Feedback September/October 2023: Events Feedback

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, Sep 2, 2023.

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  1. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You're thinking of the "CHARGED Marks of Bravery," which are required to enter the Dracanian Challenge Arena (the place where we're supposed to drop the 2-handed weapons). I think you can only purchase those.

    What @Dragonnns dropped was the much less useful plain "Mark of Bravery," which does drop from the Bosses at the end of Natural World dungeons (Painful and above) and Parallel World bosses. Trade 50 of those to Phestos for the generic Anniversary Arena chips and probably some CoT, too.
  2. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Has anyone managed to make a birthday cake recipe? once in the whole event?

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I know Heredur server count is on ZERO, so if thats accurate....its zero :)
    I don't know anyone who crafted the new costume either.
    I don't know a single veteran player that dropped weapon, I know allot of noobs who got multiple drops.

    I know 1+1 = 2
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  4. Enaggelion

    Enaggelion Forum Apprentice

    The extension days started but the skeleton pirate has gone in Kingshill and as such we cannot submit in our pirate gold. Also, the treasure map pile in stonekeep and all the other maps have disappeared. Can you please fix this before the event ends?

    This is the first year where premium day is not run concurrently with Anniversary.

    It's very silly that DSO runs so many monthly events clustered together with the Anniversary event. You should have put those events on when Ghost event is on because most people don't do the Ghost event since is so undoable and with crappy rewards.
  5. SoftwareEngineer

    SoftwareEngineer Forum Greenhorn

    I've seen many experienced and new players drop weapons, it's just luck (Random)
  6. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Let me make sure I get this. You extended the Anniversary event a few days because of map loading errors. But you did not extend access to the Pirate merchant or extend the use of Lost treasure maps. ?????????????

    The Pirate merchant and Lost treasure maps were part of the Anniversary event. Why did you even bother to extend it if you were not going to extend all parts of the Anniversary event.? Now players will have lost treasure maps and Pirate coins collecting dust in their lockers for a year.

    Yet just another bazar put a Band-Aid on it BP does with out thinking it thru.
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  7. CiscoNetPlus

    CiscoNetPlus Exceptional Talent

    The names do not correspond to the image:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The drop was very low, impossible to crafted the new costume!!!
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  8. LasStanD

    LasStanD Forum Greenhorn

    and the ghost festival?
  9. dam18

    dam18 Junior Expert

    from Drakensang Online Discord Server.
    Ghost Festival
    26.10. 12:00 - 18.11. 23:59
    Ghost Festival - Return of the Dead
    04.11. 00:00 - 18.11. 23:59

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Seeing how they tried to add a couple new items in an event that runs 1 time a year and still manage to completly mess it up, just shows how much they care.

    I did only couple runs to help guildies, but the drops were terrible in this event. Only good thing was the gem-Piñata
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  11. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Regular

    Not to mention server instability
    Since the change of ownership, the game has been sliding towards the abyss
    The players thank you (especially the premium ones)
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  12. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Yeah, but you know they will nerf it into a coma next year... if the game is still here next year!
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  13. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    The pirate skeleton tasks with a lot of bugs as well. I already had most of the prizes that the task gives in exchange for pirate coins, (earned last year) and even then they were available to do again, I ran after the task of the ancient amphora that would give the golden parrot. surprise! She didn't just give the parrot. He also gave the silver turtle. So why my god did they put in the pirate's tasks one dedicated to the turtle if I could get it from the amphora. The way I see it, tasks should be specific to a certain item. I wanted the golden parrot and got the silver turtle.
  14. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    No bugs here only DSO Rng and yours luck .. "Open whis ancient amphora and receive one of following items"( one from the list !).....bunch of pauls , turtles or that parrot.
    watch on slow mode...opening 1000 maps.
    Because vendor removed and uncharted maps in the shops too, no chance get it .We have vendor then event started but not at last day of the event( ancient amphora one of possible drops). After smugglers event i decided spend some andermants and gets pet for my collection , but oops i can't because somebody removed maps from the shop ( vendor too).
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  15. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    And here we go again. 13 attempts to enter Oldfield all failed with error 37. Tells us just why did you delay the event for 10 days if you didn't even bother to correct the programing errors.
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  16. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    What is it with that 500k ghost festival progress bar dear devs.

    I don't mind to be that long, like now its take 1000 + runs to end it BUT for those rewards ?!?!?! c'mon those are crapy rewards right there.

    You bigpoint really can't give us a good jewel at the end of the bar like idk, let's say the ingredient one, or something very worthy at last...

    I repeat, I don't mind that it requires a lot of work, but not with those rewards, this is a once a year event and you can trow some good in the progress bar, but it seems that it is not possible for you. Nice!
  17. -kirachan-

    -kirachan- Someday Author

    this game looks like complete garbage loading maps slowly giving error codes 36 drops while playing some ping 380++++ i think it's about time you changed your name to bugpoint cause no matter what you do it's lag bug bugs and otherwise, I don't understand how such incompetent people like you are involved in the development of the game, the Halloween event with this great progress without a mantle does not become such a cycle, I don't know who would do it, and even a mantle you cannot buy because it is not added to the store, do it yourself account of how incompetent you are a complete tragedy.....for a person to get fed up with the whole thing
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  18. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    On test server running new version of Ghost event, but bugged, not finished and not ready for live servers .On german section of dso forum saw post with some pictures of leaked pets and costumes .
    We have very slim chance to see updated version on the live server ( but most probably not)
    That can i not closed , but not have full pro dev team..on the game working somebody, but not true developers,otherwise ( with team of pro dev) we don't see after 2 years still not updated Ghost event and numerous problems - bugs, e36 on Anniversary event...
    So enjoy what we have, personally i'm not playing Ghost event at all.
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  19. Spagiari

    Spagiari Active Author

    Hello, I want to say that the Halloween event is very boring, progress is very slow, you have to buy a lot of tickets to the castle or stay for hours until the entrance to the castle and when you kill the boss in the massacre the progress is almost nothing. Besides, the rewards aren't worth it. What can save it is the mini event.
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  20. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Agree 1000%, the reiteration of an event like this, broken in structure and progression, is proof that the gears of the game no longer work.

    Moreover, Drakensang players have never held back when faced with long, monotonous and repetitive challenges, but in 2023->24 their majority can no longer stand an event that is totally useless in rewards, and does not in the slightest repay the many hours of play required.

    The fact that devs are re-proposing this event (like others) unchanged, means that they have understood nothing. Or they simply do not work on the game at all. Or they work on something else. Anyway.

    If they don't decide to introduce some "news" - even among those that cost them little time and effort, for example a higher lev cap or a new tier of gems/runes - as far as I'm concerned the game is dead. And judging by the amount of people on the server, not just for me.
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