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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Stregattone, Mar 11, 2023.

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  1. Stregattone

    Stregattone Forum Greenhorn

    Why did you remove the monthly sargon event?? It has no sense to block characters quests like this. Also why did you announce in the calendar event events like new moon and full moon like its something relevant or that needs time to prepare for it. All players know that every month there are the 2 moon events. Bring sargon event back and give us dragan event as well its been 3 months. Last year was in february/march and in january there was defeat the undefeatables.
    Its very boring to play just for farming bloodchest or doing q5
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  2. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    Missions: VIII-2 Alliance of Terror
    Shadow Master 1/1
    The First Ones 1/1
    I need to do this missions in Sargon Shadowfort, but I see this event is no more in plans this year. So how to make this quests?
    How to obtain skin armor Great Terror? very nice object for mage, I like how it looks in the game, I definitely need to get it!

    And how can I deblocate Elysium, Memory, Maze of Blaze?
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  3. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Hello :) The terror items are dropped from the map 1 of the Sargon event, the Shadowfort (from mobs, minibosses, amphoras, lockpick chests, etc.) So in addition to killing minibosses and/or mobs, you may want to consider opening at least 1key amphoras and 5key lockpick chests (the cheapest of each kind), for extra chances at dropping the items ^^

    The chain for the Map of Blaze is located at the bottom of Ellonidos, and the Lingering Memory maps are accessed by attempting to click lots of materi swirls in maps like Brigavik (which is the most popular map at the momet for farming lingering portals) - the swirls have a chance to spawn a portal door which would then lead into one of several types of Lingering Memory maps. In those maps, kill all mobs, and you may have a chance to drop some of the coveted Lingering Memory uniques, which are quite popular atm, such as the boots and adorn :)

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