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  1. wildmonkey

    wildmonkey Forum Apprentice

    Im a level 55 SW and im looking for tips .
    1. What set should i get and what enchantments should it have example gloves attack speed belt increase damage .
    2. do i focus on damage the most ?
    3. What do i spend my glider coins on ?
    Thats it for now .
  2. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    I told you to check SW section on forum. I believe you could find some useful info there. Showcase your hero or something like that. Also this Baragain post is veery useful. That is the best I can do. I do not know much about SW.

    Come on SW of dso forum, where are you now when your fellow friend needs your help?

  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    There are more ways than just one to build your character... Mage is the only class that doesn't have that big difference between the top build and the slightly weaker ones. I'd say: try different skill setups, think what you like the most, and then think what sets could fit into your playstyle.
    See next reply.
    Well, that's obvious, but don't ignore defence completly! Focus on damage, but every improvement to defence you can make (at least when it costs you nothing/almost nothing in offence) is welcome.
    I have no idea what do you mean... But two things I could think of:
    1. Spend your andermants for locker and inventory expansions, you can buy some rubies and onyxes too, especially on -25% and -50% discounts (and that's what you will focus on when your locker and inventory are fully expanded).
    2. Spend your gilded clovers for (presumably the 2h - so 15clover) attack speed runes, and once you have all your weapon rune slots filled, buy running speed runes, then after filling your boots you can go for cooldown reduction.
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  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Lol! SW section of the forums has always been quiet. I wouldn't expect it to suddenly change.
  5. wildmonkey

    wildmonkey Forum Apprentice

    Ohh cmon you know i would do q7 inferbal 2 instead of playing stonekeep painfull i wanted to do the same quests with him and stuff but he was off for like 4 days so i decided to grind materi to vet atleast staff so i could help him higher diffuculties.
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    ""You also need a crit rate helmet. Aim for at least 40% crit and transfer that to your Dragan helmet.""
    That part is a little dated. Now that we have crit from the wisdom skills, I'd say that a mix of crit and damage is better. If you have nice gems, I'd go for a 1crit/3damage helmet. If you are still building nice gems, then you are better off with a 2/2 in the meantime.