Suggestion Rework essence consumption

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by ManaThief, Jan 2, 2021.

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  1. No

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  2. Yes, Variant 1

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  3. Yes, Variant 2

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  4. Yes, I don't care about the variant

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  1. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced


    as you are probably aware, the CE is in favor of high attack speed. However that leads to very high essence consumption - in this matter, slow attack speed with 2h builds is benefitial - the same essence amount will give you much higher damage output for the same amount.

    This is unreasonable especially for 4.0 attack speed with event essences.

    I would suggest one of 2 variants:

    Variant 1:

    Every essence piece consumption would grant you damage increase for 1 second. That means 9999x essence would grant you damage boost for 9999 seconds (while using it) ~ 3 hrs. The drop amount could be lowered.

    Variant 2:
    Recalculate the prices of every spell and every essence consumption would be calculated as CostOfSpell/AttackSpeed. This amount would be rounded. That means spell with essence cost 8 would cost:

    8 for 1.0 attack speed
    4 for 2.0 attack speed
    3 for 3.0 attack speed
    2 for 4.0 attack speed

    Essence drops would have to be adjusted, as well as costs of spells - I'm not going into that.

    If the drop is adjusted, I would also suggest multiplying the essences users already have by newAverageEssenceDropStackSize/oldAverageEssenceDropStackSize.
  2. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    What you talk about reach +5,0 with 2h is pretty easy....pointless maybe benefitial for weekendo players with royal gems...

    There is posibility buy event attire for no essence spend... So again poinless
  3. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    The point is not it's hard to get high attack speed, the point is the costs are unbalanced for high attack speed.

    If you buy an attire you don't need any essences, therefore attire is out of topic.
  4. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    This sentence is nonsense...
    What is benefitial on keep slow attack speed 2h?
    No +100%dmg buff if no +4,0 so 1h will deal more dps so is balanced
    Even longer time to kill mini sentinel boss with low atck speed 2h?? This is benefit??

    costs are balanced ofc... For high attack speed with 2h you need better gems... For high attack speed with 1h you no need better gems at all.
    Want have high dps will have too high essence cost...
    if play with 1h +4,0 100% dmg buff(no need much atck speed gems) If play with 2h low atck speed no 100% dmg buff
    and if play with 2h +4,0 100%dmg buff (need better atck speed gems)
    Variant 2 is total nonsense you want just high dps and no essence cost... go farm ess or quit events you cant afford or buy attire
    So attire is topic.. Attire solve your imaginary problem with ess.
  5. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    Let me put it this way, you may have the 100 % dmg buff at 4.0 but you have to get there with let's say 100 attacks to activate it, depends on a map, but you may not even get it if you are killing just some mobs. And you have to make a choice, to get a build where you kill a mob on 1 hit with attack speed < 4.0 or 2 hit with attack speed > 4.0 and hope for a buff. During that time, you waste twice as much essence for the exactly same dps. This shows especially at lower levels, not mentioning essences are much more valuable there. And it's not just about the events.
  6. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    1. The cloaks only serve for some events not for the whole game in general so the cloaks solve a part of the problem also you have to take into account the essences that are more difficult to obtain such as red or purple that are now more complicated to get (the chests are not used now to get ess due to the low drop it has), there is also the equipment of the ess event that if you have the whole set consumes 1 ess but the stast are not so beneficial
    2. the 2h weapon usually does more damage than one of 1h and as they said before you can reach the speed of 4 but spending a lot on gems and runes (which has a very low drop and the costs are too high for the number of gems to create in total).
    3 The first proposal does not indicate the amount of the damage bonus, so if they do implement it it could be very poor because you propose less drop of the drop so it is of high level they would rarely fall nor you can farm adermant for the same to me It does not matter if you want to buy them or not but the point is that it would make it difficult for both the p2w (they have to spend more) and the f2p (they have to farm more).
    4. the most possible is that the value was made so that the difference with the current costs is not so much or at least half of the current ones.
    5. this is translated by google service thanks for reading and have a nice day
  7. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    How may have??... You must have every noob can make +4,0 with 1h solo no much effort even more is posible with group and no cash spend... So point about 100attacks is pointless...
    with 6,0 you gain per single shot 5stacks and for activation of buff you need 100stacks
    So 4atcks per second are 20stacks so you have 100stacks bonus in 5seconds
    I was end game pretty strong and i manage ess spend well... now im not even close to end game becouse end game means maxed gems... sets bonuses base stats of items legend runes what i have are nothin compare to gems and i still think ill be able to manage ess as before ce ...
    So i dont know in which state you are when you writtin about one shot mob or 2 shot mob on bloodshed... I see you no point difficulty...
    And again red ess pink ess can be bough by ingame currency if you play events and farm at all you can spend 949anders or so for 1k red...
    blue and green you can easy farm just by playin... and grey you can buy vs gold...
    And about low levels rather no talk i really dont care about new players and as you can see developers of game too. And i really doubt essence is more important at low level than at mid-end game...
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2021
  8. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Some type of rework would make great sense. Skills that use more than 1 essence are nonsense, and the majority of skills should use none at all in my opinion. The problem is, this will never happen. BP wants you to burn essence. The proof is in the gradual (and not so gradual) reduction in drop rate, combined with attack speed being a huge factor in the new meta, the entire scheme is designed to get you to burn essences as fast as possible, while ensuring the higher mods are unplayable without using the strongest essences. So you see, as far as BP is concerned, the essence problem has already been re-worked; the solution being to whip out your credit card and buy more ander. Problem solved.