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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    100 draken quest is bugged. the excavation site does not drop any scrolls. Killed around 1k+ monsters still not a damn scroll. 5/8 quest is bugged again. I spent so much freaking time on this event already. If you reset those damn boxes again, BP you better pay those who finished those boxes. The freaking drops from the box are so freaking CRAP they are NOT WORTH the time to REFARM ALL THOSE FREAKING DAMNED PEARLS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Try me if you dare reset those chests. EDIT
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  2. Firefly

    Firefly Active Author

    SO they just reset the questline without making any actual fix hoping that the quests won't disappear when you kinda "redo" those -.-

    Bravo BP Bravo... :mad::mad::mad:
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  3. WhopsImEvil

    WhopsImEvil Forum Greenhorn

    Lol still bugged questline? Woaw. Amazing halloween event, that is not even working correctly with the quests and drops are much worse then last time in the event maps.
    I think we all expect to much of them? ;) At least it seems they ain't educated in what they do so they keep failing. :)
  4. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    Seriouly... I got 2 scrolls of 1 type... and I thought I was unlucky.....with the 6-7 runs.... anyone else want to share the experience with Map1 ?
  5. Noriyull

    Noriyull Forum Apprentice

    I will be not so black as u all girls and guys i will be even darker ....

    First 2 things i like in this event is more Q and new maps which i did not see .. and now "Darkness come" u su.ck big I mean really big for what u head is there to look sexy?? use them, use u brains and work harder if u are not smart !! U give us broken event on what u work for months by now and this was not inaff u did destroy one of best events in game by stupid and pointless grind of maps for tokens and not only that u also make new bug in moon event by u so called "hot fix" !! We waist our time in pointless 2 days grind for what to find u hot fix was a free coffey time for u ??? bahhhhh if u work for me i will boot u all on street! Think who will cash u 9k anders for 1 entry on Dragan ...p2p and HC f2p players have there full set from last event and who dont have they sure will NOT pay anything in broken event !!! buying anything is pointless in this event... those who plan to farm S&H for amulet or uniqs will not pay cos drops are so so bad 9 times at S&H not even once green item form chest so bad drop epic bad drop ..and not to mention event boxes on maps or big progress chests all are filed whit useless crap... Now even more, audio on event is same a lame bad bad music pot on repeating .. is boring lame music on all maps. did any of u lessen it and try to lessen it for 2 or more hours ... so i give u FREE advice take back "Disaster of Dragan" form servers and do a frikking hard work from beginning cos this su.ck by big time and when u think u finish it u didn't do it one more time just to make sure u did it this time and than use Test server feed back to see if u are really did it ... if not go make Tetris and stop waist or time ...

    p.s. I love u DSO :) !
  6. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    I couldn't stop laughing when i read the new announcement!!! simply hilarious :D:D:D:D:D
    The best part is....if you want to obtain the pet + epic mount, you gonna have to wait until 30/10, because now they added dates to the quests!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA perfect event!!! great job dev team forcing the P2P to buy the 20k pearl, if they want the rewards!!!

    Lucky me for not wanting to play this event.

    How many more bugs will you add on purpose into this game + events???
    Will the X-mas event, be the mother of all bugs???

    P.S. - Thanks for deleting "Trailboss1" post!!!
    I know that the truth must be hidden from us at all cost!!!
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  7. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    yeah... we laugh, because we don't have any more tears to cry :D
    and, as expected, nothing was said about the fact the they blocked the option to revive with 40 andermant at sargon+heredur...
  8. Dekshadow

    Dekshadow Forum Greenhorn

    By deleting Trailboss1 post, they admitted that they are doing some bad bad things.
    On topic:
    This event is far far far worse than first Rise of Dragan event. Now we can't collect Victory token , so we can't kill Dragan.(chest that give Victory token in all 4 maps are never there).
  9. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    i can't speak for 5/8 as i will never have enough pearls to get back there at the rate im going, but my kill dragan for 100 draken quest has disappeared also. on another note, the lvl1 archers are gone, but the lvl1 bone warriors are still there
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  10. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    Yup, they deleted my post. LOL EDIT

    Well, update.

    After 3 trips to Sargon/Heredur I got 12 cot one trip, a white helm the next and a blue necklace. Awesome drops huh? I'm done with this garbage EDIT (figure I'd edit it myself) event

    I feel so betrayed by BigPoint.
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  11. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    They didn't just reduced to almost zero drop on Sargon+Heredur unique's....i was just farming at Ravenclaw for GoP and gold, but now i only get 1 green item every 15th or 20th kill, 1 blue or purple per re-spawn and no orange, before this hotfix....I would get 1 green item every 5th, blue every 10th or 15th, purple every 30th and 1 orange for every re-spawn.

    Now i have no reason whatsoever to play this event:(.
    Thanks again dev team (this is the 2nd time i have thanked you for a crappy event, keep up the good work and you might not make it to next year)
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  12. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    Well, just wanted to adress a little issue here...

    After completeing the first 4 quests the first day, quest nr. 5 got bugged and I couldn´t complete it. The hotfix came, and I REPLAYED the first 4 quests, which was waste of time considering the awful rewards, and then there was still no quest 5!!!

    The second quest from the dwarf also dissapeared(kill dragan get 100 drakens) also vanished as soon as I took it, but it wasn´t fixed!

    But what really anoyed me the most, was that you made a HOTFIX but didn´t even fully FIX the damn questline, which the whole event is centered about!!!

    2 times i have been stocked at completing 4 quests, but wasn´t able to move on. Even after the hotfix, it didn´t work. A sidequest also dissapeared right after i accepted it...

    I´m gonna get a LOT of EDIT´s if i keep on writing here. BP has outdone themselves, i have never seen anything THAT catastrophic!

    Well, i think this will be my last post, thanks for a good time starting the game, but BP is really a bunch of incompetent EDIT´s!

    Goodbye! May BP replace their whole stab as soon as possible!
  13. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I thought the hotfix delayed the start of quest 5 until the 26th - that is, you can't pick up quest 5 right now
  14. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    I am angree and my patience is over...i think now can play and do event...ha ha bigpoint incompetence...no more quests..need wate 1st November ha ha ...and still 1 lev warriors in event map and and like athers say its realy bad job wery bad..no more fun but anger...when you make events think abaut fun i dont see eny fun but only incompetence..need start to look for ather game last half year is like nightmare! Yes and after hotfix drop rate is lower abaut 50% or more...realy not reason to do that event enymore.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2014
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  15. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Would you extend the event permanently?
    That way we can get our investments in time, money, and resources back in a timely fashion. I might even be able to get Sargon's amulet!
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  16. WhopsImEvil

    WhopsImEvil Forum Greenhorn

    Biggest halloween event joke of all time!!
    Players have to wait to be enable to finish 5/8 - 6/8 - 7/8 - 8/8

    + this long time before any info about this??

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  17. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Definitely some interesting bugs in this event...

    Personally I like the invisible archers the best....

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  18. TheBB

    TheBB Forum Apprentice

    Ok here is the this... instead of BP trying to fix bug why not scrap the quest give us the prize from chest and open hard mode and everyone is happy
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  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I am a bit confused o_O I already completed Sabotage 1 thru 4 on a couple of characters. Do I need to do 1-4 again or just wait until the dates for 5 and on to open up?

    Luck be with ye,
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  20. mwolfe09

    mwolfe09 Forum Apprentice

    Yes but depends when you did 1-14, if you did it today, then you have to wait for part 5-8. If you did it before the hotfix, then you have o do it again :(

    Hope that helps..
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