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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Jan 1, 2020.

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  1. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi again. This is what it happens when people complain about event that only can be finished in inf4 like he one before that now we've got to face with things like this.

    Now they say: ok you don't like events to be finished in inf4 only then here you have this, stay hours farming bottles, 800 or more to do it in inf4 with a good team of 5 people at least, or next time don't dare to complain about our perfect job, cos if you don't like it don't play it... so I decided not to play it.

    I decided not to star a new year this way, and let's see if next one is similar to this one cos in this case I'm gonna skip it to.

    Good drop for the adventures who dare to do it, and congratulations for those who finished it in hours.
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    FAALHAAS Board Analyst


    I had that problem. Trash quest and retake it, will fix it.
  3. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    My wife and i have been running this event and it took us a bit to figure out the best way for us to make it work but now that we have everything is running smoothly. It takes a bit more than an hour for us to run spiky valley and get enough oils for 5 runs in the event. Thats 120 oils. We do the event on infernal 3. I kill the machine babies while she keeps everything off me. We dont get the 1500 bonus often because it takes too long to kill enough rocketmen but we do get 755 progress a run from the 4 boxes so it still works out fine. I buy a ton of health potions with gold and we use the physic that increases attack speed by 24% and the little raptor pet that also increases attack speed. Doing this we can kill the machine babies in a reasonable time and do the 5 runs and get back to farming oils. We only play for a few hours a day and we will have all the lines in this event completed long before its over. It is possible to do the event even with just a couple people. I'm not sure if its possible solo though.
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  4. Algedron7

    Algedron7 Forum Apprentice

    This is the worst event in the history of DSO. Annoying for experienced players and impossible to do for new players.
  5. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    Hmmmm so let me make sure I understand you. Your toon is strong enough to do Inf IV and you have all the Inf passes to do it. But your toon is not strong enough to run around Spikey Valley normal mode to farm Mixtures.

    And what is the difference between killing some end boss for 16 infernal passes. Or running around Spikey Valley for Mixtures. I would rather do Spikey Valley normal mode for the frags to play an event. It is fast and easy compared to farming thousands of infernal passes.


    Well I like the event. I agree mixture drop rate could be more. I love the Julov Lab players actually have to play. They have to move around and just can't stand in one spot, spamming every thing with a 2h build. Reminds me of the way the game originated before all this 2H build crap.

    But of course I like it and I can see here I am in the minority. So don't worry I am sure Bigpoint will change it next time.


    I had that problem. Trash quest and retake it, will fix it.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you,,, I suggested that to them, but they are leery to do it. I will tell them it worked for you.
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  6. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    As a suggestion, next time add rocketmen also in the desert and have them respawn at the same speed with the other mobs there.
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    NO, just increase drop rate and drop quantity of mixtures, that's enough to fix this joke of an event
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Risk? Discarding a quest and starting it all over again is Ave Maria of quests in DSO.
    I remember in the old days we were restarting the quests all the time.
    Whenever we had a bugged quests we did restart the quest.
    Whenever the drop of quest items was too low we did restart the quest with a hope for a better drop.
    Whenever our mice were broken and non functional we were restarting quests.
    Whenever our girlfriends were breaking up with us we were restarting quests in the game.
    There is no other way but to restart a quest.
    Though it has never happened to me I can guess the cause.
    There are some quests in the game that affect everyone in a group when doing them. When multiple players are playing one quest any one of them can click and do the quest and all in the group would progress with the quest. This might be that kind of quest.
    But ... if someone in the group has failed the quest once (in example forgot to click and speak with Jullov) and they haven't reset the quest ... when they enter the dungeon again their quest is continuing from the place they left it the last time. They can only speak with Jullov and finish the quest in Kingshill.
    That will cause issue to rest of the players because they are having the quest from scratch and they need to kill all machines first before speaking with Jullov. When they are done destroying all machines they can't continue the quest (speaking with Jullov) because Julov has been deactivated by the player with the incomplete quest.
    In times like that players need to restart the quest or just enter alone and finish it.
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  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    lol,,, who needs girlfriends. lol... but thank you I could see players in groups at different spots on the quest.. I will suggest they solo it first, if not delete it. All your posts first time you made me laugh.. thank you have a good day.

    For future players with same problem. Did as Traki recommended. They soloed Julov lab and was able to do the quest again.
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  10. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The event itself is not impossible there are many, but how was it done and why in this way?

    I'm not a 2h fanatic and an isolated case for years I have been able to use the 1h event in an event without having to worry about being in a group or not and taking care of the level of difficulty!

    At least for once 1h and 2h are on par!

    Here it amused me!

    On other things it seems like a big mess, items that don't work others yes, the same for ablities, then some do damage others don't, it's not clear how elementary damage was set, it seems another game in the case of attacks on machinery!

    The resource farm depends on whether you go to inf4 and a little boring but sufficient if you go down even one level it becomes a nightmare, maybe you can do something for those who do not yet have a high level!
  11. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    Everyone here has their own smart comments, but explain to me why in all the days that the Riot already lasted, I could only collect 293 bottles. I have tried all sorts of modes but it remains 1, 2 or 3 bottles max per run. What am I doing wrong and / or why are other players able to farm 150 bottles per hour?
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  12. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    You're not doing anything wrong, other players are using a trick, not cheating, just very efficient gaming. The trick requires to be in a team, you can see it on youtube. The idea is that when you enter a map, to have all rocketmet already spawned, because another player was already in the map, waiting for you. Then, while you very fast run and kill only the rocketmen, under 1 minute, with speed buff and speed pet, he is going in the same map, different difficulty where another player is waiting. In a group of 4 or 5 there is combination to rotate in such a way to have always the map with all rocketmen when you enter it, is just organized playing in the end, resulting in pro gaming. And they only play mode normal and painful. Really no point going higher than this. Anyways, there is no challenge, no fun and definitely shouldn't be encouraged by having a bad event design.
    The event itself is ok, the last machine on inf4 is challenging, the progress increases with the difficulty very well, all good there, but the entry farming is just awful. Especially the idea of forcing top players, which can do inf4, to farm mode Normal and Painful (for maximum efficiency) for hours/days in a row, is just terrible.
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  13. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    This time I went to the dwarf event, and I liked it, as well as the ranger. But the problem is that most of the time we spend on the farm of elixirs, and on the event only a couple of hours. It's a cool card, but why am I going to go there after the event closes? On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to collect the required type of ore ... I don’t know. It seems to me that it's better to spend time on a new map than to dig ore.

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    FAALHAAS Board Analyst

    Some actual feedback after my rant about mixture droprate:

    The eventmap itself is ok. Its pretty fast to clear (atleast for a dwarf....pretty sure its harder for other classes, but not sure). The firewaroks that starts bombing you after you killed the first machine is a bit OP. They drop so bloody fast and manage to double/trippple hit me without a way to jump away. Could be a bit slower if you ask me.

    The fixed damage output on machines has its pros/cons. Its quite annoying if you go solo, but it should be allot easier to find groups compared to other events, where people only want you if you got 50k+ dmg. So its pretty nice this event found a way to make that factor obsolete.

    The mixture dropprate is still pathetic and I wont be able to finish the event, since im more of a solo player last couple years. FATAL mode is best I can do and farming a couple 1000s of mixtures is a bit too much for me. Ill aim for first 3 bars and maybe the royal gem reward, but i doubt that i continue after 3rd bar.

    The repeatable quest isnt much of a help as solo player, since it takes about 15-20 runs to get 2500 rocketmen without wasting too much time. Guess its nice for groupplay tho.

    Its still a bit confusing as to how the rewards aim more towards new/weaker players, but those player will never be able to finish it. If you cant do high modes for faster progress youre kinda doomed or are forced to farm 10+hours a day just for the entrance of the event.
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  15. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    If the way to have more people asking for groups is to rob the players the damage they farmed and played for during years...
    I don't want it.

    What's the point on farming then if they are going to delete my real damage? Why should I do the event for a gem that is not going to work in the next event? That's not good. You farm to get useful stuff, if you farm for something that is not going to work then play this game is pointless.
  16. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    most people her hide themselves behind their words: they speak their results showing how "pro"/smart/op they are and dishearten newbies or anyone can't reach the same result, refusing to give explanation to their "tricks" or whatever they do.

    I'm not an op player and I don't see any reason to treat my strategies like a super top secret file sealed in area 51.
    If you ask I share my limited knowledge.
    lol, I am too naive to think something like this, and I mostly play solo, but i got the same result playing normally:)
    I've already answered:
    I got the idea after Easter event last year, make a specific set for the marathon stuff that more and more often they put in this game.
    Here is what I did, and it can still be improved:

    I'm waiting leaderboards to try this build (with little changes) in the pw, maybe in the XXXL maps like q6 and q9 it could be better than the classical build.

    Then I've got many problems to do these machines as ranger because skills don't work as they should, I've seen different approaches for them: q7, longbow and shield… I add this with shortbow (I haven't a good enough longbow atm) and quiver, but the most relevant things are q8 set and Emilia's quiver; if it could help others:
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    FAALHAAS Board Analyst

    I get your point, but its how people like you treat anyone thats weaker. I got 30k dmg without essence and Im never able to find a group in events for higher modes, cus im ''noob dmg''. Hence why last couple years i changed into a solo player and never able to clear higher modes in events.

    So to be honest, I wouldnt be surprised they made fixed DMG output for the reason a group of elite players are the only ones able to group up and get stronger n stronger, while the other 60% of playerbase kinda stays the same and/or evantualy quits the game.

    I'm not saying its the best solution, but this event should be easier for people to find a party for higher modes.....which has been a problem for a long time.
  18. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    A tip for players that cannot do inf3,4:
    * The quest for 1k progress is repeatable
    * one of the points is to kill 20 machines, therefore you can turn in the quest every 5 rounds
    * the last round, do not kill the last machine. Instead run around the map and do the kills to finish the quests. The mobs are spawning non stop. Then kill the last machine. Last chest will be destroyed, but you get 1k extra progress the 5th round.
    I didn't do the math, but with this tip the event sounds doable even for weak players (if not up to the royal gem, at least the first 3 progress bars).
    Good luck.
  19. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    The only problem is in the noob head who wants to do Inf4 when his character is not that strong, you just look for players and groups with similar stats to you, and there are a lot of players with 30k dmg as you, you do group together and you do event on Inf1, as simple as that.
    I was a noob years ago and I did events in painful, excruciating, fatal... But I didn't cry about not being able to do Infernals, just did the events in my corresponding difficulty + farming Qs until I got the enchants to craft and be better.

    By the way, usually who have less damage also have less defenses, so if they try to do Inf4 they will continously die and be useless for the group.
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  20. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    One of the things I noticed is that when you are running to one of the "red targets" and you go near enough another that they see you and start traveling, then once all 5 have left the "landing" location, it's "red target" turns off.
    In your picture, they are not where they started at.


    Guys.. knock it off. Both of you need to realize that the drops for two different players are nowhere the same.
    @FAALHAAS , @DamarèRo is probably one of the lucky ones here and is getting 10+ Mixtures on every run.
    @DamarèRo , you must understand that some toons like @FAALHAAS and me.. well we get an average of 2-4 Mixtures per run. Which means that the time spent is not even close to fair.

    Some of us will literally spend 2, 3, or even 4 to 5 times as much time farming the Mixtures as some of the other players. Much of this game is about LUCK, not skill, and sometimes not even about time. Especially when it comes to drops. I know. I literally went 5 to 6 months without a single T8 drop in all the Inf4 runs and then in one Saturday during the Halloween event I got 7 T8 drops in 4 runs. During that time most of the Inf4 runs included 2 other guild members that both got multiple T8 drops per day while running with me. One of them kept saying "This is your run Sirius. You'll get a T8 this time." almost before every run. ... And no T8s would drop.

    The randomness is not completely random. Some tunes are just granted the Lucky blessing and some aren't. And then it can be different with different items. Here's another example. When we got the yarn quests I went to Asar on Normal and was getting a 65-80% "5x Yarn" drop. I documented it. Kept a sheet with number of runs and number of yarn drops. I told @_Baragain_ to go there cause he wasn't getting yarns and he tried and he gave up after about 30 runs cause he was only getting a25-30% "5x Yarn" drop. @_Baragain_ is way stronger than I, but when your against the "LUCK DSO GOD", that doesn't much mean anything.

    These events this last year are all exemplifying the fact that all toons are not equal when it comes to randomness. And that one aspect can seriously make the difference between a finishable and unfinishable event all by itself.


    What you missed is going back to the center of the map to get your rewards. There were notes in the release about it and plenty of Wiki instructions.

    Don't feel bad, I missed that damage doesn't count, and I tried opening all my cubes (some 2000) to try to get a speed weapon. I didn't, but I went to The Gleeming Mountains on Inf3 (quest there for schematics as well) and in the first run I dropped a T7 Extraordinary Main Hand Staff with 3 good blue lines of "% Inc Attack Speed (68%, 68%, 74%)" for a total of about +54.x%. The randomness actually gave me some leniency for a change.


    Again.. It's not about being strong enough. It's about being lucky enough. A weak toon that goes into Spikey Valley and runs _Flash_ fast and gets an average of 10 Mixtures per run will have a much easier time doing the event than a strong character that only gets 1-2 average Mixtures per run. When even a strong toon has to run 5 times as many maps as a weak toon, OR visa-versa, there's a design problem.

    I've said it before: The mobs are in groups of 5 and there are 8 mobs per most maps. EACH Mob should drop 1-5 Mixture (no Mob should drop none) which would give everyone 8-40 Mixtures per map. Even that is got a large variance, but it would mean that some toons wouldn't spend 90% of their time trying to get the Mixtures.

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