Should I play this game?

Discussion in 'Event Announcements' started by Capprice, May 1, 2016.

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  1. Capprice

    Capprice Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I played this game about 2-3 years ago, maybe more. Can't remember why I stopped.

    Anyway, as of late I don't have a good MMO to play. The recent ones I quit were because of either bots/hack or too much p2w or bad ping.

    As far I remember this game was a bit p2w, but not so much that I would mind.
    I would appreciate it if someone could fill me in on the state of the game. Is it worth starting again?

    A show stopper for me would be hackers/bots, like for example


    Like I said I don't mind some p2w but there should be a limit.

    And ofc I don't want to start on a dead/dying game :p EDIT

    Thanks for reading
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  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    You won't have to worry about bots.

    PVP is really messed up. There are many of the top pvp players who dropped money in their toons, so competing with them will either require money or a ton of time and luck.

    Compared to "other" games, the random luck is a bit less here in my opinion, it takes far longer in this game to get the good gear than it does in others.

    There have been changes to many of the events that seem to be designed towards those who pay. The time needed, items needed and effort needed to finish is (let's call it difficult) going to cause free players, especially newer players, some issues.

    Whether it is a dying game or not is a matter of opinion.

    If you do decide to invest the time, choose your server wisely.
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  3. Capprice

    Capprice Forum Greenhorn

    I see. Thank you for your reply
  4. Sorry about the edi, but our forums do not allow references to other games (Non BigPoint Owned at least)

    Regarding botting, it is not a big problem anymore. In the past, botting was a huge issue. BigPoint finally found a way to detect the botters with 100% accuracy and permanently banned all of their account. However, people didn't learn, so 4-6 months later, BP did another huge bot ban. Because these bot bans were absolute and with no exception, most players have learned their lessons. I'm sure that there are still a handful, but the next time that BP does a ban wave, they too will be addressed without mercy.
  5. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    It really depends on what you are looking for.

    In my modest opinion, DSO is still enjoyable and you can play it with satisfaction if you are looking for a brain-free game that could give you some easy relax after study or work.

    This considering that now you have a wide choice among games of the same kind that offer a serious screenplay, an enormous world to explore, a much deeper game concept, a lot of difficult situations to overcome. But they also require that players understand even the right way to allocate the devotions points through a lot of complex constellations, in order to achieve the aetherial damage needful to survive in the further levels of the game (lol). All things that you have not to worry, playing Drakensang.

    This is exactly the reason why lot of people spend so much time on it: just sit and push on keys. Is it still ok for you? If yes, just hold on!

    If you play it hard you will notice that is really fast to reach the lev cap, even if now it has been raised up to 50. And after that you finish the quests (it took just a few weeks to several people) you must find some motivation inside yourself, because the game doesn’t offer much more.

    Almost all the maps, except those you can play in parallel mode, get totally useless after you have completed the quests within. The PvP is worse balanced than ever, and probably you will get annoyed quite fast if you begin it now. The events are basically always the same, and very few of them are useful for any player who have already got a decent equipment. The droprate now is awful, because they are scared that we can get stronger using the new crafting, so they have nerfed even the drop of green/blue items.

    So – as I did – you could decide to spend a very long time trying to fine-tuning your character, for example adding billion glyphs to your gear in order to increase your damage of a handful of points. Or you can throw yourself into endless and senseless farming sessions in the hope of dropping some green item with the yellow bonus that you need for the workbench.

    if you had asked "is it worth to play?" two years ago, I would have told you "certainly yes". Today, seeing as the game is convoluted and how many mistakes were made in its development, I would answer "more no than yes". The alternatives have never been so many... and the best is close to come. But actually DSO is still a great pastime to unplug yourself for an hour sometimes.
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