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  1. -justre116-

    -justre116- Forum Apprentice

    Hello to every1!

    I´ve been playing this game for a long time, I could say from the time when this game was realised. Update by update every time they made few small mistakes that would make people to quit the game, but every time we get back to it, you know because of spirit of game( theres no similar game like dso, where u enjoy, rlly enjoy playing it, cuz u want to have best possible char in the game, its crazy competition where everybody helped each other). And now comes the lastest update where they decided to change the whole game system( and kill the spirit of the game).First of all they didnt care about the old players that invested a lot of time, lot of money in to the game, they dont care about the new players, so all together they dont care about any players at all. All they care is money, its obv. It is a free to play game, things such as a microtransitions are was okay in old days, u could sustain payers with your time of gameplay..but now its bearly impossible. I think it is fault of us, we gave them too much money that they spent on their lifes instead of spending money into the game development. Now game reaches its end, sad for every1 but its true.Money changes people to worst, its proved by science! What we shoud do now? We should all stop playing this game, thats my opinion..let them learn how important is to listen your players, that gives you bread on a table. Be thankful for that, not disrespectful. They obv dont know how to thank someone for that, cuz they see how "stupid" we are, so its impossible for them to bankrupt. The funniest thing is back in 2012 they have one of the best mmorpg games ever made! I can say that it was best! Many people were playing game in that time and now, in case of my thread tittle, THEY DID SOMETHING NEVER DONE BEFORE, every game with every update gets better, but DSO is able to make every update make game worste( it wasnt that bad in first few BIG updates) but now, they killed it. I hope devs are reading this post, and I hope they ask themself did we really EDIT this up this hard? should we really start reading our forum, to make better game for our players, and even earn much more money? or just let it die( continue this way u were doing all this years)

    Im sorry to say this but DSO devs, u dont deserve job to make even a plan for 2d game of cleaning the are worst! quit your jobs cuz you destroyed one of the best games ever!

    Im stopping to play this crap game untill you roll back the version of the game. And I hope all veteran players will do the same!

    Shame on you DSO!!!!
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  2. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Recently, I've seen a lot of DSO streamers and Youtubers pick up other games. These people were previously DSO-exclusive, they farmed several hours each day, they spent a lot of money on their characters, and many of them were top-end players (i.e. BP's most valuable customers).

    Now, they openly say they won't return to DSO, and are exposing their existing audience of DSO players to other (better) alternatives. This is a huge marketing (and business) fail - your best customers are directly leading others to competition.

    In the midst of all this, we get a hotfix that doesn't fix any critical issue (wisdom), and even nerfs players (mages) and further buffs mobs (berserker-minibosses). If this doesn't make BP realize how bad the situation is, I don't know what else. This is not a time for non-detectable small improvements of drop, they should've increased wisdom by a factor of 10,20, even 30 to salvage this disaster. To compensate for all the bugs.
  3. -justre116-

    -justre116- Forum Apprentice

    I agree with all you said. It's not about the drop yeah, its about the whole system that game has now. Its really stupid. This is not Drakesnang at all any more...those cooldowns, that new way of playing is just sensless. The biggest thing I laughed on is; they added a huge cd's to the skills, and yet they increased the HP and ressist of the mobs(plus u have less skill hkeys), so Im like ***??? whos doing math there. Thats why I said that these devs are garbage, pure garbage. Im so glad all the streamers decided to do so, Im so happy about it, and I just hope everybody will stop play untill they realize how important is to have happy players, in other words how much is important to respect players, listen their opinions. They spent money on their lifes, once again instead of bumping that money into game development. This game had huge potential...and now with this update it's all gone, sad but true! It became just a good memory.

    I was going throu all threads on forum, and every1 is so f mad, yet again they dont give a s***.And im so f mad about it.

    Thank you DSO for great time we had, for meeting new people, for beautiful time grinding with all my friends! Devs I hope u never get similiar jobs ever again. Go do something else!
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    It is the drop rate, the point in an RPG game is to get loot, especially at high difficulties.

    This is the same terrible drop rate that we had at level 40 and 45, which was bad and terrible, but at least it made sense, because uniques did not have random values, they had fixed values and most of them were actually good and powerful items( i still abhorred that system, because it meant that a random newbie could get the item in one go, while a long time player would do thousands of runs without actually getting anything and wasting essences for nothing good for themselves).

    Add to this the fact that resouces are even more scarse than they were at level 45 and 40 and you get a complete trashfire.