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    ~ Event Guide ~

    Quick Overview

    Required levels10-50
    Duration10th August – 21st August
    Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag & Balor
    Start: 10th August 12:00 noon CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 21st August 12:00 noon CEST (UTC +2)

    Server: Agathon
    Start: 10th August 06:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 21st August 06:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)

    Server: Tegan
    Start: 10th August 09:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 21st August 09:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)

    The event in a nutshell

    Welcome to the Dracanian Anniversary Festival! Everyone in Kingshill is getting quite hyped for this special moment of the year… but not everything is shining in the city! Some mysterious evil forces want to reintroduce the infamous Crystals of Truth into Dracania and spread chaos across the lands!!

    What kind of sorcery is this, people ask. No one really knows but one thing is sure: NPC Phestos is helping against this evil plan. Bring all the Crystals of Truth you can find to him in Kingshill and get some rewards in exchange!


    Well, not really. We are not bringing them back to the game – you can rest assured of that! For this event, they are the bad goodies to collect in exchange for cool items but don’t worry. That’s the only thing you’ll do with those tiny damned objects!! ;)

    Ah, ok, so how does this work?

    During the duration of this event, all worthy opponents you find in your adventures could drop some Phestos’ Egg Openers. You will need to collect as many of these as you can! They are the key to open the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs that can be found in special spots across all dungeon maps (both in and outside of Parallel Worlds). You will need 5 openers to crack an egg open!

    Each egg contains some cool loot for you but also the possibility of receiving different quantities of Crystals of Truth. There are stashes of 3, 10 and even 15 Crystals inside!

    Collect as many Crystals of Truth as you can and head to Kingshill. Phestos has opened quite an emporium in the middle of the Fairground and he’s offering different items in exchange for those!

    The Dracanian Anniversary Arena

    Sometimes, when opening an egg, you will receive a pass to the Dracanian Anniversary Arena (you can also purchase these passes at Phestos for Andermant). The arena will send you 10 different waves of monsters. Each time you survive a wave, you’ll be able to open a chest. Each chest includes different loot for your hero plus a lot of Crystals of Truth and Egg Openers.

    The more you survive in the Arena, the better!

    Kingshill loves piñatas

    At Phestos you can also purchase a Piñata Truncheon. If you go around Kingshill you’ll see some colorful piñatas next to different vendors. If you crack open one of those, you will receive one random item from the offers of that particular merchant. You can interact with a given piñata as many times as you want!

    Some piñatas require more truncheons than others to be opened so hoover above each piñata to see the cost of each one!

    Phestos’ Offers

    08.pngDracanian Dragon-HorseAn amazing and epic mount for your hero!9999 Crystals of Truth
    09.pngDracanian Dragon-Horse OutfitThe anniversary costume every hero
    would like to have!
    4999 Crystals of Truth
    10.pngPhestos’ Piñata TruncheonYou’ll need these to crush the piñatas at Kingshill
    and get some rewards!
    500 Crystals of Truth
    200 Andermant
    11.pngPhestos’ Egg OpenerThey drop from worthy opponents.
    You need 5 of these to open a Mysterious Anniversary Egg.
    10 Andermant
    12.pngAnniversary Arena ChipIt teleports you to the Dracanian Anniversary Arena.2500 Andermant (note: it can also drop
    from the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs)
    13.pngPhestos’ Candied AppleGives a +10 stack to Crystals of Truth stack size1200 Crystals of Truth
    1600 Andermant
    14.pngPhestos’ Sugared AlmondsGives a +5 stack to Crystals of Truth stack size500 Crystals of Truth
    720 Andermant
    15.pngPhestos’s Cotton CandyGives a +2 stack to Crystals of Truth stack size200 Crystals of Truth
    300 Andermant
    16.pngFestive Essence of Destruction+300 Increased Damage
    +20% chance to ignite a firework with every attack
    205 – 780 Crystals of Truth,
    depending on the quantity
    17.pngFestive Essence of War+200 Increased Damage
    +20% chance to ignite a firework with every attack
    105 – 380 Crystals of Truth,
    depending on the quantity
    18.pngFestive Essence of Combat+100 Increased Damage
    +20% chance to ignite a firework with every attack
    50 – 300 Crystals of Truth,
    depending on the quantity
    19.pngFirework Battery emote
    (in the following colors: green,
    purple, pink, yellow, blue and red)
    Consumable emote.5 Crystals of Truth
    20.pngFestive FirecrackerConsumable emote.5 Crystals of Truth
    21.pngDracanian FireworkConsumable emote.8 Crystals of Truth
    22.pngExtraordinary Dracanian FireworkConsumable emote.
    With a lovely DSO logo on it!
    30 Crystals of Truth

    Have fun during the event, heroes!
    Your Drakensang Online team

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