Sargon V Easter Raffle

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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear heroes,

    We would like to start a nice Easter raffle.
    To participate, you have to search and count all the eggs on this picture:


    Important to know:

    • The number of eggs should be posted here.
    • There is only one chance per player to post the correct answer! So it is not allowed to say: 40 eggs in one post and in another post: 45 eggs.
    • Edits are allowed but not after the end time of the raffle.
    • You may ask – which eggs count as “eggs” (spider-eggs, egg shapes etc)? Well, that’s up to you ;) You have to decide which eggs you will consider for the total amount. Maybe half eggs count, maybe they don't ;)
    • It is not allowed to repost the picture with notes on it or any kind of modification, doing so disqualifies the player.
    • The player should only post the number of the counted eggs, discussions are not meant to be posted in the very same thread.
    • There are also no hints allowed. We do not want this game to be too easy ;)

    After the end of the raffle, we will upload a picture where you can see the number of the eggs.

    Time Schedule:

    · Start time: Monday, 14th of April 2014.

    · End time: Tuesday, 22nd of April at 11:00 am CET

    · Prize: 100 x 1 week premium + 50 Lock Picks !!!

    The Drakensang Online team wishes you a lot of fun!
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  2. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro


    Dear Heroes!
    Thanks for counting all the eggs. Here you can see how many eggs were hidden in that picture. We hope that you had some fun with our raffle.

    We are currently selecting the lucky 100 winners and will inform you shortly!

    Your Drakensang Team
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  3. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Congratulation to the Easter contest winners on the English forums! The correct answer is 90 eggs. Winners will receive 1 week of Premium and 50x lock picks, which will be awarded next week.
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    • Anchy009
    • 20277898
    • Ruty
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