Bug Some new bugs that are not fixed yet.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by jahmed1, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. jahmed1

    jahmed1 Forum Apprentice

    Server: Werian

    New bug that are not fixed yet.

    The title 'sister of the oath' does not display on female characters, instead it displays as 'brother of the oath'. I have seen this every time.

    When you have your character information up you are unable to move your character.
    This happens to me all the time, not once have I been able to move while the character information was up.

    Sometimes when closing the chat you experience a little lag. This happens to me when I press the 'v' button.

    All the bugs above are happening to all of my characters on thin client and browser.
  2. Gigaboom

    Gigaboom Forum Greenhorn

    Some of these are not bugs. Brotherhood is a title does not mean you are a male just part of a brotherhood.

    Char info might be just like the settings menu you can not keep it up. Could be an old bug with gear swap ect.

    closing chat writes to your local hard drive if it is busy can cause the game to freeze. This is a computer lag and not part of the server or thin client.
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