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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Please use this thread in order to post your entries for the Script Contest forum event. Remember to check the rules HERE. Any submission which does not comply with those rules will be disqualified. Also, remember to keep the thread civil and on-topic – in order to keep it this way we will keep an eye here and eliminate all those comments that have nothing to do with the competition or that are directly non-serious submissions. Thanks for your understanding in this matter. ;)

    Remember, the deadline is this Sunday at 12:00 CET (UTC +1).
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. mihaels11

    mihaels11 Forum Greenhorn

    User ID: 109357352
    Character name: Mike11mountain
    Server: Grimmag
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  3. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    ID: 101057397, Darwarren, Agathon
  4. ehrence8191

    ehrence8191 Forum Apprentice

    ID: 101636868 Character Name: Bellathorne Server: Tegan
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  5. Πλούτον

    Πλούτον Forum Greenhorn

    Character Name: Κύρος
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  6. ats22

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    Character name: Cнαfгo
  7. _Baragain_

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    Character: DrHorrible
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  8. MrWhiteOut12

    MrWhiteOut12 Forum Greenhorn

    Character name:whiteout12
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  9. MagicMoon89

    MagicMoon89 Junior Expert


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    Server: Agathon
    Character: Princessnymeria
  10. piktaszebras

    piktaszebras Forum Greenhorn

    ID: 109302428
    Server: Heredur
    Name: totorolover
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  11. silkyangel

    silkyangel Forum Apprentice


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  12. chingonboy12

    chingonboy12 Forum Greenhorn

    username:killbork server:Agathon ID:897290
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  13. .NikosGkanos2000.

    .NikosGkanos2000. Forum Greenhorn

    User ID: 100786666
    Server: Balor PvP
    Name: MaxΙnΕnergy [COPY NAME IF NEEDED - "Ι" and "Ε" are Greek characters]
  14. razer0101

    razer0101 Old Hand

    Server: Heredur
    Name: Dovaking02

  15. Noohbee

    Noohbee Forum Apprentice

    "The evil plan(s)"
    Our hero has been thinking of leaving Dracania for good. Being pissed with the many mysteries that hinder her quest, but she just can't find the will to do so. Having farmed Destructor(Hard) for a thousand times, she doesn't want all of her efforts to go in vain... So she seeked her most trusted friends Bob2012 and Jake69 for advice. Little did she know that this two friends of hers has been lusting over her for sometime. They just can't do anything to our Hero cause she have been wearing that Destructor Plated robes that give off 10% Movespeed coupled with Dragan Cape (A whopping 15% total travel speed)! Our hero is just too quick and agile. But now they have found the perfect opportunity to catch our hero offguard...
    Quite an evil plan indeed.... Thankfully our hero learned of a plan far more sinister (she has a fetish for wings) thus she lives to quest another day.
    Meanwhile our two stooges has thought of another evil plan of theirs..

    Jckthrppr, Tegan
    ID: 101709750
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  16. Gouez

    Gouez Forum Greenhorn

    That moment when the oldman gives the wrong quest ..


    ID : 101723238
    Server : Werian
    Name : Crazyscars
  17. daddyrosti

    daddyrosti Forum Greenhorn

    ID: 108974170
    IGN: Daddycc
    Server: Heredur[​IMG]
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  18. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Benzius
    Server: Agathon
    UserID: 104130247
  19. GingerBreadMan

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    ID: 100953236
    Server: Tegan
    Character: Badassbaby
    "Who's bad?.. aw!.. :D;):)
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  20. marshall1995

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    "No man is an island"

    ID :101605917
    Server : Tegan
    Name : Mantika
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