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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Balorien, Jan 29, 2020.

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  1. Balorien

    Balorien Someday Author

    After several changes during the last months:
    Improving the damage of 2 other classes,
    Adding Extra Armor and Resistances to bosses, while giving benefits only for using elemental damage,
    Improving the HP of bosses in PW
    Unimportance of the highest level skills in PvE (unlike other classes)
    Systematically adding gear with defensive stats for the class, while adding offensive stats (for farming) for the other classes
    Melee class has the lowest output damage (in most other games it's the opposite)
    as it seems the developers tend to use this class as a damage fodder for the other classes. In the other games it's called a support character. I think it's fair to give the possibility of DK to move their ressources to another class.
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    [removed non English post quote]

    When? How? Which classes?

    False, armor is lower than resistances in all cases anyways except for the enemies that are weak against some specific elements. Also, ranger can't benefit from those weaknesses just as well as DK, since his elemental attacks are laughable. Mage has trouble on the bosses that are resistant to magic (Mortis, Gwenfara), lower one's mana (Khalys) or are resistant to his main attack elements (Sigris in most cases; Grimmag, Heredur, Bearach and Herald in some cases too). Dwarf is quite versatile due to having both strong elemental (Automated Turret and, to a lesser extent, Tesla Turret) and physical (Special Shot, Mechanical Turret) attacks... but then it's not just DK's problem. At least DK is in similar standing against all the bosses.

    That's not just DK's problem...

    Highest level or lowest level... strength matters, not level. Dwarf has Tesla Turret and Iron Dwarf as his highest level skills and what? Tesla doesn't stack which lowers its potential by a half on bosses and when have you last seen a dwarf using Iron Dwarf? Despite that, Dwarf is still regarded as the strongest damage class. Needless to say that with current skill tree it makes no sense.

    What do you mean? Pandora's set? That's the only one that comes to my mind. Great news: it's pretty much useless for everyone. Also, if they gave resource to DK, it would be even more useless than HP, since DK has to charge up his rage from 0 anyways and usually has it 100% almost all the time during a bossfight due to taking damage.

    Normally, the tank class has the lowest damage output, not the highest.
    The problem is that DK is supposed to be at once a tank and a melee damage class, which leads it to either being too strong or too weak all the time.

    The solution to the class imbalance would be creating a subclass system (I've talked about this numerous times). This way, they wouldn't have to look at all the aspects and possible gameplay when balancing a class, because they wouldn't have to balance the whole class... they would balance the subclasses instead, along with their dedicated skills (yep, they should add some new skills that would unlock only when you've evolved into the specific subclass) and skilltree part. Also, they could use such an update to make the skilltree look like an actual tree... with some skills and talents dependent on the others.
    For example, DK would have a tank subclass which would be defence oriented with low damage, a 2h damage subclass (barbarian-like) which would be damage oriented with possibly the highest damage and mediocre defence, but eg. lower speed or some further resource/cooldown limitation, and a dual-wielding (yep, they should add dual-wielding) 1h damage subclass with different pros and cons than the other two.
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  3. kankerkanker2

    kankerkanker2 Forum Apprentice

    Your idea is so awesome, don't you think it will cost years for the devs to implement such a feature in the game though? until then how can we solve the problem that the class with the least DPS but the most attacks per second is using so much essences. at least 2/3x the amount of dwarves and mages.
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  4. Balorien

    Balorien Someday Author

    Most of the answers are "false, ... but you are right" LOL. I was expecting some other class supporter to come here, but surprie - I don't mind BP nerfing the 2H DK even more, just give me the option to change to another class, as this one is meant as support class. I created a new mage, leveled it up and now I am in groups 80% of the time I make a request in compare to my 64K dmg endgame DK with all platin and royals.
  5. hori-77

    hori-77 Forum Greenhorn

    Please, give me the option to change the knight class to another one.
    I play a knight. I spent a lot of money building a good knight.
    This is the slowest class. Nobody takes a knight to the group.
    Everyone writes not to play this class. The slowest on the maps.
    The slowest on bosses. It's easiest to die on a boss.
    Add the option to change the character class.
    I would like to have my stones and runes.
    Items are not important.
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  6. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I think I did something wrong with the English translation in case I apologize!

    The problem is all in the damage!

    If you want to untie the classes and make them independent it's okay!

    But everyone must have the same damage, which translates from the bosses at the same time, consumption of essences and not to be excluded in the groups because of the lower damage or because there is a skill or two new ones that replace the class!

    With the r 220 and the others it has been a constant introduction of negative elements for the class Dk which has become the last in pve I hope they do something!
  7. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    DK is the worst pve class after 220.

    I am in favor of a class "transmutation", I want to see how many remain with DK ;)

    Balancing is a joke in this game...
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  8. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I play melee only, if they dont want my money
    which I know they dont because dk was the biggest player base about 2 years ago, and they are the least players now
    good job bigpoint
    anyways I was gonna say if they dont want my money no problem, I will take it somewhere else
    changing to a ranged class for me is like selling out
  9. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I don't get it. My guild has almost as many DKs as everybody else put together.

    That said, we are seeing a definite decrease is server population.
  10. Universeea

    Universeea Advanced

    That's funny. I already messaged support about this a few weeks ago, to swap all my resources and gear to a different character (Sw) and they said it can't happen. Of course i'm sure it can easily be done :cool: but they are so fkin lazy and pathetic when it comes to developing and putting actual effort into the game.
    Dk class is sad...poor damaging skills and with the way the game is, enemies and bosses deal an insulting amount of damage and to be an outdated melee class is extremely frustrating.
    With a game that has so much potential they are doing a damn good job to make sure it wont grow. It's going to be outshadowed even more by some new games coming...cant mention them here of course. But yeah this game is on a track to die out unless they get EDIT together.
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  11. wojtekextra

    wojtekextra Forum Greenhorn

    The knight's situation in the game.

    Other games:

    Start -> Difficult and slow early stage of the game and slow character building -> End Game -> A very strong character giving a lot of fun.


    Start -> Difficult and slow early stage of the game and slow character building -> End Game -> Very slow and weak character giving a lot of shame.
  12. kapiszon123pl

    kapiszon123pl Forum Greenhorn

    I think it's a good idea. Knights are so weak now. Character change can be paid.
  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    well i guess I could make a melee ranger somehow
    so count me in as someone giving up on dk
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  14. Gligana

    Gligana Someday Author

    Tank class and melee class is not the same. This is the problem of the DK in this game - the players, who never played DK really think a DK means a tank. But if you are playing a DK, you don't play in group all the time (as all the other classes), so you need the same solo farming possibilities as other classes.

    The melee classes always have more damage output than the range classes in other games for two reasons:
    1. Solo play - the melee character dodging is much harder, than someone shooting from distance. DK takes more hits than the range characters (with quite the same defensive possibilities). Using healing skills and dodging lowers the damage output even more and melee has to do it more often. So the lower damage output of the melee character in this game is a pure incompetence.

    2. Group play with another tank - if the melee 2H DK has to play in a group with another character designed as tank (DK with shield or another class character, who knows how to play). Actually there are not many endgame groups looking for a tank DK, as the other classes have BETTER TANKING SKILL OPTIONS than the tank, while higher damage. Even if there is a group with a shield DK, a second DK with 2H will never be a good recruit, because:
    - Lower damage output of the melee character in this game (which is nonsense)
    - Harder ressource generation of the 2H DK, as DK has to build up ressources unlike other clases
    In the same time there are effective endgame groups with 2-4 of the same class.
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  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Indeed you are correct and I have stated this before
    And this, the thing is not only the harder resource generation, see when the resource pool is 100 for all classes its no problem a dk can take a hit and live and be good
    however higher difficulties require more resorce generation as is consumes more resource consuming skills
    where pre r214 most classes didnt have buffs of resources they now have an insane abundance of resources 300-500 mana/conc/steam is not uncommon
    The fact that the ranged classes had stronger skills but their resources was much more limited was sort of a bit more balanced
    However what a dk is facing now, is harder resource generation and skills with much lower base damage
    The problem is this though, and its a tough one
    Lets say hypothetically that they increase the skill damage of all dk skills by 50%
    this will have an insane negative impact on pvp and in turn will have 500 mio people cry nerf dk
    which would bring us straight back to start
    Now lets try a different approach
    lets say dks have full rage to start of with so it generates like mana for example and we get rage from taking hits and we get rage from dealing damage, dks would still be stuck in block 1 because of the base damage of skills
    Give dks more base damage and it will once again negatively affect pvp
    make dks weapons deal more damage and once again dks will be faced with pvp crying nerf

    Honestly my solution would be this:
    Increase the damage output for dks in wisdom and weapon damage and attack speed
    increased damage should then go to 100%
    weapon damage in wisdom should then go to 75%
    weapon attack speed to 35%
    then also allow dks to generate rage like mana etc but we still get rage from being attacked and attacking.
    Doing this will allow dks to survive quite a few patches without affecting pvp
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  16. dwarfmageOP

    dwarfmageOP Forum Apprentice

    Even with this small offensive buff DK will get nowhere near the potential damage of a mage/dwarf in solo play.
    better change smash 5 point talent from 20% damage to 6% damage for each critical hit stacking up to 10 times, this will make for a total of 340% smash damage upon maximum buff. The buff will disappear after not generating any rage for 2 seconds, if no enemies are in a range of 3 meters or on death. This will make DK truly the berserker class it is supposed to be. You have to stay in combat in order to deal the most damage over time. I think this will have a great positive influence on the pvp and the pve game!
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  17. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    Or, simply, add "class transmutation" option. ;)

    Then when DK is decent and not weak like now, go back to DK.
  18. Gligana

    Gligana Someday Author

    I don't care anymore if the DK will become stronger in PvP. Right now the DK is "strong" to some in PvP, because this class has the most veterans in arena, using whole line of skills, while a ranger could play easily with 2 skills only. NO, this class is not stronger than others in arena, because the player has to reach the opponent stun and "shot" once, if the opponent knows how to play arena.
    Actually many of my ideas became part of the game during the years - PvE seasons, wisdom tree improvements and s.o.
    I don't think it's worth continuing with ideas. It's not my job to help improving their game, if they even don't respect their fan/player base to come here read, spot and comment the problems of the community.
    There are many solutions which can work TEMPORARY (have many of them with pictures and commentary):
    - Introducing of reflecting damage shields and skills - This will make arena possible with gems and gear, while requiring more balanced builds from players (no more cannon glass). This will make shield tanks more popular in PvE against high damage bosses too.
    - Introducing of jewels, which convert damage (physical to fire/phys to ice/phys to poison/phys to lightning/50% of damage to ander damage) - This will make the bonus damage of the classes with higher elemental damage also possible to classes with pure physical damage.
    - Making the speed of DK matter to the duration of Furry of the Dragon = faster doing damage, as this skill is useless right now in endgame PvE.
  19. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

  20. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    I'm not a DK so my vision could be limited, but I see only 2 problems:
    1. a general lower base damage in the skills;
    2. outburst is a useless skill for offensive DKs;
    and one possible solution for both: change how this skill works, substitute the att speed and crit rate increasing with this:
    • for each enemy within a 3 metres radius increase by 10% damage of every skill;
    • lasts for 4 seconds;
    • can stack up to 5 times.
    At max stack (+50% dmg) smash will reach 340% dmg (asking more for a 20 rage and 3 ess cost skill is too much imho), rage attack 150%, mighty wild swing 300%, iron brow 75% and so on…
    It's easy to stack it in pve against bosses too, impossible in pvp (they can, but if they try then won't have more rage to hit), in this way they get the dmg they need for pve without affecting the pvp, the numbers I gave are only for example, it's easy to change them and rebalance this effect if it's too weak or too op.
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