Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Yogo, Aug 16, 2016.

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Should there be a Roll-back after recent bug exploit to the poin prior Special 5th Anniversary Event

  1. yes

    176 vote(s)
  2. no

    63 vote(s)
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  1. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Should there be a Roll-back after recent bug exploit to the point prior Special 5th Anniversary Event?
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  2. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Yes because the way that youve decided to handle it ... you killed the game and im a player who knew the bug and chose not to use it ... and for the record i dont care about normal stones im just mad about the special ones for armor speed and skills ...
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  3. Kamil9402

    Kamil9402 Forum Greenhorn

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  4. ThisShip

    ThisShip Forum Greenhorn

    No action is absolutely unacceptable. I will sacrifice hours of gameplay and my friend's, completed, d1 set to remove the stolen goods from shameless cheaters.

    I hope DSO is satisfied with its decision...
  5. Vale17

    Vale17 Forum Apprentice

    Yes, of course there should.

    Otherwise, the DSO team can just scream with big colour letters: FEEL FREE TO CHEAT, EXPLOIT AND BUG WHENEVER POSSIBLE!
  6. 0cool

    0cool Forum Greenhorn

    yes, is a matter of beeing honest for all honests players.
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  7. Opalsion

    Opalsion Junior Expert

    roll-back +
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  8. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    The main issue is that they cant identify the abusers, cant be bothered taking action and dont want to uphold the integrity of their game. Rollback just penalises honest people as much as abusers. What message does that send? Abusers go back to square 1 and remain so the net effect is zero for them. It's just cutting the weeds on the surface and leaving the roots.

    If they're too incompetent to root them out though, its a necessary step to quell the massive advantage they gained...
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  9. RandomSkill

    RandomSkill Forum Greenhorn

    After the roll-back, my mount and costume will be gone? Cuz i farmed it so hard without pay, and i can EDIT BP if I will must do it again.
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  10. Iliaki

    Iliaki Forum Apprentice

    They will never do it guys...they are just afraid of losing players....It's not that "they don't know how", but that "don't want to" for well known reasons.
  11. Szadowdark

    Szadowdark Forum Greenhorn

    Rollback Yes
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  12. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    They banned bot users that spent large sums of currency with impunity. That is not the reason. This travesty has more implications than botting ever did. Not to mention they support bot users "there," but not "here." This company is beyond moral boundaries, I knew this since I started playing, but this..this is too much.
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  13. matami

    matami Someday Author

    yes please do this... think about for a moment... cheaters got tons of jester gems & gems for free, FREE!! legit players have used a lot and LOT money to get those. not fair in any way.

    if you do this please be so smart and check if people have purchased andermants or the other things that you can buy straight with real money before you do the rollback, check how much they got andermants(it might vary if theres some special offers etc or with some payment methods) with that purchase, write a script that compensates the losses that rollback does so people dont have to congest the support to get their anders/stuffs back. :)
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  14. Kamil9402

    Kamil9402 Forum Greenhorn

    ROLL-BACK or BAN for all bug players
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  15. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    I got a lot of things in this event (a lot!!! !! !) gear, gems, ander, essences, gold and more. DO A ROLL-BACK!

    If not a roll-back, ban those people that are like a hole in my lower area (just under my back)
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  16. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

  17. roll back ASAP
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  18. fifung2014

    fifung2014 Forum Greenhorn

    notify your friends what harms us it can make a difference
  19. fifung2014

    fifung2014 Forum Greenhorn

    Good ticket ??

    In connection with the failure to meet the general terms and conditions hereinafter referred to as GTC, I request termination of the contract with immediate effect. As a reason for termination of the contract given the fact that the company BigPoint based in Luxembourg does not comply with the agreement and in particular does not meet the conditions in accordance with paragraph:

    1.2 Subject of the contract, use and modify games and services
    1.2.10 It is forbidden to use bugs and / or errors in the game code to your goals. Recognized bugs should be reported as soon as possible in the forum, by IRC or by e-mail.

    With compensation claim the right to reimbursement of costs and the time according to the following settlement:

    1) one hour game = 20 zł / h Net
    2) premum deluxe, premium, purchase game currency = according to the price list
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  20. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    Haha XD this is a nice one!
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