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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Apr 19, 2019.

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    IKILLGIANTS Active Author

    is there a bug with Daffodil costume? i added the costume in collectors bag and i didnt receive the 5 offers for secret lair reward,not cool,i farmed for costume in order to obtain those offering for lair :)
  2. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    When will the developers of DSO understand what the players want?
    Again at the current jumping festival; spend a lot of other people to make progress, collect eggs and lose buffs without any reason, play many lairs and get the same mount dropped every time ..... and so on.
    NO DSO, we don't want to get the same thing every time, that's what people call annoying for players and players should be able to find entertainment in any game.
    And please make sure the game works as it should.
    Thank you ;)

    Edit; By getting the same, I mean a mount that you have already collected. Nobody is waiting to finally get a mount after 60/80 runs on the secret lair and see that you already had it.
    I prefer to see it developed in such a way that you can no longer get what you have, only what you don't have yet.
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  3. greyspirit

    greyspirit Forum Apprentice

    This should not be an Event, it should be a permanent feature of the game. What a great source of clovers, draken cores and ores. Please consider this.. :)
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  4. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    Please not permanent, i`m sick of all tose eggs :eek:
  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    It wouldn't be so bad. This is Drakania, so why couldn't there be dragon eggs scattered around maps permanently, that can be cracked. It's not like you HAVE TO look for them... Unlike in this "event".

    It'd be a little bit like the piglets in event maps that give extra stuff. Some people look for them, some don't.

    There could be a jackpot in form of a whole nest of 8 or so dragon eggs...
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  6. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Old bug,log out and it will be fine
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  7. 66Styve66

    66Styve66 Someday Author

    here we are , i agree with you ++
  8. w-fer

    w-fer Forum Greenhorn

    I dont know why most of you guys crying about this event ....Spring event is awesome! rewards are super and im not talking about only for the progres bar ..add on calculation the repeatable quest on gnob 2 hours double clovers + the runes you can get on the lairs + the lair entrances 1+4 every day from the dailys ...what you guys ask for ?? you need an event wich can be finished in 2 hours so you can play it on your 20 diferent characters?? i will say this : you cant do the event ? than you are not a true hero of dracania !
    and the progres its not hard with a blue buff you can do 1.2k-1.5k progres per hour ( depends on the map and on your speed of playing ) but cmn now 1.500 eggs in 1 hour are 3x quests on gnob = 6 hours double clover buff on lairs ...( in those 6 hours in lairs you farm more anders than you gave for the buff ) + dont forget when you click the eggs you get gems as reward 1by1 flowed by flowed in total result you farmed more gems than you could directly buy from the shop ...+ the eggs gave and pets so you can do the crescerites and make your pets legendarys ...omg i really cant understand why you cry and complain about this event ....i repeat : Spring event is Awesome !!

    thanks to the DSO team . Great event!
  9. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    And the situation still continues. Please someone explain this to me. :) I'm still at 3 mounts.. yet I've been killing only trolls since the 'event' started. Bad luck doesn't even explain this anymore. Enlighten me..


    You'll understand when you grow up and have other responsibilities than being a Hero of Dracania. =) You know, like a job, wife, kids maybe.. generally what we whiners call - A LIFE.
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  10. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    @Hey there @9ndrei ,

    Make use of Edit button. Consecutive posts are not allowed.
  11. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Did release 218 include lowering the loot from the eggs?

    In 20 minutes of "quick" farming on Infermal 3 using the @trakilaki method, I only got 1 improved pet, one splintered defensive gem, one lock pick, one white essence drop, and two Tier 5 and nine Tier 6 melt/sell items (1 exo, 8 magic, 2 improved). Oh, and random plants for crafting.

    Admittedly, Inf3 is way out of my league, so whenever any mobs showed up (~70% of the time), I had to skip the second egg (my defensive stats are still awful), so I was farming something like 2-3 eggs per minute with all the resets.

    Still, that meant I was getting only coins on most (~85% of the) drops; two multi-item drops; and 5 or 6 single item drops.

    The previous few days, I could fill a page of inventory in 15 minutes.

    Just small sample size, or was the drop rate nerfed?
  12. Jay

    Jay Forum Apprentice

    If you take a buff for the clover before it expires the first buff it stays at the time allocated for the first, in my case 7 minutes. Do not ask why I did this ... I just try to get something for the remaining eggs with few secret lairs entrance. No one does that... but a bug is a bug.
  13. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Even the good is bad in this event.

    Good: The secret lairs with the buff are dropping enough clovers to justify going into them. Keep in mind we are limited in our trips to the secret lairs-- one pass equaling 2-3 clovers is NOT a compensation for anything, since the value of clovers has inflated and one old clover is now worth 15 new clovers. So basically this event makes going into the secret lairs worthwhile-- something they SHOULD BE on a regular basis. Guess we know now to not use our secret lair passes outside of events, right?

    Good: The eggs give us nice random drops of gems, essence, and pinks. Of course, it would be nice if regular monsters did that too, on a regular basis. We'd be less likely to run past monsters and more likely to play the game if the rewards for killing a random monster were higher. I enjoyed looking for golden eggs, enjoyed clicking on eggs for rewards. Just feel like if DSO organized their game properly, we'd get the same satisfaction from killing mobs and working the actual maps, instead of running through them endlessly to get to eggs.

    Bad: Pretty much everything else. I won't complete this event with one character, let alone all my characters. It can't be done, without paying a LOT of money to buy buffs to get rewards that are frankly not worth the cost of the buffs. Add in the bug which causes a loss of both the purchased buffs and the resulting clover buffs, and you have a VERY frustrating event in which your possible rewards can be stripped away (along with your pet/costume) at any changing of the screen. And no, tossing out a voucher code does not solve the problem. SOLVING THE BUFF BUG SOLVES THE PROBLEM. Big letters because somehow the programmers are missing that fact. Don't get me wrong, I can understand creating a game which develops a problem which the programmers can't fix. But to make an event hinge on something that you know is bugged and faulty seems a bit sadomasochistic. Even for DSO.

    Bad: Progress bar is full of rewards I could buy for less money than it would cost me to run the event. The drop rate of rewards (egg mounts) is STILL the same issue as with other events-- some players will get inundated with lots of mounts, while others will finish the event with one or none. On the bright side, you'll probably put the eggs in the daily deals within a few months, so people can just buy them. For money.
  14. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    I wanna give much credit to the designers of this event(spoiler alert: sarcasm). I have not written in a while since i dont play as much or should i say i dont care as much about the game anymore. However, since i decided to play this event i gotta say that im astonished at how bad this event is. The only good feature is the buff that lets you get double the normal amount of clovers in the lairs.Even that though is not that great of a feature. Why? Well, most of the players here in the forum and in general the players of the game already know about the bs that all of a sudden this buff dissapears. I heard about it from many players but hadnt happened to me, at least till some minutes ago. Great job designers of this event !!!(sarcasm? hell yes). I spat blood to collect 500 eggs for the buff, yet i managed to use it only for 20 minutes since it disappeared like magic(crap magic) for no reason. Oh wait... there is a reason: the damn bug, which has yet to be solved and has costed many buffs on many players. I dont even need to mention that this buff, not only has this bug, which is super bad, but whats with the mechanism of this feature, when it comes to how long it last. 2 hours but if we log off it will still be running? what is this? Im seriously stunned that after this many months since i last played the game it has changed so little but not to the bright side. congrats again(sarcasm again, oh yes).
    P.S: Where is the compensation for the loss of the buff for the community?​
  15. Dharles

    Dharles Forum Apprentice

    Great event, better than this pvp event,because the mentor bonus.
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    i hope you're sarcastic
  17. Dharles

    Dharles Forum Apprentice

    No,,the time needed to complete this pvp event is hillarious,, I am make a correction again,the timing is bad,not the mentor.
  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    you're probably joking

    literally compare this pvp event to the easter event
    It's heaven when compared to the grindyness of the easter event
  19. Dharles

    Dharles Forum Apprentice

    From easter event I got 1 costume, 3k+ draken core, 3k gilded clover
    i got all the egg mounts,and i even don't have 200 lair passage.

    From eggs plenty of essence, gems, andermant, lockpicks, crafting material.
    Somehow i like doing that marathony grindy stuff, yeah hurt my eyes, bored, but when i click the eggs
    and found the reward inside, my hard works get paid.
    Many player that done this event has completed their unique craft.
    The grindy stuff is close to DDH event grindy, but hey, what event can get 3k draken core from 1 week,right?

    All in all this easter event is doable.
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