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Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by Spyke00, Dec 26, 2013.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Fight! :)
  2. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    With current possible enchantments on items you cant do more than him its max what you can do to make the highest dmg output on pve ( dont know about pvp i go there only when clover is a reward :D ) but the situation changes when you have a belt with critical dmg :D you make less dmg on green or blue ( but with 50% higher speed ) but when it comes to purple and red its the same but still 50% higher speed :D another factor is the diffrence between min and max dmg with karabossa its about 9-10k so what that means you hit your max hit every 3rd or 4th boss fight :D it looks nice but still rather usless if i had to go with overall dmg belt i would still prefer breachs belt and 2/2 helmet so i can have 80% on inf 2 / 71.09 on inf 3 ( he would have more because he probably has 3 stones from winter event ) crit rate and 10% more min dmg than 12% to only to max dmg ( why those numbers ? i take under consideration the fact that with berachs belt i can make 2/2 helmet and make 80% on inf2/71.09 on inf3 but with karabossa belt i would have to equip 3/1 helmet ). But thats just my opinion

    Everything i consider is based upon having 4/0 dmg on item weapon
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  3. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Still doesn't make sense.
    Here are my calculations using maximum theoretical values, please let me know where I made the mistake:

    Herald's Burning Thunder832(+25% at 60) =1040
    Damage Gems300
    Base Weapon Damage1340
    4x Old IDOTI lines(80% x 4)320%
    Dragan Set Bonus22%
    Weapon Damage5922.8
    50% Behemoth8884.2
    Character Base Damage360
    Equipment at level 6010x 80800
    Damage from Weapon Deco110
    Bonuses from Unique sets100
    Green Esssence50
    Total Base Damage10304.2
    Increased Damage Lines
    Helmet (3x)30%
    Weapon Decoration5%
    Dragan Set (2x 6%)12%
    Witch seeker Pauldrons13%
    Witch Seeker Set22%
    Total Damage32149
  4. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    DRAGAN SET 2X6% IS FOR DMG FROM 2H WEAPONs so it goes to base dmg


    I haven't calculated your stuff but I can already tell you that you miscalculate the 12% dmg dragan items factor. It's factored with weapon dmg, not general overall dmg (same type like behemoth/dragan bonus, at least for 2h users)
  6. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    here quick change of items crap 4/0 helmet 35% and crap dmg belt 36.67 and 34k dmg hurray :D but he has more i think weapon makes the diffrance 310-315% if not maybe weapon with 1x overall dmg and 4% more from pets i have only 2% bonus dont know dont care have belt with crt dmg :D prefer my own built :D
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  7. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    It still doesn't make much of a difference. Because when it is at weapon damage it wouldn't be added as a bonus to the damage from other items like rings, etc. so, the final damage is pretty much the same.

    I can see that You have a higher damage than my calculations, but I cannot figure out how it gets there. Can you please list your numbers?
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  8. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    (1340*4.2*1.84+1160+260)*3 = 35326

    And that doesn't account for pet. Dragan set bonus, as well as 2x 6% from dragan items go together with behemoth.

    So perhaps Baragain is right, it might be 4x IDOTI. But I agree with DJ, it is bad idea not to maximize crit. Especially for DK.
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  9. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    HELMET 35%
    BELT 36,67%
    WEAPON 302%
    2% FROM PET
    ARMOR 39,14%
    crafting gold lines on helmet, belt + 4% from pet and more on pauldrons you can easily get 600-800 more dmg
  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Optimal builds is mostly relative past a certain. My post was more directed at the confusion of how his damage is as high as it is while maintaining a high crit rate.

    There is no question that it is a 4x %IDotI or the essence would not behave like it does.
    I also agree. It is central to cool down reduction and making the most of crit damage.
  11. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Oh ok. so that is the mistake I did. I didn't realize that Dragan set bonus is on top of Weapon damage. I thought it applied as an IDOTI line.
  12. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Actually, because the essences are not as effective as I thought they should be with 4/0, I thought its 3/1. Also, I was driving when doing math given your numbers, and I used max dmg and 180% (missed kara) as a base for ID with 4idoti, and his numbers with essences didn't fit. So I assumed it's 3/1. But then doing math for supposed 3/1, also didn't work. So it was in between, but closer to 4x IDOTI. But if we also count kara set bonus and pet, it makes it 206% ID and it makes sense.
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  13. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Wow xD didn't expected all this conversation about my stats xD. Well my weapon is 4/0...without old values with an total of 300.6% dmg.

    You guessed pretty well my items with 2 exceptions. My boots are full speed and gloves are 3x speed 1x hp (are not full gold 22% speed and 30% hp). Once i get 39-40% speed ones i'll add one more 16% speed rune in my 2h to reach 2.00 speed and i'll only lose 12% crit dmg. Life will stay the same since now i have 3 points on speed and 17 on life, with full speed gloves i wont need points on speed anymore
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  14. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Almost everybody is astonished by your dmg as it goes for me everytime i look at your toon HP hurts me the most :D its a constant reminder that taking a year off drakenang was a mistake :D no tps to defeat the undefeatables = no drakens :D now its just waiting and hoping for it with 70k realm frags :D
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    People saw 34k with decent crit and couldn't rationalize it. To me, it looked like a math puzzle needing solving. :D

    Yea, boots were a crapshoot as you could have gone any of the three directions and I'd understand the choice, but I'm glad to see I was rather close on the rest. I hadn't given the speed too much consideration since it wasn't low enough or high enough to raise any eyebrows. I simply assumed that a build like yours would have 4x speed gloves. That said, I bet you'd love my speed gloves (either of them really). I only have three 4/4 gold line legendaries, and two of them are gloves... Why can't I get that same luck with weapons?
    I plan on soul core crafting these if I don't get a better pair before the end of the event.
    This second pair I crafted with an insane amount of luck. I crafted the second 3/4, then put them in with two 1/4s I'd kept in the bank, and got the ones you see above on my first try. Sure, they could be a little better, but I wasn't about to turn them down. The plan it to eventually use them when/if I ever get a Herald weapon worth using.
    I know the feeling. Work had me traveling and away from reliable internet for about nine months. I got about 1-2 hours of play a week (or less, I had a sets of a couple weeks each of no play) from January 2017 to September 2017. I missed so much farming, crafting, runes, and cores. It still upsets me anything I think of where my character would be if I hadn't been away for as long as I was.

    Now, because I got a request recently, here are my latest stats and build:
    Last night I hit two milestones. First, I upgraded my last LVL 58 and all items are now 59+. At the same time, I got my HP to over 75k without group. Also, three nights ago I got my last 2% Damage pet bonus. I now have 6% Damage, 27% HP, and 480 Resistance. I should be able to get one more resist bonus if the batty gremlin shows up in my daily deals, but the last two bonuses are out of my reach. I can't get the 0.1 block strength unless the Desert of Essence Event returns, and I can't won't get the last 160 resistance because I have much better uses for 100 Clovers than a pet that I'd only be getting for 160 resistance on another pet.

    Things that still need to be worked on:
    1. Farming the Medusa amulet. This is mostly due to the resistance. Because of the Unique value of crit on the Krampus amulet and my % Crit, it currently gives me 1650 crit. Compared to that, Medusa's will only give me 714 (after I replace my axe with a mace). But that resistance is tempting. It is also nice that my existing amulet has gold base lines of 1303 HP and 593 resistance. That means I need at least a decent T5 to be sure that it is better.
    2. Replacing Darkness Pauldrons/Torso/Belt (Maybe on the belt) with Witch Seeker. Problem is, that will cost me a chunk of crit and resistance due to the enchantments on the pauldrons. If only it were easier to get good Darkness gear without having to rob a Draken Bank.
    3. Craft 120% HP boots for my Bellicose boots. This allows me to replace the Dragan ring with something better (don't like the low HP on the Dragan ring or the summoned knight as a unique value.), or opens up the potential of using the Herald set. I'm not too worried about run speed since I'm not a PvP player, so the HP would better serve me in the PWs.
    4. Weapon... Weapon, Weapon, Weapon! I can't get lucky with weapons. I have 4x 3/4 %IDotI weapons (and the one I'm using which is 2x%IDotI, and 1.8x % Damage), and one of them is even an old one with all three stats 77.75% or higher. I've been trying to craft a 4/4 for the last four months, but I've had no luck. Add on top of that the fact that I also have zero luck with good T6 Bear/Herald weapon, and it's not like I'd have something to transfer it to, even if I did have the 4/4.
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  16. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Little update after crafting gloves. Now waiting for the next event to get some runes and go to 130k+ HP :D


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  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Here is the post-Dragan upgrades:

    Total, I gained:
    45 Damage
    360 HP
    1200 Armor
    59.02% Crit Damage

    And I only "lost" 108 crit. That was simply due to glyph choices, but I'll get that back in another 1.7 M glyphs when I upgrade my Dragan Ring back to LVL 60.

    So, what happened?

    I farmed enough Draken cores to transfer a 3.5 gold crit damage line ring with all the lines <18.00%. That got put on the T5 Dragan ring. That is where I got the 59.02% crit damage. The problem is that this replaced a 93.5% HPotI line and dropped my HP significantly. It also replaced an 84.7% IDotI line that I was not sorry to see go, but this did drop my damage.

    Fortunately, I had also farmed enough Draken Cores to transfer my helmet (50.89% Crit) and gloves (39.46%) from T3s and T6s. This recovered all the HP I lost and then some giving me an additionally 360 HP. On the plus side, since my armor didn't drop because of the ring change, all the armor gains from the T3 to T6 conversion was pure gains. Additionally, the higher base damage lines on the T6s was enough to compensate for the lost damage from the ring.

    The HP and damage are somewhat insignificant, but the armor and crit damage gains make me very pleased. The crit will be back up to 20993 in less than a day.
  18. Maistas

    Maistas Forum Apprentice

    So far these are my stats.
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  19. VikiSmiley

    VikiSmiley Forum Apprentice

    Very nice. :)
  20. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    Doc why is your items not crafted into uniques?
    Example torso and belt?
    Your build is pretty solid.
    I semi destroyed my build to rebuild it.
    And what I mean by that is that I used to have the blood rune sword on t5 still have it in my locker but I choose to opt for mace level damage and as you know I have made the prem wep my weapon of choice.
    At the moment I am using the Q2 amulet for speed however, I will be opting for Q9 boots and amulet as soon as I can buy them.
    In December I got my crit hitrate up to 47% and now it is down to only 35% and my cd is destroyed too.
    Those are only temporary because I have a craft for my adornment.
    As you well know I choose to refrain from the Q7 set, and Q4.
    Know that in comparison to you guys I have only attained level 55 the last 2 days of the July 2017 Dragan event.
    By the way also destroyed my hp in favor of damage and speed.
    I have learned one thing and that is that your max damage is your limit, in other words you build everything around the amount of damage you have. (crit, speed, critical damage,)
    Know that I am only on 4x 20% armor runes and 4x 20% resist runes.
    I will need these since I cannot have no armor and no resist on my current play level.
    So my belt and torso is 2/2 untill I can offord to go 4/0 and 4/0.
    Once the new adornment from undefeatables comes to light it might also be possible to put pure damage into your helm or 3 damage and 1 hp.
    Since I am not Q7 bound however I have quite a few options, example I can use the witch seeker helm and then dragan boots, gloves and ring, or use Q9.

    I agree with Baragain, the dragan ring sucks.
    I have 2 cube rings on t5 and then 1 mortis ring, however due to hp I had to go with the dragan ring in favor of the cube ring, until I can craft it, crafts which I have for it already, but awaiting for lb prestines since I cannot farm bosses on t4 yet, can but its not fast enough yet.
    *The knight from the dragan ring cause complications when fighting bosses, example arachna throws out extra venom, hate minions from other classes in this regard too lol.
    Anyways I can increase my max damage to 22000 after tiering my weapon and getting the witch seeker pouldrons on t6 which is what I will be doing after the undefeatables.

    Here goes my weak noob build lol.[​IMG]
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