Suggestion Some Ideas for the Exp-Wisdom-Group Trees

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Redkiller12, Jun 15, 2018.

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What do you think about these ideas?

  1. I agree with these ideas because they will make the gameplay better.

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  2. Agree with some ideas.

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  3. I don't agree with these ideas.The game is OK it doesn't need any changes.

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  1. Redkiller12

    Redkiller12 Forum Great Master

    Hello!:DI had some ideas and i wanted to express them here to see what you think of them.So here we go(Take a deep breath before you start reading because the text will be looong:rolleyes:) :

    ~Experience Talent Tree~

    • Increase the points from 55 to 65: I think that 55 points (at max level) are low because we can get limited talents with them(eg. the way i have put my points in talents,i only get 18 out of 42 available talents).I dont want only 55 level players to get those 10 extra points,because that would be unfair for low level players,so i suggest this method:We can get 2 more points per 10 levels,eg:
      1. 10lvl->(10+2)=12 total points
      2. 20lvl->(20+4)=24 total points
      3. 30lvl->(30+6)=36 total points
      4. 40lvl->(40+8)=48 total points
      5. 50lvl->(50+10)=60 total points
      6. 55lvl->(55+10)=65 total points
      7. (60)lvl->(60+12)=72 total points,and so on.
    • Insert some talents that were already in skills before 50 lvl expantion: (a little late,but anyways)I think i would be better if some skills got back their "talents",that were already default without the need of points to get them.I don't remember everything,but I remember 2 skills:
      • (Ranger) Deadly blow:2-point talent (Now)Get back 100% concentration->(New)Increase the damage of deadly blow by 33% (from 60% to 80%base dmg)
      • (Spellweaver) Frozen wind: 3-point talent (Now)Freezes all enemies -> (New)All enemies affected by Frozen wind are vulnerable and they get 20% increased damage from all sources for 6(pvp 2) seconds.
    Before the 50lvl expantion,deadly blow always granted 100% concentration per final blow,and,frozen wind always made enemies frozen with or without talents.Because of that,putting points for those talents feels like wasting points,actually.There might be more skills missing their default talents,but i don't remember any other than deadly blow and frozen wind.
    ~Wisdom Talent Tree~
    • Change Bonanza's levels from 150(0.7% coins per level) to 50(2.5% coins per point).[1 point per level] It's actually frustrating to "click" 150 times in order to max that talent.The points needed per level would be 1,because i would like to save 100 points for the following idea below.
    • Some new talents: Loot: (0/50)
      • Precious Equipment -> (max level:25)
        • The equipment you find is worth more coins when you sell it.
        • (2% increase per level,max->50% more coins)
        • [3 points per level].
      • Bigger Equipment -> (max level:25)
        • The equipment you find gives more Glyphs of Power when you melt it.
        • (2% increase per level,max 50% more GOP)
        • [3 points per level].
      • Fortunate exploring -> (max level:25)
        • Increase the chance to get items from enemies.
        • (1% increase per level,max 25% increase)
        • [3 points per level].
    • Combat:
      • Second Chance
        • Cooldown:300 seconds->240 seconds
      • Reckless Haste
        • Cooldown:300 seconds->30 seconds
        • Duration:3 seconds->5 seconds
        • It also grants HP and Concentration regenaration:
          • Grants 5% hp and 10% concentration per second for 5 seconds.
    These talents,due to their huge cooldowns,are not that worthy,especially reckless haste bonus which is the most useless talent right now(huge cooldown,nearly not existing bonus,huge expendance in points(300!!))
    ~Group Talent Tree~

    I think some of the Ranger's group talents need some changes in order to be more beneficial.(I am speaking only for rangers because i don't play a lot the other classes,so i don't know exactly their group talents.That doesn't mean that their talents don't need tweaks.Of course,if you have any suggestion on how to improve them,write it down in feedback.)

    • Unerring Instict: You grant the unerring instict buff for 3 seconds to all group members that are up to 20 meters away from you whenever you hit an enemy(30 second cooldown):
      • Buff: 5 % increased critical hit rate. (2.25% more)
        • +0.5 % increased critical hit rate per level. (same)
        • +0.1 sec duration per level. (new)
        • -0.2 sec cooldown per level. (new)
        • Max (50) talent level:
          • 30 % increased crit rate.(2,25% more)
          • Duration:8 seconds.(5 sec longer)
          • Cooldown:20 seconds.(10 seconds shorter)
    This talent,due to its huge cooldown and low duration,is not that useful.With these changes it gets to be more rewarding and more useful.
    • Deadly blow group effect: Whenever you kill an enemy with deadly blow,you get a poison gas arround you which deals poison damage and slows by 20% all enemies up to 7 meters away from you.
    It is a nice talent,but i think it should also grant slow,because when you play in high difficulty,the damage is not enough to make a difference,so a slow would be a nice adjust.
    • Net group effect: Whenever you stun an enemy with net,your group members that are up to 5 meters away from the stunned enemy cause to that enemy damage and you heal your group members that are up to 5 meters away from the stunned enemy.
    The problem with this talent is that is has low range.With some more range,it'll get more useful.
    • Group momentum talents: Cooldowns:90 seconds->60 seconds.
    These talents,althought they give nice buffs,due to their huge cooldowns,they're rarely used.With these changes,they'll be more rewarding.
    That's about it.I'm looking forward to your feedback.;)
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  2. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    I find your suggestions quite useful. Some of them are really good, and should be implemented.
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  3. ChristopherPapakaliatis

    ChristopherPapakaliatis Forum Apprentice

    Very nice ideas. Especially the one about group talents.
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