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Discussion in 'Guild Discussion' started by Fafhred, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. Fafhred

    Fafhred Forum Apprentice

    This should be the right place for this post: this is an assessment, not a bug report; I did not find a similar post before posting this (one might exist given that guilds have been around a while, but none of the search patterns I tried found it, and just searching for guild finds way too many posts to check them all).

    To start with, a list of what a guild need to survive:
    - Good communication between guild members.
    - Motivations for players to participate in the guild.
    - A practical way for leaders to prune the members gone inactive.

    What happens in this game:

    - Communication:
    1) This game does not offer any mean for members to communicate with other members if they are not online at the same time AND looking at guild chat.
    2) Chat is designed in this game in such way that you can only follow 1 chat channel at a time, rather than selecting which channel you want to listen to as in any other MMO I have played.
    3) The chat window is intrusive (targeting and using skills in its direction often result as those being intercepted and displayed instead as control characters), contrarily to any other MMO which requires you to toggle input on/off.
    This results in players frequently hiding chat, then forgetting to re-activate it later.
    4) A lot of players hang preferably on 'Region' chat, which works here as a substitute to a World chat which does not exist; while players in a group usually switch to that group chat, for coordination.
    Note: on some maps, selecting 'Region' will also display guild channel; I have not figured why on some maps and not on others.
    5) Some groups of players use instead one of several voice chat softwares, and do not look at chat anymore while they do.

    As direct result of the above points, most active players are rarely looking at guild chat.
    Creating a voice chat for the guild is not a viable alternative, since several incompatible voice chat softwares exist (Skype, Team Speak, several others...) and not everyone can or want to use any of them.

    - Motivation:
    1) Bonuses proportional to the number of characters in the guild, active or not.
    2) Achievements according to the size of the guild roster.

    That's it, there is not a single guild feature in this game, and communication is almost non-existent for the reasons above.

    - Guild maintenance:
    1) In any guild and any MMO, characters come and go, play a while then vanish after a variable time; it is the leader's task to prune the characters gone inactive and recruit new characters to replace them and keep the guild active as a whole.
    2) In this game, there is NO TOOL whatsoever to allow a leader to know who is inactive.
    3) Since people play at various times, most do not use guild chat most of the time for the reasons above, and there is no mean of guild communication, the leader does not have the indirect way to check activity through chat or messaging.
    4) The ONLY way left for a leader is the cumbersome method of periodically comparing the roster to the roster status on previous weeks; the only difference that can be found is characters level.
    Therefore inactives can only be detected as characters having not leveled for an abnormally long period of time; that period increases with level, and there is no means of detecting players gone inactive at cap level.
    5) This way of detecting inactives is inefficient, time consuming, leading to excessive time before kicks AND occasional false positives (for instance player gone on vacation).

    As result of all of this, it is impossible to keep a clean roster with only active characters.
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  2. Jarvent

    Jarvent Forum Greenhorn

    I agree to all of the above and would gladly see these changes in the close future.

    Most of all I would like to see a function added where one can see "last time online" by looking at the guild roster.
  3. Veer

    Veer Forum Greenhorn

    Ho.ho.ho wat a post.One of the best post I read recently.If Dso won't take this serious then it will be a loss for Dso & fans like us.
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  4. hempthegreen

    hempthegreen Advanced

    before they have added "last online" I would have all my officers give me a active list for each week. I would write all the names I have seen online that week and compare to what the officers gave me. It was stressful but it worked. I was able to run a 5 chapter Guild family by myself. I had a total 230 active members but this includes the players alts (limited to 2 characters per player in the overall guild family.)

    Each chapter was separated into levels. Gave the members something to grow and look forward to going as they level.

    I had (have) guild and alliance web pages to track members achievements in game, gear dropped where , stats so forth. The trick was getting the members to log in to the allied guild sites and our own.

    To my knowledge I'm the only Agathon Guild leader that has started Duriaholics Fight Night Friday. Its a special Guild / allied event held once every weekend. Not only does it benefit all members that part take in this special event but it gives Our Allied and my guild an edge as you can say over the other guilds. You must think outside the box. I will not say any other details on the forums about my special guild/Allied event for reasons.

    As some of the veterans know on agathon I have just returned from a 2year break. I'm currently rebuilding my beloved guild and she will shine again ! The officers that were put in charge while I was away sure did good job best they could and for that I am thankful.

    If you want the "shine" of being a leader please understand its a lot of your own time given to helping members non stop. If you think for a second your going to build a guild and not have any order once so ever I bet it wont make it 3 months .

    recruit ! Do it the right way by recruiting 1st hand by yourself on the forums (put some effort and actually explain about it); Recruit in game perhaps like me helping random players (young levels and or high levels) with quests , game help so forth . Bond with them recruit them. ; Put your officers to work by recruiting . Word of mouth also works well but first you must get well known enough to make it that far.

    Never stop helping , Become strong yes but always stay humble ! Nothing lasts forever and honestly I would rather be a good memory then rude memory!

    I can go on. We have used teamspeak and raidcall in the past. works well but in my opinion it leaves out those that cant or will not use the voice chat system.

    what I want to see and been saying it for years.
    -I want the dso team to add more guild features, such as promoting : Co-leader , 1st officer, 2nd officer , 3officer , private , member just some ideas.
    -Increased guild cap.
    I'm sure other players have suggested other useful things but I'm still on my 1st cup of coffee :)
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  5. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    You are so not kidding! Running a guild takes up a lot of time and energy.

    Plus one to both of those.

    I'm so grateful for the "last log on" thing. That gives me back so much time and keeps me from having to check in with the officers to see if they have seen so-and-so lately. I'm hoping that DSO keeps going on the Guild Enhancement train.

    Right now the only way to see what guilds are out there is to either come across someone from a guild in-game or look on the forum. It might be nice to have a window like the group window where guilds could be listed. You could even have an option to not be listed as I am sure there are some guilds that aren't recruiting.
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  6. hempthegreen

    hempthegreen Advanced

    Yes that would be a great addition in my opinion. As for as the "last online feature" that was added while I was on break. I'm very happy to see that it does seem to help a lot.
  7. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    When the original post was made, the patch wasn't out yet. :D
  8. Eridiani

    Eridiani Forum Apprentice

    Yes, sry, my mistake, deleted :D
  9. Masterhades79

    Masterhades79 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello there, nice :)
    we play a game to the end, sooner or sooner,
    the drop rate is zero, if you play buffoon just lose everything you have!
    if you want to form a guild, you have to give up your life

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  10. w-fer

    w-fer Forum Greenhorn

    50 members for a guild are not enough ... what happends if i have more friends to invite but there are not free slots for them ? wouldn't be better to maximize it at if not 100 at least to 75 ?
  11. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Lucky you. I can't even fill 50 spots with actual players unless I took in their alts too. #Teganproblems
  12. Masterhades79

    Masterhades79 Forum Greenhorn

    this game is not that far then a static game..for XXI century
    with GTX 1080 TURBO, 8GB GDDR5X

    50members = divide and conquer
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  13. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    The last 50 member guild I had on Tegan was made up of all my alts :D

    Anyway one feature I think would be helpful (that I see in many other games) is the ability to apply to a guild. Along with this:
    it would help the underpopulated servers. #Teganproblems
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  14. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Probably because they don't share things.... Like this:

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  15. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    That´s why some run 3 guilds at a time as one bcs they have to
    I´m not a guildmaster just an oficier but i agree it´s quite a lot to bear all the requests and management especially in 3-4 people in charge
  16. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Well, my character Dragenflame can't find a guild. He plays every day. I ask in chat, but get no response. So are guilds dead? He is on Heredur.
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  17. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    sir this is necrophilia, you just dug up a dead thread from 2017 with last reply from 2020
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  18. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    This has got to be one of the funniest things I've read on the forum in ages...
  19. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    It is funny. They don't want you to start new threads if there is an existing one. Like the John Sunlair quest that the devs never really explained how you are supposed to do it. There are several threads on it now. It seems to me that people don't really want to talk in the game anymore and all things considered, there isn't much going on in this forum.
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  20. Strit555

    Strit555 Forum Apprentice

    If someone ask me, and maybe other players too why you playing this game before 4 -5 years ..the answer was we had fun as players together and we had good communication .. I remember the time we was every day minimum 10 players at one skype call , we search each other when log in ..
    Guys the game change with no fun and same things ..I farm this Q1 /Q3 /Q5 million time at my 9 years at several edition when they change Q worlds..
    The game stop to have motivation and the motivation is .... why i must farm??? for what reason must be stronger and stonger and maybe must pay for be better?
    When someone make guild at grimmag fast had 50 inside ..and 50% online to work good and farm for better items/stats/gems...
    Now 50 players in guild max 10 online ..the other 40 or stop,or start borring or WAITING ... what waiting? the new R and fixes cause the game it was and its unplayable after CE ...

    Unplayable game with no motivation what kind of active players you search ????

    Drakensang have no promotion anymore as game and its is a big recycling of old players who come back again and again and fast they stop , or try again new char and borring , and blow their minds with the unbelieved bugs and all [EDIT]
    No new players ..we are all same with just new names

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