in the waning days of a game on a respirator suffering kidney shut down.

    I recommend you go old school RA tank using a Bow of Destruction. You can farm these 'best' and most efficiently in Gleaming Mountains at silky fast Painful or Fatal. Dont go higher because you're not after a higher tier so much as high drop frequency. At that pace, you should post-R220 get roughly 4 drops of this bow per day if you are doing 8 to 10 hours. Stats wise, across about 5 different test toons, you should hit your near perfect Bow of Destruction after you identify about 30 of these drops. Melt anything that isn't 90% Damage and 80% Crit Hit.

    About this Bow. She's been with us a very long time. It's throw back to a different time in the game. The thing I love about this Bow is it's scaling, easy augmenting, speed and gobs of concentration. This is a EA machine gun when crafted properly plus you can then choose whether to build out a quiver or buckler. I go the buckler route because I prefer to old school tank.

    Now everyone is going to have a cow because this Bow isnt necessarily going to give you the maximum damage according to some Excel nerd out there. True. But this Bow is fun as hell. You can quickly get it up to Tier 6 and not difficult to get it to Tier 7 if you don't mind popping chests and doing a slow crap leg Bow of tier 7 to sacrifice on the augment.

    Anyways, that's my recommendation unless you like to follow the pack down the long corridor of BP grind. You'll save yourself tons of in game time and be completely meta free to not be reliant on event or pw cores.

    Post R220, this drop seems to rain down but you need to be super picky. My personal tests show that you're likely to get better base stats on a sub level 50 bow but those are not worth it to glyph upgrade as you'll then spend 6 months melting crap you get from the Great Desert. Just bite the bullet and spend a week in Gleaming Mountains for a 55 T1 or T2 and go from there. ......then enjoy the EA spray :)
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Well, that is a massive troll, unless I'm not seeing something really obvious here


    How is it any better than e.g. the bow on the left?
    320 fire resist and 400 more crit rate is nothing.
    Plus it doesn't go with a set, so there's no additional bonuses.

    Also, it's a longbow, yet there's no concentration mod.

    No, yeomanry is gonna need Herald's bow no matter what :|
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  3. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum Apprentice

    Hi Akageshi,
    No, this wasn't a troll post but your screenshot did have me go back to look at the Bow. My Bows have a "Concentration Costs Reduced by 20%" directly in the Base Values -----BUT----- the ones dropping now do not have this value. So something has changed over the last 6 months with this Bow.
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nothing has changed to them recently ... they are all bugged for a long time. I made few posts about it somewhere on this forum.
    Neither is Shortbow of the Dune Walker a shortbow even if its name is "Shortbow" and the tooltip says it is a shortbow. It is a longbow (both are) and having conc reduction.
    Ranger is screwed class for a long time. No new 1H items and the old ones ... allegedly reworked ... are bugged. Even the stats are bugged.
    It looks good but it has lower crit than Vargulf's bow.
    You don't need crit on 1H weapons except in arena ... it would be better to go with a full damage potential longbow. Only one is dropping ATM and they made it impossible to get with the latest changes ... even if it sucks (the whole Alliance set sucks).
    The other two are the Cube bow and the Balletdancing bow which is T0 draken expensive.
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  5. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum Apprentice

    Thank you Traki
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    you are welcome ("sand" "wood creature from down under") :D
  7. Hashtag

    Hashtag Forum Apprentice

    Alright, I've certainly taken Yeo's thread a bit off track but I have to follow up with one screen shot of these Bows with a 20% reduction. If the admin needs to move this part somewhere else, good on 'em but I dont see how you'll untangle the thread.

    This particular Bow of Destruction was acquired last week on a newly minted 55 RA (sub 2 week old toon). This bow is absolutely a post R220 drop. So the wacky thing is that some bows get the concentration bonus and others do not. I suppose Traki would know if the label is cosmetic and if they are all bugged with/without the label.


    Either way, I refuse to play a meta bow.

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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Here is the thread

    Same here I am playing on longbow.

    There are 2 things going on there:
    1. the old bug I have already mentioned in the previous post
    2. There is a glitch with the comparison tool (advanced tooltip)
    When you compare 2 weapons ... the tool is not displaying the concentration reduction

    but if you check only one weapon (point on equipped weapon or check another bow without equipped weapon) conc reduction is displayed.
    Here is the same bow from the previous screenshot
  9. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Sorry mate, not interested. My T6 Dune Walker shortbow has better stats than that. I'm not spending a week in Gleaming Mountains over something I could get within less than an hour in the Great Desert.

    I'm giving this game another chance until DTU ends. If they don't want my money, I won't push them.

    --- MERGED ---

    Well, DTU ended. Not even a damn pair of wings. And there I thought spending 60k anders for those corporate schemes they call Lucky Spheres back in the day can hold a candle on how bad the drop rate this game has. I guess I'll follow my dead veterans who left this game for good. There's no reason to stay. DSO lost the love they had for the game nor it has any love for its playerbase and its returning veterans.

    As per tradition, EDIT but you very well knew how this goes. :rolleyes:

    If only you haven't removed the PW Boss - materi fragment trader shop. I could have bought that T7 Herald Bow and I would be showering you with banknotes you greed yourselves with.

    Bye DSO.
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  10. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

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