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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes,

    Below you can find an overview of our roadmap and plans for the upcoming releases.​


    We do not have further details and information regarding the various features that will be introduced, but please note that Q&As regarding this roadmap are happening on Facebook and Instagram.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes,

    You can find below some Q&As regarding the roadmap:

    How should the PVP change / improve (according to the PVP Roadmap) if nothing changes until the third quarter (Q3) according to the normal roadmap?

    First, we have to say that the changes we have made already show a terrific increase in PvP participation and overall played PvP matches but even though the numbers are promising, we know that the “feel” is still not where it should be. We will add more smaller PvP updates to the roadmap that are not about changing the system but addressing the play-ability. However, we’re still aiming for PvP updates that also address the available game modes and general PvP content in the near future.
    Some time ago, you published a list of items that are outdated and can no longer be used in the future. Including items from the "Desert of Essences", which shall now come back according to the new roadmap. Has it been taken into account that the items have now been largely removed by the players? Will there be only new items or are players who have thrown away the old event items, but the injured?

    The Event will be completey reworked which means there will be new items and the old items are no longer needed.
    What exactly was changed at the DTU event? And is there an NPC dealer on every boss where you can buy each unique item (as in a regular event)?

    We will add many smaller improvements and bugfixes to the DTU event but we are also going to add more challenges for our strongest players, with appropriate rewards.
    Do the entrances in the DTU event (both Circus Monstrosum and the direct scrolls to the individual bosses) still cost as much as the last time or were the prices reduced?

    The price balancing is not done yet.
    What should we understand by "equipment update 1.0, 2.0, 3.0"? Will there be a new kind of items (green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, ... black?)? A new rank (tier 8, 9, 10, ...)? Are higher enchantments than Platinum / super gold introduced?

    The equipment updates are a combination of 3 topics:
    1. Region Enchantments
    We will implement a set of new enchantments that can only be obtained on items that are found in specific regions and we will start with a set of elemental resistances (for example ice resistance can only be found on items from the Norselands).
    2. Boss Equipment Trader & Loot
    One of the biggest changes that comes with the first equipment update is the removal of the boss equipment traders. Why are we doing this? We think that a system like this goes against the coreloop of DSO. Going to a trader, right after a new difficulty has been introduced and buying the items within the first 20 minutes just leads to a devaluation of our equipment. Doesn’t it feel way better to finally get the item dropped that you are hunting for?
    What brings us directly to loot. We will rework the unique item drop chances with the same release as well.
    3. Cloaks / Banners
    The by far biggest thing of the equipment update will be the introduction of the new cloaks/banners. The first equipment update will contain a new set of cloak/banner introduction quests. Following the quests will grant you the recipe to create new cloaks/banners at the workbench.
    New unique cloaks/banners will also be part of the equipment update and we plan to implement a few new unique cloaks/banners with each release until we have one unique cloak/banner per Boss.
    One important thing to be mentioned: The first of the equipment updates will also come with a compensation for all players who already played the old cloak/banner quests.
    In which direction will the general development go? Will the PvP still be sufficiently taken care of? Will an interesting PVE challenge be created? Or do you rather try to fix bugs?

    Yes, yes and yes… Actually, we are working hard right now on a strategy to bring you new PVE challenges while not pushing PvP away. More details here will follow soon.
    What do you want to change in the boss fight? Their attacks? Their hitpoints? Their damage? Change appearance? Changing Attack Patterns? Mechanics? Bugs?

    Our first goal with this change is to allow players to use all their skills with all their effects during boss battles. This, of course, comes with some other changes that have to be made like increasing their hitpoints for example. Another small, but important change will be that bosses on higher difficulties than “normal” will no longer have a spawn animation to reduce waiting times.

    What is meant by the "Kingshill Update"? Last time, the city was only restructured and redistributed. Or can we expect more this time?

    As you know, Kingshill is one of our two main urban areas (during event times actually the main urban area) and as DSO had quite some anniversaries already, we think that Kingshill needs a new and fresh look. But we will also take a look at the performance of the layout of Kingshill with the goal to make it easier for new and high-level players to navigate through it. Actually Kingshill will lay the groundwork for a rework of many more urban areas.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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