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  1. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I got and lost the 100 draken quest also... Lots of complaining in the game about it, but the only option seems to be writing support at this time.

    Just heard back from support:


    This issue is affecting all the players and hopefully it will be fixed very soon - but at this point we don't have any updates on this matter, I am sorry.


    Bigpoint GmbH
    Drehbahn 47-48
    20354 Hamburg | Germany
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  2. Dark_Sinister

    Dark_Sinister Forum Apprentice

    Hi guys (I will update this post regularly with a *, so stay tuned)

    I have been taking Print Screens, expect for 3-4 times I forgot(but it was only greens and whites)

    here is what my Dragon Knight level 45 vs Sargon/Heredur, have found between 21-30 oct:

    1. Old Royal Shield / 4 green items
    2. Old Royal Shield / 2 green items
    3. 2 green items
    4. 1 green item, 2 white, flawed diamond and 401 potent essence
    5. 1 blue item
    6. Old Royal Shield / 1 green and 1 white item and 410 potent essence
    7. 1 green item
    8. Sargon's Powerful Shadow Claw
    9. 1 blue item
    10. 1 pink, 2 green, 1 white item, 12x CoT
    11. 1 blue, 1 green item, 12x CoT
    12. 2 green items
    13. 1 green, 1 white item, 12x CoT
    14. Old Royal Shield / 1 green, 1 white items
    15. 2 green items, 12x CoT
    16. 1 blue item
    17. 1 green, 1 white items, 12x CoT
    18. 2 blue, 1 white items and 400 potent essence
    19. 2 green, 1 white items, 1 Great Health Elixir
    20. Sargon's Powerful Pauldrons / 2 green, 1 white items
    21. Old Royal Shield / 1 blue, 1 white items and 409 potent essence *
    22. 2 green items, 12 CoT *
    23. Copper coins *

    4-5 times I played along with a friend, also a Dragon Knight level 45.

    Comments on that? good/bad or similar what you guys have found?

    Farming pearls is SO boring...and for what I wonder...

    greetz from Sweden
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  3. cogix

    cogix Regular

    what I hear from many players is that this event is a faillure.
    Instead of to attract people to the game, all those bugs/lags/bad drops are making people to have wish to abandon this game.
    I hope developers will be a bit smart and understand that they should change something
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  4. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Well, just died 8 times while fighting dragan. Why? The lasers are still invisible and teaming up with someone who stayed outside the map didnt help. Off to another game.
  5. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    Alot of us older players have been saying that for quite a while. Never seems to happen like these threads never seem to soak in.
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  6. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Well yet another run at Sargon/Heredur completed only because I was asked to help by a guild member. For my efforts this time yet another single green item which could have been dropped in any everyday map in this game. This has become a kick to the groin each and every run...

    Dragans Refuge also another fail with four runs yielding four helmets which would be fine if my toon had four heads. I'll also assume the drops shown in the event promo drop only in difficult mode as I received the "Squires" version of the helmet. Another kick to the groin.

    Oh almost forgot I opened a Jack Ov Crate to reveal my white P O S item...thank you for that.
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  7. You collect four of the Squier's helms and craft them to the Knight's helm. You then craft four Knights helms into one Warlord's helm.

    More information about this can be found here.
  8. cogix

    cogix Regular

    ... and what about cape? in 7 dragan runs I got none. only helmet and pauldrons (and I already have warlord helmet and warlord pauldrons).
    why don't you make higher drops to attract people????

    I play this event only for the cape. and nothing yet
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  9. I don't make drops, I moderate the forums. So often the community complains at us as if we can change it. We can not. We simply tell it like it is. The cape does drop. The drop rate is low. Perhaps it will be better in the difficult map, but that will remain to be seen when the red pearl becomes available via part 7/8 of the main quest line tomorrow.
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  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    That is why you should have farmed harder on the last event before the Devs broke an already tough event and made it impossible.
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  11. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I'm not "accusing" you of course, you have the "unpleasant" duty to receive all the complainings of players.
    I know you are only the "window" between players and developers/people who take decisions.
    Just this is only the place where players can complain or share their ideas with players
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  12. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    I only do event now cause of friends and guildies. They only thing I got so far outta this event is 450 draken from the 6/8 quest. I highly doubt I will spend the time to try and Julliov in every map. Seems I'll have better odds trying to get cape from Dragan
  13. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I'm not trying too hard b/c I don't really want anything (except, maybe, the pet) from this event.

    I killed Sargon and Heredur three times. First time I got Sargon's Helmet and Claw (already have both in locker). Second time I got no unique items at all. The third time I got the Old Royal Shield (not needed).

    I only killed Dragan three times as well. The first time I got a helmet. The second time I got no unique items. The third time I got a helmet and a cape.

    The cape does drop. It probably has a pretty low drop rate (like most everything) in this event.

    If you're willing to lose sleep, or spend money, I'm sure you can get anything you want out of this event before it is finished. It does look like the days of everyone who plays getting everything available from the events are in the past though. None of this really bothers me, to be honest. I don't have to have everything that's ever been offered in the game. I don't have the inventory space for that, anyway.
  14. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    And you are not alone. The cape is unfinished business for a lot of players. The program managers give more players a reason to get out.
  15. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    That sounds good on paper, but 2 problems with it.

    With no idea on when events will return it's hard to block up the inventory space.

    You never really know if the old stuff will work with the new event.

    I do wish that I would have kept the victory tokens and pearls from the last event as they were much easier to get, but the only announcement at the time was "Dragan will return sometime in the future".

    What we really need is a specific event locker to store up all the needed crap we get for events.
  16. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Thank you for that...Boy do I feel like dummy. Perhaps I shouldn't have melted them...
  17. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    If you were planning on melting them, its still worth it to do the first round of crafting as the intermediate craft is worth 15000 glyphs
  18. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    According to the walk through, the gremlin parts are listed to drop in specific maps from burning/non-burning pumpkin chests. Well that info is FALSE. Got wings AND ears so far from a non-burning pumpkin chest in Sulfur Desert. Saved 90 pearls having to not go into Sargon Map as it states on the walk through as location to get wings. Of course I got lucky maybe but I think all parts are available from any pumpkin chest in any map.
  19. xhungryzombiex

    xhungryzombiex Forum Apprentice

    wooow went too fight dragan for first and i got killed by invisible lasers and than i revive he stuns me die again form invisible laser wooooow thats so unfair i spewnt so long too farm that pearl too enter and too find out that the boss fight is bug . oh by the way rangers mage and tech can sit out map and shoot boss what is this crap
    seen 20 rangers that have event gear only seen 1 dk im not count and poeple that i came across that got gear form last trust me i asked them the stats speak unfair boss fight that is bugged insanely long grinding just too enter also im not counting the low level toons because we all know why that is.
    By the way is sargan shield evan real
    the price for one entery too dragan is over..... wait for it 9000
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  20. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    Few things about this event ... whole idea is good ,length ,maps difficulty
    Drop rate is really bad nothing really changed since the last time ,map for 100 if u go solo u'll get killed by invisible laser
    I can chose what i'm hunting for either Dragan set or Saragon unique , good i would say but it the end it is almost impossible to complete Dragan set cuz of the drop rate , helmets on and on very depressing :cool:
    Twice my reward from the main bosses map 150 was white stuff not even the green :confused: lol even m2 q6 is better
    Those who managed to complete the set also taking advantage of its bug which is giving u on ave 30% of your base dmg and this is known issue since last event ,both pvp and pve .U had enough time to fix this and what u did ? nothing .My feeling is that instead of fixing the bug u decided to make it more difficult gaining an entry to Dragan .
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