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Dear forum reader,

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  1. recomandari

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    Heredur Server

    Dear Heroes,

    With the sundering of the portals from the Anderwold, Andermagic returns to Dracania.
    Weird creatures poor into the realms of men and dwarves, the dead rise from the graves and nature awakens.
    These abominations are bringing chaos, disaster and great suffering into the world, havoc upon the men and dwarves villages and cities, relentlessly spreading the taint and seemingly being unstoppable.

    Dragonknights, Spellweavers, Rangers and Steam Mechanicus - they are all required to take up arms to defend the people and their establishments, to rescue the ones stranded in the regions overwhelmed with enemies and to attempt to utterly destroy the enemy strongholds, slaying their horrific leaders, lay waste to their invasion plans and eventually cleansing Dracania of this corruption, ending the nightmare once and for all.

    Allegiance is calling upon all available Heroes to join its ranks as Guild Members, where we may stand united and strike as one against these vile creatures, swiftly annihilating the hordes of monsters and unmercifully shredding the bodies and burning the souls of their dreadful leaders.

    Join the Allegiance to protect and serve the small enclaves of human and dwarves survivors which now exist scattered throughout Dracania, holed up in hidden refuges.
    Keep these otherworldly entities away from innocent people: help them with their requests and advance as battle tested Members through the ranks of the Allegiance, while harnessing the strengths of your enemies and gathering the riches they had stolen from their victims.

    Joining the Allegiance:

    §1. may occur globally, by accepting a Guild Invitation from the Guildmaster.

    §2. may be done if you know someone else or friends of yours who had joined Allegiance's ranks and you wish to follow their lead.

    §3. may be done by replying to this thread with your character's name*, so a Guild Invitation can be sent.
    *This method has priority - even if we are full, 50/50, we will make room for you to join, as soon as possible.

    Applicants must satisfy the entry requirement: only characters of level 40+ are eligible to join the Allegiance.

    As an Allegiance Member you are required to comply with the following:

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - RULES & INSTRUCTIONS- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    §1. To use the Guild's chat, please press V, click the green Shield and press Enter.

    §2. There is an in game buff for experience points, related to the "Guild Activity" or to the total number of Members.

    §3. To see who is online in the Guild, press F.

    §4. Look for Members of relevant level; if there is anything you need, ask on the Guild's chat; if that didn't work, turn over to the Forum.

    §5. Help out other Members whenever you can.

    §6. Getting familiar with the Drakensang Online Forum is highly recommended.

    §7. Follow and save the Drakensang Online Facebook page, where you can find updates about further patches, game changes, events, bonus codes and more.

    §8. Full Official Guide can be found here.

    New player

    §1. Keep a cool head and be polite.

    When using the Guild's chat, keep the discussion in English so everyone can understand it, and to avoid creating a strange situation when one or more of our Members may not understand your dialogue and thus these Members could feel isolated or uncomfortable.

    Impersonating other Members or the Guildmaster is strictly forbidden.

    You are responsible for your own account and characters.
    When rules are being broken, we will punish the character that broke them, no matter who was playing at that time.

    Spamming forum/social posts or chat boxes with little to no content and/or useless content that adds nothing to a conversation is also classified as abuse.

    Using insults of any sort to put another user down: this can include, but is not limited to, racism, discrimination or discussing/expressing (extreme) political, illegal or inappropriate situations/views is strictly forbidden.

    Neither link nor provide access to unsafe websites or content.

    Light insults such as "noob" are normally not punished, however, if abused they can be.

    Do not use any pornographic content or content of nude or sexual nature: this applies to any links posted, avatars and signatures, images uploaded, or content written.

    It is the role the Guildmaster to seek out and identify offences within our Guild; backseat moderation from our Members is not permitted.

    You may have only 1 character within the Allegiance at any given time.

    §1. If you see something that breaks the rules, report it by making use of the in-game whisper feature to contact the Guildmaster.

    Being marked with "Last Online: less than a week" (in the Guild tab from the Social Features window) will always get you kicked.

    Breaking any of the RULES will result firstly in a warning and secondly in a kick.

    The Officer rank is unavailable.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - RULES & INSTRUCTIONS- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Dracania is in the grips of a complex, multi-sided conflict where there are endless possibilities to create new stories.
    You're involved in a series of missions that are all tied into a plot that is just one episode in a much larger conflict in a world filled with various enemy powers.

    This mess isn't so simple that you can just go strike down one bad dude to end it all.
    It is going to be a long struggle to secure the continued existence of humankind and then gradually build up not only yourself, but the human and dwarf survivors to a point where you can launch a resistance and attempt reclaim your world... or at least some larger part of it.

    Along the way there will be unique personalities, both good and bad, that you work with or must prevail over.
    There will be strategic objectives and battles you need to win to advance yourself.

    08.01.2019: Guild's name was changed to Allegiance, adopting a new emblem as well. The Guildmaster's role was assigned to Empyreanlord.
    16.01.2019: The mandatory lines were removed. Various editing (fonts, colors etc.) was done.
    17.01.2019: The Officer rank became unavailable. The reasons for being kicked were updated. An entry requirement was implemented.

    Thank you very much indeed for your time and interest.

    Have a nice day and please do take care!
    Best Wishes,
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  2. Mal3ficent

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    Hello @recomandari and welcome to DSO English forum.
    I had to remove the e-mail address since sharing e-mail addresses is not allowed here on this forum.
    I would kindly ask you to remove it from your signature too. :)
    The other links are fine, you can share email addresses externally as you please.

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  3. recomandari

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    I am sorry for any inconvenience. As per your request, I have removed all the gmail addresses.
    Thank you for your welcoming words and heads up.
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  4. Left4Nothing

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    Hi! I am looking for a good guild. I like the sound of yours!
    My gamer name is, Left4death.

    I hope there is room, I appreciate it!
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  5. recomandari

    recomandari Forum Apprentice

    The Guild Invitation was sent and accepted.
    Welcome, and thank you for joining.

    --- MERGED ---


    I want to retire from this guild activity, because I don't feel comfortable at all with the current state of affaires.
    I wish to further enjoy the game without any unnecessary complications.

    As such, I hereby fully retire from the guild subject and its activities.
    I do apologize for any inconvenience, and I sincerely wish you good luck.

    Please consider this thread closed or archived.
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    Thread closed.

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