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Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by Spyke00, Dec 26, 2013.

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  1. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    luck? Ring is really bad for us...dks...better 10% speed and 25%more critcal hit or something like that... rage is useless for dk.
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  2. Talicni

    Talicni Forum Connoisseur

    He said luck for 3 uniques i don't think was saying specifically about that ring...
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  3. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    ah ok..but the other Uniques not drop good now on Kahlys or Mortis. When Kahlys was weaker they drop good . But not now...
  4. Talicni

    Talicni Forum Connoisseur

    Still the chances of taking 3 uniques that fast are pretty low :)

    Not to mention that 40k glyphs value isn't for nothing :D
  5. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    correct bro.


    Crafted that belt some days ago :)
    4x +1 damage

    At lvl 45: 4x +24 damage, costs: 5,8 million glyphs
    At lvl 40: 4x +19 damage, costs: 2,1 million glyphs

    What do u think about it?
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  7. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    That was a very nice belt. Congratz!

    Best belt if you use 5 dark items.
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  8. Muscle

    Muscle Forum Pro

    Yeah agree with you guys, the ring isn't so good, but it's cool to get 3 uniques one after another and especially one of them beeing the newest unique ^^ and besides, i use this ring in pve for more atk speed and rage :) in pvp i can't because i either lose 80 dmg, or 1000 hp lol
  9. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Hmm guys .... to much damage on item is bad, to little is bad so the best is a mix of stats, like damage/damage/critical/hp or armor.
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  10. marcush75m

    marcush75m Forum Apprentice

  11. Darcous

    Darcous Forum Apprentice

    I really want to see your extradionary claws :D
  12. Muscle

    Muscle Forum Pro

  13. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

  15. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    I disagree, I can have 616-664 dmg with some hard work in 3 months, maybe 4, and no deep wallet. even 700 dmg is posible for a dk
  16. Muscle

    Muscle Forum Pro

  17. Talicni

    Talicni Forum Connoisseur

    Those would be some short videos :D
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  18. Kurfo

    Kurfo Junior Expert

    woww .. is it possible to collect 11500+ drakens (+ 4 dark set items for lets say 3600 if got them from new year discount)... this is more than 15000 drakens it just possible to got that amount if done all events to the end ????
    or maybe open lots of amphoras ... or maybe zounds ...

    very good DK i think though :) ... good, very good ... i have only better chance to block :D ... 2203
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
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  19. Muscle

    Muscle Forum Pro

    Haha true that ;) Would enjoy watching them though!
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  20. sper009

    sper009 Padavan

    My poor neglected DK (other than leveling to 45 and doing a few events). He is in-between a lot of sets at the moment.