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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by sairacas, Apr 28, 2020.

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  1. sairacas

    sairacas Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone,
    More and more of my friends and guildmembers are leaving this game and even deleting their characters every day... All of this because of their hate and disgust for the developers of this game..
    litterally the only thing keeping this game standing is its community wich the devs have no respect for. I saw Jesse saying on Discord today "if you seriously need reasons to respect human beings someone failed educating you" well, i think these devs are giving the playerbase enough reasons to disrespect them. like seriously.... at the last spring event we had to pay 50k andermant for (i forgot how many) but not more then 10 entries to the island on inf3.... with this droprate of pets and progress thats just insane and disrespectful. You knoe what is also disrespecftul? One class dealing 4 times another ones damage in a game were you can pay for essences to get even more damage, the higher damage class seriously benefitting of this fact. but that does not even matter to me. as the olayers who leave aren't even playing the worst class in the game. No they just quit because they see the ridiculous prices, mediocre rewards for too much effort. so many old problems not getting fixed. Quality of life changes that just don't get made. im not going into detail about any of this, if i would i would be here typing this all night long.. if i would respect these devs maybe i would do that. i get sick and tired of leading almost up to a 100 people and actually having no respect for this games developers at all, but still trying to convince them to keep playing cuz we as a community just make this game so much fun with eachother. Its not the game thats fun. its the players that make it. Now this comnunity does so much trying to improve the game.. but the devs just dont care.. im out. i already wasted too much time on this forum.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Lets reverse it:
    Who failed to educate them since they are collectively and continuously disrespecting the players? Are not players human beings?
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