skill dwarf " C14"!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by THQ1.King, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. THQ1.King

    THQ1.King Forum Apprentice

    If you play dwarf You will learn why this article is what suffering .
    It is difficult when you play a dwarf to kill monsters if they are little Without using " C14 "Where you have to save it for the next group of monsters This makes playing a little slower For if you used skill You have to wait 25 second for activate it next time
    Some will say the dwarf has towers !Yes , but even the turrets take some time to activate their skill again
    add to that If the skill fails to activate for a single time (as happens to me a lot) you will also have to stay some time
    So he suggested cooldown " C14 " From 25 to 10 seconds Think of who can play without this skill!

    * Even in PvP 25 seconds to be able to use it is really very difficult although each class has two or more skills to freeze

    I hope you can all stand DWARF
  2. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    To exist q7 q8 set in pve.:)

    In pvp is the most useless would not recommend pvp with dwarf. :confused:
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Hey everyone, look! It's another one of those posts that is the perfect start to a class war thread!

    It follows the standard framework.
    1. Complain about some skill your class doesn't perform the way you like.
    2. Complain that other classes have something that you want for your class.
    3. Make a suggestion that would make an already strong class OP.
    4. Get offended when other players point out the flaws in your argument.

    We've got #1-#3... anyone taking bets about how long before we get #4?

    Now, to Thq1.king... you do realize that SMs are widely regarded as either the strongest or second strongest DPS Class depending on the conditions, right?

    If you are complaining about a bug, that's one thing. If you just miss, that's your problem. If the monsters die too quick after they are armor broken, I'm not feeling any pity.
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  4. THQ1.King

    THQ1.King Forum Apprentice

    When you improve the class in the game it does not mean war on the other!
    Wright the dwarf barks from the beginning of the possibility of exploding the tower Do not tell me the skill to activate the wisdom because it is busy in one other

    Nice to talk but if the second strongest class try to play pvp with another player of another class and try to kill him even for one time What will you use to kill him! skill cooldown 25sec ! Or a tower does not take time to blow it up
    Yes it is a complaint and I see a lot of people see it as a complaint in its place of the same class

    your Point 2 ( I even suggested that the transition be moved from one class to another.
    I still say that the transition will move to any class but not the dwarf
  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    gah. C14 works fine in pve. Use the q7 and q8 stack with the appropriate mech turret skills and you'll have all the C14's you need. I think I get a C14 every 3 or 4 seconds with the appropriate gear and skills/talent selection. Mechs are perfectly fine in the pve game.

    PVP is just a mess for everybody. Right now the game is just slightly favorable to people who have invested into pvp specific t8/level 60 gear.
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