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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Dec 11, 2015.

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  1. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    Ha ha ha, reading the user comments I have never seen so much appreciation for your fantastic rework of moon events...
    What's wrong with you dev?
    Do you think this is a rework? Do you know how many people waited anxiously to see your results? People who believed in your word and believed in this your work? Impossible, you insert the hard difficulties in Ammon quests and propose new sets of Kara without life, no armor, no resistance, no "power". But are you children or beginner?
    The new set of Karabossa is ok against small enemies, fast to kill, but if you face any boss in hard mode with millions of life you're fucked in 2 shots. But have you tried, tested to tank a hard boss with that set without defense? you did it only in a dream world. We're playing back to back, we had more armor when we were level 40. Ps I give you free help, among other talents, % attack speed, % movement speed, % damage, % life, also included Toughness (2% armor and 2% resistance) ... and of course the points to be awarded
    I think your job is seriously inadequate.
    Why do not you want us to improve the characters? I speak from war and I assure you that to use your new sets I should change completely those who possess in order to recover life, armor etc., a huge job. I shudder at the thought that you are working on new crafting system.
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  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I know it's been said that there are some DSO employees that actually play this game, but this reworked event really makes me question that statement.

    Regurgitated map now called hard. Continued lousy drop rate. New non stack-able items. Still plenty of white gear drops. I just do not understand why anyone who had ever played this game would do this and call it better.

    Now Haruki did say that the dev's didn't have the time needed to properly rework the event and I questioned why did they bother if they knew that they didn't have the time, but this is just disappointing.
  3. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    Lol I share the same sentiment, miniboss tougher than Vargulf, white drop from miniboss.....4times silver essesence requiremetns due to non stunning and armour breaking......
  4. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    WHY in gods name did you make the fullmoon minibosses so tanky!!!! They are tankier than the final boss for gods sake!

    The boss is fine, he's immune to stuns now, but he hits lower and his hp is lower.. but getting to him takes 3 times longer now that each and every mini boss is a endurance slug fest.

    1 by 1 every single event in this game is being ruined.
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  5. alaj3568

    alaj3568 Forum Greenhorn

    Yeah fix the bug please. Fullmoon minibosses are just too tanky. I believe that BP has implemented the minibosses from hard mode to normal mode. FIX IT!!!
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  6. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Moonhowler (4 mini boss in full moon event)
    The character I play is spellweaver. I remember : Last month, I still can freeze it, can slow it.
    Watchman can attract his attention. Now , nothing. ><"
    Now, what I can do is run run run and quickly shot back. Lots skills are helpless
    I do think: spellweaver is useless.
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  7. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    its not just spellweaver. all skills don't work on it. find it funny how the mini bosses are 10x harder than the end boss, who once again gives nothing. 8 runs, 1 necklace, no uniques, no vial for hard. total waste of time
  8. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    They switched the starting tab locations for normal and the difficult maps.
    The mini bosses are tougher in the normal map than in the difficult map, even though the difficult map bosses may have more buffs. BP probably had a noob in charge of an old project, and mixed up some armor values.
    The immunity for bosses really bites the green wienie.
    Chaos rules.
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  9. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I dislike that mini bosses are all immune to stun and i think armor break. It makes sense that some might to give variability in the miniboss challenge but making them all like this just was not ideal.

    Also, dislike the 10 frags/entry and the teeth or whatever it is not stacking. Never liked the fact that there was no repeatable quest for vargulf summons and that was not fixed.

    Conclusion: old event was better.
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  10. Vale17

    Vale17 Forum Apprentice

    The new "full moon" is a joke. A bad one, at that.

    Mini-bosses immune to all stun and debuff effects? Wake up, character skills are supposed to WORK! Where are we going to use them, maybe against skeletons at Kingshill gates?
    This total immunity not only removes all incentive to develop our characters - seriously, how long can you keep interests in game, while just hacking at the mob with one skill and pressing HP potion form time to time?
    Not to say that it removes the reason to work as a team. While should we, when there is no possibility to cooperate effectively?

    To sum up, congrats: you have perfectly succeded in ruining one of the few (previously) really good events. And in making another bunch of players quit the game for good.
  11. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    After the 2 moons event , and after a lot things ppl said above (i wont even comment), im here to say that it was said that the amount of frags would be compensated. No , frags drops are bad , i can run all pw maps and I cant get enough in the same amount we use to get, Its 1 per map and luckily u get 2 in one map. Trying to understand why ur making moon events so limitated, dont u wanna us to run moon events as we used to do before? If u wanna running less , increase the drops. Same crap for hard vials and scrolls , only the one from event progress, no frags to keep running , so ...... why to run this events? To kill boss only once? Or 2,3 times? Will u do the same with dragan and other event end bosses , im sure this will ruin the game!

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  12. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I do know the database. Easy as hell. I could even change it locally. 30 seconds.

    That boolean field has nothing to do to foreign keys or indexes. In fact, their DB is so unorganized, they done even follow the very first normalization principle. Table has tons of columns, lots of them are not atomic.

    Even if I didnt have the db, how do you imagine foreign key one that attribute? :)) that is nonsense. it is an attribute of an item, you are not going to have another table associated with that field.

    Connections wouldn't matter if that was only server side db. Since it is dublicated on the client, yes, it would require a downtime. Few minutes. But they have had a hot fix already, wasn't so hard to incorporate this one.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2015
  13. -SirMadMan-

    -SirMadMan- Someday Author

    Suggestions for improvements (for both NM and FM):
    1) Have the entrance to hard mode appear in the normal mode boss' den after killing the normal boss
    2) Restrict the entrance to hard mode to players Lvl 40+ or to Lvl 50 as per the PW harder modes
    3) The only requirement for entering hard mode, apart from being the min Lvl per point 2 above, should be that you were in the normal mode boss' den when he was killed. No inventory-cluttering portal passes. No random chances of gaining entry. Kill the boss, and you're in.
    4) The hard mode map should be a slightly tweaked version of the normal map. It doesn't have to be a completely new map - just change the mood lighting a little and, ideally, add a few props to make it appear slightly more nightmarish
    5) Change the appearance of the critters in hard mode vs normal mode - make them look more menacing. Add a few new critter types too. And make the little biters hurt. Seriously. It's meant to be a challenge - not a walk in the park.
    6) Make hard mode worth while. Good drop-rate of legendaries with reasonable stats. Higher chance of getting world-drop uniques. Very high chance of getting the map-specific uniques from the boss
    7) Make the map-specific uniques worth fighting for. Like the Black Warlord set and the Keens/Roshans/Yashaks/Sparks set. Like the New Moon set once was before CHR got nerfed. Players should see the unique item stats (both individual parts and the set bonuses) and think: "Hell, yeah! I wants that! My PRECIOUS!!!". Not "Meh. Crap stats, ugly look. Might be ok for melting".
  14. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    I end up with the impression from Haruki post that the devs didn't had a good amount of time to implement a good new moon events.
    Thing is, they could implement a much better event in the same time.... WITH A LITTLE THINKING.

    Haruki said she hates grinding the most, in this game. I clearly see how any of the devs finds their game boring to farm too.
    So they implement stuff based on "lets put some items to farm" scope. But none of them actually knows the feeling of the farming we have to do. Thus, their thinking is lacking huge because they clearly dont play this game in the long run. For example Greg on twitches have absolutely no coordination with his characters, he looks like a complete noob who do not show any signs of playing/testing the game, for fun or not.

    Devs must play just 1 of their moon event. Start with no silver ess and go pre-event map to farm for some. After endless of trips of braindead repeating farm of a single map, immediately after than execute the event (given live server or some inner version/test version).
    Now use the silver ess and farm some event progress, continue to farm on hard map.
    Excellent, you just made 1 run... now continue until you fill up that progress bar, track how much unique's you have (probably none).
    Finish the event ! I bet NONE of the developers will handle all this repetition, they simply cant.. end of story. I wont mention the Game Designer because he is not a gamer at all, I read him like an open book, you can trust me on that.
    We must come up with an idea to fire this leader, or the crap will continue.
    I don't care if the game is totally p2w but atleast I want a proper designer, not the random uncle of the CEO or w/e.
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  15. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    The Dev's and CM's should have to play like we do. Start with nothing and see how hard it is to find good gear, find out how hard it is to farm gops, gems, ess and frags. Only then will they realize just how it is when they make things harder or nerf certain things.
  16. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Actually I think the problem has another flavor. They know it's hard. But I think they will never ever understand us as we have different goals. In order to understand us, they also need to be addicted, want to reach the end game, become pro, etc, whatever goals other guys have. But the Dev do not love the game like we do, it is their work, they play to be familiar, and they surely dont spend whole days playing. I think the best thing they can do is to hire one of us, guys like Traki (just an example, sorry)
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
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  17. Ikarian

    Ikarian Forum Greenhorn

    Just to clarify:
    While both updates were uninspired, the Full Moon is different in that it is _broken_. Broken. That means a revision can't just take a normal spot in the development pipeline. It needs urgent attention. As in before the event comes around again. I'm referring to the mini-bosses and their newfound tankiness.
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Don't let the wolf into the sheep flock ...
    I will just quote a friend of mine:
    "Welcome to "Cool's-Ville",
    Population: Me."
    -- Duke Nukem​
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  19. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    just killed karabosa and saw chest and thought, woohoo maybe a scroll finally for hard map. no Realm path to Varholm!!! seriously!!
  20. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I get those also, and the all important blue item drop woo hoo.

    Event bosses should be like Dragan, where you get uniques and craft them up
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