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  1. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    You can try forming 5 toon groups and sending one guy in to find jullov and calling the rest of the members- with a 5 toon team you can essentially cut your pearl costs to 20%.

    Anothet strategy is to group up with somebody doing the earlier quests. One of my toons was at quest 5 and 6 and I would have sent out a call to the guild/group members farming ravencaw while i ran excavation and desert solo for the chalk and sand.

    Didnt find jullov, though, but there are some teamwork strategies that can be implemented here to reduce pearl costs
  2. Andrej13

    Andrej13 Forum Greenhorn

    Me and my wife were farming this event for a week. We are not hard core players and we play one-two hours per day.
    Today we finally meet the Dragan and fully buffed with purple/orange essencess we tried to kill him.

    We destroyed 9/10 HP and he remained with 10% HP left. My wife then went mad because all she could do near so much lasers and Dragan power is die - resurect with andermant and repet the process until or Dragan die or we run out of adamant.

    As she spent 5000 andermant she start to worry that it wont be enough to kill him and in panic she accidently closed her PC. She boot PC back, log in in to game and ressurected me with spirit stone. Dragan went to full HP after that...


    Please next time make this event a bit more doable for ordinary players. Thank you >)
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    But there is Dragan on normal mode ... for ordinary players. Difficult mode is not meant to be played by everyone ... it is only for really strong players.
    In the previous event the players found Dragan is to easy to kill ... so they wanted more challenging (hard mode) Bosses. And the devs have done it.
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  4. Andrej13

    Andrej13 Forum Greenhorn

    Dear trakilaki, we played on normal mode. But it was still very hard.
  5. babaroga

    babaroga Someday Author

    Im very sorry
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No way ... seriously?
    Spending 5000 andermants with red essences on normal?
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  7. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    In that case, my suggestion would be to get better gear (and level up your characters to 45 if you're still levelling). If you're still levelling, your gear can be a little too weak for dragan, even in group play.

    Unless you're in some kind of high leverage situation, you should put those anders in gems or finishing touches to end game gear.
  8. yellowfrog.

    yellowfrog. Board Analyst

    if i'm wrong correct me but i think that bigpoint was planning to change the event bosses fill up with hp when someone enters the map.
    with all these crashes this is necessary.
  9. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    Just hit the excavation map 5 times (150 pearls) to get the last report for scroll and to find Jullov. Out of all those runs I get 3 reports that I already had and no gnome.

    NOW I'm done with event
  10. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I'm done with quest 8 after entering various maps 6 times now and not finding Waldo. I will now focus my efforts on the token quest portion only of this event in the hopes of a unique item to combine in to 1. The scroll quest portion will also be ditched as like Waldo they are just as hard to find.
  11. Matijari_Trkxelsson

    Matijari_Trkxelsson Someday Author

    omg this event....i am literally speechless and everybody who knows me could tell ya, that is freaking hard thing to do!!!! after everything that has been pointed out to be wrong with this event, 8/8 suprise a.k.a "now you will waste your pearls eternaly" for freaking jullow that doesnt really drop anything of value, whose chest doesnt really drop anything of value, whose only good trait is that for such a poor basterd it is, at least it doesnt take forever to get rid off and of course, on all maps so everybody can just throw 100 pearls on map 100 over and over getting nothing sice that map is total waste of time

    i can only ask ... HOW? how can one take a pretty good event and mess it up this bad.... and why
  12. marhun

    marhun Junior Expert

    Dear DSO,
    WHile in general i love this game i am a bit addicted... but this event is bad... there is no other word for it... you said less grind and massive rewards.... both in my opinion are false statments. sure i have to ackownledge the pots and COTS...but is it a lot of work and my finger hurts to be honest pressing on the mouse so much. If this is not grind i dont know what is i actually wrote to support because i though there was a bug i have done map 1 (30 pearl map) close to 45 times but to be honest probably more and still no jullov in quest 8/8 that is alot of farming pearls and a lot of that boring map. DSO this is not fun.... how is the chance calculated all i am saying its about time i had some chances
  13. jozo91

    jozo91 Active Author

    this event isnt fun even little ITS BORING i fall asleep when i try play it
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  14. Matijari_Trkxelsson

    Matijari_Trkxelsson Someday Author

    i was really hoping 8/8 quest would finally ease the heavy grind needed to get to dragan ... and i literally lost all the will i have left to play this thing cause 8/8 did the exact opposite when instead of solving the grinding issue, it took it to the whole new level. i mean seriously? last thing needed to open hard mode, accessible only in the last third of the event takes unpredictable time to complete yet more than 2 thirds of effort needed to complete it are total waste of time and resources cause you dont even get VT for most expensive maps?

    the way you did this event make it uterly boring, frustrating, exhausting, annoying, disappointing and most importantly waste of time.

    event should be fun, it should be challenging, if the event duration is x hours, it should take less than x hours to actually finish it right? , focus should be on event bosses instead of decimating anonymous mob for 99% of time, event bosses should be far easier to access, even at the cost of lower drop rates of event items cause if nothing else, it reduces the overal boredom of countless repetitive farming, make all bosses as rewarding as they are challenging, event shouldnt request 40 inventory spaces to finish!!!!!

    hell take karabossa or vargulf - they always drop a gem, they can drop some draken, the amoung of farming needed to get to them si acceptable, event doesnt take you whole month, the chance of getting unique - even if for nothing else than for melting - actually makes it worth the time, they are not too hard yet not too weak

    why cant you do the same thing with dragan? challenging enough, quite entertaining to fight, lasers are unique boss feature that keep things interesting YET you make it almost imposible to get to. WHY?
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
  15. babaroga

    babaroga Someday Author

    Why not the regular drop of pearls per Black Squire in hard map is not 2 and jackpot 4 ?
    And why not the drop of pearls per Boss Squire isnt like this:
    Regular (100% chance that it will drop): 10
    Medium (50% chance that it will drop): 20
    Jackpot (25% chance that it will drop): 40

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  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Because that would involve BP thinking and realizing that hard maps should drop better equipment and event items... and why would they do that?
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  17. babaroga

    babaroga Someday Author

    then why did they change the parallel world maps drop? parallel world map is also hard mode


    why are the champion archers and warriors (bosses) in castle, what is their purpose in map? to find a green item? ^^
    they are really annoying sometimes
  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Ahhh, I see you picked up on my sarcasm. The truth is that I have not clue why the developers would make a map with mobs of a PW grade difficulty but only give us normal drops. It is insulting.
  19. babaroga

    babaroga Someday Author

    I knew that you dont know ... that is why i involved PW drops.....truth is, nobody knows anything on this forum about devs work (not even mods or similar forum ranks), they just get an info which they post to forum for other players to see :p

    And one more thing .... the map 150 'newly' made unique (royal old shield on ranger) item, i think it is the only thing you can get there because it may be bugged like all other new things they add to game.

    You did a hotfix for janus fox's reward chests (which were also bugged) so you could also check and/or fix the bugged droping of the same item from the 'Equipment Chest of Sargon and Heredur' if present.

    Thanks in advance!
  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I got the sargon powerful claw for my DK and the sargon powerful bullets for my dwarf in the 150 map.
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