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  1. Rise of Dragan needs a sequel and we are starting the planning early.
    Our game designers would like to ask you the following question:

    Which of the maps during the Rise of Dragan event were
    your favorite and which were your least favorite maps?

    Please state your feedback here
  2. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    Thats a new one, nice effort!!! anyway since there were 5 maps the open one and the 4 of the chest quests I would say the open onen was ok nothing special but I liked the 100 perls one quite chalenging and the others were normal, diffrent kind of acts all of them, but I think that you need to fix the balance a little as it goes for perls/coins. I got sick with all these snakes for the dragan map
  3. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    Map 4, Battleground definitely needs to be fixed. Either cut the difficulty or cut the mob amount in half. The 8 knights were hard enough. But I am sure you guys made a bunch of money for BP with that map. You could have increased the stupid key drop rate in Map 2 but after seeing Gnob offerings in July, pfffft, keep your stupid Jabbax Hands lol. Other than that Map 1,2 and 3 were doable with the non stop pearl farming in between.
    If you're going to offer that same gear set (I never see any player wearing in game btw) in Dragan 2 Revenge of the Cape Whiners, then the event will be not worth doing for me personally.
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  4. thermogoth

    thermogoth Junior Expert

    I liked all maps, especially the fact that there was a lot of variation regarding setup and difficulty.

    The only thing that needs to be fixed is the relation of admission-fee and reward. This refers especially to Jullov's laboratory, which was my favourite map of the 5, but also the least profitable, unfortunately.
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  5. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    All maps were perfectly fine the way they are. I think the squires should have a bit lower hp. It should be clear already that players can kill them. Too much excess hp is really just a waste of time. Something like 80~85% of the hp they have now would do fine. Another thing is that I do not believe that it is a good idea to make us continuously farm m2. That turned out really boring. What really need adjusting is NOT the map, but the DROP RATE. Make the drops random instead of ALWAYS HELMET and increase the cape drop rate. Increase the chances of finding 2 pieces of equip while reducing the event duration to something like 18 days instead of 22. We had a chest refresh in the first Rise of Dragan which probably kept some of us from getting too bored from farming victory tokens and Dragan.
  6. milosprofi

    milosprofi Forum Apprentice

    maybe add progress or increase draken drop, because event was unfair to me(probably to some others too), i unlocked many chests(15+)and got only 200+ drakens while others were getting 1000+
  7. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    I posted this in another thread but I can elaborate here.

    I liked all the side dungeons but my favorite was the Sulfur Desert. There was a new race of snake people with great potential to tell an interesting story. Also, the art was really well done and I like how the acid burn changed the way you have to play. All we know is that we were sent there to free Gnob, the lost Dwarves, and defeat the boss and his minions. Why were the Black Knights there? It seemed they were not friendly with (I think this is right) the Sadaiqan and if Dragan was trying to conquer them then his men failed terribly from the looks of all the dead and dying. The next part or any future part you could have them invade Ravencaw for revenge and we get quests to help them defeat Dragan and we also get quests to help some of the moderate black knights push them back into their realm.

    My second favorite was the Battleground. I understand this is not popular with most but I liked the higher difficulty and the challenge. It's not meant for everyone to do. Also, what did we learn here? Dragan is training a large number of knights for an army. What is their purpose? In any case I hope there is at least one of the side dungeons that's just as tough.

    Third favorite was the Excavation because it was too easy. I didn't dislike it though. It had the beginning of a story. Dragan sent gnomes and dwarves to dig up a relic that had something to do with a blue dragons' breath. What is that for? Maybe Dragan uses this to turn normal green dragons into blue dragons that are under his control and we go to where this is happening and try to stop it. The third event could be about Dragan having tamed the blue dragons and using them as new minions in Ravencaw or a second stage in the battle where he summons and mounts a big, blue dragon and we have to fight them both.

    Least favorite was the Lab. It was too easy for the level of pearls and I didn't get what was the purpose. Jullov was a mad engineer turning creatures into monsters and we had to help him by protecting two generators. I do like Jullov though and I don't want you to stop putting him in weird and funny situations. The next chapter could have Dragan summon his new monsters during the Dragan battle to make it more challenging. That was another thing, Dragan was too easy. He shouldn't be easier than he was in the Shadowfort.
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  8. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    I liked all 4 maps, it was very easy to kill the mobs in all 4 maps at lvl 45.
    You can see how easy it was by simply seeing how many low lvl's there're with the epic mounts.

    If you want a challenge, then simply increase the difficulty, the first 3 maps should be like the 4 map and double or triple the difficulty of the 4 map.

    And perhaps next time we won't see any low lvl's with the event rewards.

    I disliked the difficulty below lvl 45, it was 10 times harder then at lvl 45.
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  9. bahhumbug

    bahhumbug Forum Apprentice

    Why not make the lasers visible in all areas for the solo players? Gee, that might be a fix that you could do to make the event playable.
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  10. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    I rather disliked Yullov's Lab, it was rather boring, especially since you often had to do the defense quests 2-4 times to complete it for all group members (please fix this for any defense quests - if the group did it once, the quest has to be fulfilled for everyone who had it!).

    I liked Dragan's refuge for the challenge of "jump and run", and the battleground for the innovative challenge of lots of strong mobs.

    The battleground simply took too long, though. I soloed it once with a lvl 32 dwarf, and it took me over 4 hours for 1 single run :confused:! Also, when we did it for the first time with a group of 3-4 lvl 45ers, it resulted in an epic battle of about 45-60 minutes...
    I think it could be a BIT easier/faster and still be challenging enough to be fun.

    I also liked the sulfur desert for the poisoning sulfur mist, with only a few "islands" to rest (though one would notice this only at lower levels - maybe also higher levels could take more damage there...).

    I liked
    - the bunny costume (5 mins) chest in the excavation site, please give us more of such surprises and "easter eggs"
    - the good "reuse" of existing mobs, and the combination of their appearance (e.g. in attack waves in the lab)
    - the rotating rays in the main map - maybe some more traps and jump and run ( like in the winter solstice event) would actually suit a dungeon event

    It was also good to have the chests as event rewards. But the distribution of event drops at Dragan was pretty annoying, virtually impossible to get the full set if you wanted to play the event with several characters and also get e.g. the onyx dragon.

    I also would find it better if you would get in each of the 4 side maps as many victory tokens as you paid entrance fee in pearls - then "token farming" would not be restricted to repeating one of them all the time. I.e. the "conversion rate" should be the same in all maps.

    To prevent a "run and dodge" fast solution to a map like the excavation site, maybe the required drop should be randomized between more than just 2-3 different chests. If you have to kill more mobs to (survive and) solve the map quest, it's also fair to award more victory tokens for it.

    Thanks for collecting ideas and feedback early in the process (and for making me keep my pearls and victory tokens ;) )!

    - Armando.

    Ceterum censeo: The rubber-band problem must be solved.
  11. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    Main map was the best...after i prefer 30 and 100 map.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nothing was wrong with Rise of Dragan event. Bugs I will not comment just the concept and gameplay.
    Only thing that flawed was cape drop rate. Some players could obtain them in 15-20 runs while others (like me) could get them in 600+ kills.
    My suggestion is to make those items hard to get for all. More you play more you get. Not random drop. Make a counter like the one for sargon's amulet. So you can get one in every 15-20 kills. Next one you get in 30-40 kill ... next in 45-60 kill ... and so on... until you get last kill for last piece.
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  13. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    or they can just turn the tables and make pouldrons as a basic drop nxt time and so on
  14. IiMonkeyii

    IiMonkeyii Forum Apprentice

    I just have a few words about 'map 100'
    -Well, for this map, players had two choices, either doing it early at the same time with friends or doing it alone. Since the price for entry was very expensive, ones would not be willing to repeat to help other once they complete all the chests. Besides, the map 100 itself was ridiculously hard for average players, so I guess noone wanted to team up with strangers other than their friends and guildmates (I admit I didnt want to).

    -Some other comments:
    I did not like the grind for dragan unique at all. It was too much effort compared to sargon's event. For dragan's event, I had to grind pearls + map 30x2 for 1 dragan boss and was not guaranteed a cloak. For sargon's event, it only required me to farm for beans and portals (very easy) and he dropped a lots of uniques with high amount of glyph.
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  15. smitty29

    smitty29 Forum Greenhorn

    map 100 should equal 100 pearls not 50 to people just dont bang desert...
  16. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    I see there have been a lot of complaints about map 100.
    Here is my opinion(for those who wanna hear it:p):
    I loved the idea of so many maps, and specially the balance of difficulty.
    Dragan could be killed pretty easy by anyone, as he is the mainboss in the event. But map 100 was far harder - which made it fun for the stronger part of the players. Not anything have to be playable by anyone. There should also be a couple of things that even the hardest can have some fun with.
    I myself isn´t very strong, but i maneged to clear the map with my guildmates in 10-15 minutes of fun. And it was indeed fun! :D

    But i have 1 whish - That the droprates for the different kind of uniques will shift places from time to time.
    For an example,
    1 time: 100% for helm, lower for shoulders, very low for cape.
    2 time: 100% for shoulders, lower for cape, very low for helm.
    and the 3 time: 100% for cape, lower for helm, very low for shoulders.

    In that way, people can get all of them by farming like insane the first time, but anyone can get the whole set easily by playing a little in every event.

    And it won´t need much work from BP, which means more time for bugfixes! :cool:
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  17. cottoncandy

    cottoncandy Forum Apprentice

    Be quiet, do your job, change your class or go solo since you can obviously tank, deliver damage and don't need backup to kill the things killing you (lol). I solo'ed and they chased me the whole time, while I "Pew-pewed" them full of arrows no problem. You may think you do all the work, but in reality ranger and mage kill things for you (unless you're a complete beast and should be soloing anyway!). Otherwise you would be standing there swiping away with whatever weapon you have, for hours. Or solo with no complaint haha.

    I loved the Dragan events' range of difficulty and I'm a free-2-play who solo'ed without any trouble. I just used my wits and skills to duck, dive, dip, dodge and duck. It was a great challenge, seriously. This challenge is awesome in the way that there will be a sequel and another opportunity to test any new found strengths against the same obstacles, which some may have found unattainable in the first event. For me it is even more incentive to push my character as much as I can, hoping some day map 4 will melt before me like ice before a flame bahahahaha.

    The exchange rate for tokens/pearls I do agree was staggeringly low, taxing all my patience and concentration on one map. I found it hard to go for longer than a few hours while gathering pearls and then tokens without taking a break.

    My opinions on unique items' stats and dr are moot hehe. Besides the fact that OMG there was SO much combining! I knew I would never finish lol

    Thank you for your time Team Drakensang and for the interest in Dragan event feedback. Much appreciated.

    Ta ta
  18. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    My favourite event so far.

    Love having various maps, and the castle as the main one was my favorite.

    I liked that, like the old essence desert event, there are varying levels of difficulty with the different maps so that all types of players get a chance.
    I can't believe how many players claim an event was too easy - there are all sorts of players, from the f2p only play once a week type to the big cash players. I like events that give the majority of us a chance at it.

    Loved the concept of the chests. Great fun. Definitely having them respawn was good as otherwise it would have become long and dull pearl farming.

    I would like to see it made clearer that 'difficult' maps (in this case, battleground) are exactly that and only there for the Best Heroes. lol A bit like we have normal and difficult for some bosses.
    Especially for newer players, it's reasonable to believe that the whole event is made for everyone and that you should get through it all. Sargon was clearer with the different portals.

    To the original question...

    I soloed battleground without any real trouble with my mage. But it was boring, just running around in circles for 20mins and hitting when I could.
    And as there was no real time to take a breath, there was the barest sliver of time to get to your bags, to change essence for example (which confirmed for me how great an essence toggle would be).

    Always happy to see Jullov, and his map was okay, but also a little dull. Maybe less difficult defends but more generators?

    Sulfur desert was good. I'm not a fan of snakes (or jellyfish) in the game, but that's just me, and the desert itself was a good concept.

    Thanks for asking!
  19. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

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  20. EnFury

    EnFury Forum Apprentice

    Maps were fine to be honest, no favourite.

    Though I have to speak of the quest completion in a group party. In almost all the side maps, accept map 10 and map 30, you would have to re-do some parts solo or as a team again. In map 100 (sometimes) even if you were stand right next to the gong and a group member hit it, the quest box would not have been ticked, making you pay a further 100 pearls to re-enter the map and hit the gong your self and leave again... wth -.- ridiculous and a waste of 100 pearls. For map 60 after defeating the stage 1 generator not all the group would get the quest box ticked off so you would have to defeat it again (once for each player in the group -.-) and the same happened at the stage 2 generator -.- , this was not as bad as you didn't have to re-enter the map but still a waste of time.

    I think this should be a priority to be fixed.
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