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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Sep 7, 2020.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Exactly....Im done with this game. Ive got no hopes for lvl60 CE anyway
  2. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    What kind of amulet is that?
  3. Bubble

    Bubble Someday Author

    As always, BP rewards those who find their flaws and skip ridiculous difficulties, and punish those who follow their mediocre game designs. It's not something against you @trakilaki , my anger is with BP
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Sargon's amulet, you know, the one from the 999 sargon kills quest.
  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Dragan Event
    It's... alright. The first event bar was EZ. The second one was majorly tedious and nearly made me quit the event altogether. The third bar is also alright. I get it, you're going to be farming the 4 maps adjacent to Castle Ravencaw a million times anyways to get Empowered Cursed Pearls, but filling up that second event bar was a snoozefest.

    Desert of Essence
    Too short. Just like my feedback. :D
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  6. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Feedback for Desert of Essences V

    Progress bar
    One of the positives of the event. Easy to fill, progress drops in nice amounts even on low difficulties. Even within 3 days the event can be easily finished by everyone. The rewards are nothing groundbreaking, a few Draken (always useful) and carmot. The final chest was quite nice. Overall, fitting rewards for a "side-event", similar to New Moon and Full Moon.

    Desert of the Lost - map, mobs, design
    I get what they tried to achieve with the storm, but with current design, it's incredibly tedious. Subsequent waves are not more difficult, just slower and slower to kill (slower movement, less crit). Also, due to Krisal boss designs, I was forced to run the desert on low difficulty and any challenge was completely removed.

    My suggestion: make following waves of enemies increasingly harder (mobs themselves, not only the storm) with increasing rewards for each wave (e.g. 2 crystals per drop on 1st wave, 4 crystals on 5th etc, same with the chests). Also, increased chance to drop the pet with each wave. Remove the movement debuff (it does nothing but make the run more tedious).

    Kia Krisal - map, mobs, design
    All the variants of this map are the same, only the colors are different. At the very least, mob abilities and attacks should be different. Perhaps mobs on each colored variant could have their attacks infused with elemental ability akin to Lor'Tac shamans (red attack burn, blue attack ice/slow, green attacks poison...).

    Boss design (and flaws)
    We've seen quite a few complaints about the bosses' difficulty. It's true that compared to even PW, their HP and especially attacks are much stronger. What I don't like is how many of their basic abilities are basically one-shot. That in itself wouldn't be a problem, a player just needs to figure out some strategy. The main issue lies with the 2-minute time limit. It creates an artificial ceiling for weaker players who can't complete the maps on higher difficulties, no matter how good their game skills are. They are forced to run on a mode where they are able to remove the boss from the map in matter of seconds.

    The bosses are especially tough for DKs (what's new?). The ice mage, I don't think there's a good way for a DK to kill him. Why am I having more problems with him on painful than with Dragan Great Hall on fatal? He has at least 4 stun skills, with meteor, with that summon that makes him invincible until you kill the summon. If I run around and dodge, I don't manage to kill him on time, because he chains those stuns one after another without rest.

    I strongly urge the devs to reconsider these time limits. In light of their aforementioned changes to boss fights, these seems to go in an opposite direction! I don't believe it facilitates group play, on low difficulties you won't find players for groups anyway.

    The purple map
    My final issue with the event is the last Krisal map. I wasn't able to get in there throughout the event. The entry is random, and perhaps with too low chance, but I believe some of the randomness needs to be removed, especially if there is a one-time quest for entering the map. If we are to spend a lot of time grinding, we first need to be shown a "taste" of what we are grinding for! A few easily acquired purple entries per event will have this effect. My suggestions in this regard:

    Suggestion 1: first black portal activation guarantees entry on purple map (could be conditioned by the quest). Everyone will be able to comlete the quest easily. After that, the portal function returns to normal.
    Suggestion 2: daily purchase of realm path to purple Kia Krisal for frags/anders. Limited to 1 per day, 3 guaranteed entries per event, nothing that can be abused.
    Suggestion 3: chances to get to purple map through black portal increase with each defeated wave on the main desert. Another motivation to clear them all every time. The final multiplier could reach 2x.

    Final thoughts
    I don't know if the devs are actually reading this forum, or if the moderators forward our feedback, but I hope they will at least consider some of my ideas. The event has a lot of potential but it is being dragged down by the boss issue, and the inability to enter the purple map without 100's of runs.
  7. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Here is my few about events:

    • Length is more than fair for any type of player (casual, hard core, no-life ... :D )
    • Progress bars - wouldn't be any problem if EC & other pearls drop haven't been crippled hard but on the other side, steel doable because of ^ Length
    • Tough I didn't have any problem finishing all progress bars long time ago via great hall, somehow I'm a bit sad about normal Dragan's map progress is so low that there's no point play it at all! It would be fair at least double it and give a weaker players chance to play in groups for progress (I hate donor & carrying systems, I meant groups of players with similar skills).
    • In general - I still love this one but grinding makes it a bit boring .
    Desert of Essence
    • Improved gameplay - didn't notice any, maybe waves are easier and few minis added at m1
    • m2 bosses - solo are doable, but they can "one hit" me with mine 250k hp if I don't use elemental ess (125 per kill on inf 3) which is kinda pointless because I should farm that ess orbs, not spending ess itself!
    • All in all, easy to finish!
    • One question for devs:
    • HAVE YOU FORGET THAT YOU HAVE MELE CLASS?!! :D I mean - portals are "skill free" - aren't they? So why then mobs can walk over that areas? Ranged classes are safe there so DK is in double trouble - can stuck without skills surrounded with mobs if new wave came + easily can click on "80 d entry portals" while jumping/charge clearing that areas ...
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  8. bibere

    bibere Someday Author

    Feedback for Desert of Essences V

    I'm disappointed, progress bar the final chest loot: 6 x normal blue ess!!! :eek: ...i wanted normal white! :rolleyes: (irony, I hope you understand!) ;)
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Exactly ... they should remove any entrance costs as a result of their bad design.
    I don't play as i used to do ... i am just collecting dailies ... but I got into the game late that nigh and tried to finish the game. I don't play at TS anymore for a long time ... so I don't know what is going on and what is coming to live servers ... and I don't care. I didn't know there are achievements and they are giving the rewards ... if it wasn't for my friends who actually told me the rewards are from the achievements ... i would have finished the quest early too. If I was playing on TS i would have told you earlier ... but since I am not ... I did try to help the others in the previous post, as soon as I could.

    As for the Desert of Essences "event" ... it is a nice joke. What improved spawns and improved drops?
    Last time with no improvements I got the purple map ... once ... and I got one of the costumes.
    This time ... with "turbo-injection Grand boosted" drops ... I haven't found the purple map not even once and i haven't got a single item.
    A boss ranger spawning mechanical turrets almost took my entire HP ... on Fatal difficulty (facepalm)
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