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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Apr 10, 2020.

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  1. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    The drop rate of pets and mount + bad rewards clouded my judgement of what is good in this event, the devs deserves some credit for:
    1. The price of essence is affordable even you can finish the event without buying essences.
    2. This is the first event where the entree fees is equal with progress at every modes; so playing inf+ isn't a waste of entrees anymore.
    3. Some will say opening eggs is useless now and there drop doesn't scales with difficulties. I'm glad they are useless or else we will spend more time grinding for progress; + progress from mobs and boss is scalable with difficulty.

    As for how to improve it i think if you take half of the critics into consideration from this post it could turn this event to an awesome one.
  2. Bundin

    Bundin Regular

    The false festival eggs wasn't useless last year here is the quest from the Springfest 2(19.04.219 - 03.05.2019):

    You will get Joy of Spring buff from this quest.
    The buff's duration is 2 hours and it is in real time.
    Don't log off while the buff is active because the timer is still active even if you are not playing.
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  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Oh how I wished that we would have gotten that little gem again.... *sigh*

    Instead we got a "Big Red Reinforced Titanium Sherman Tank Egg". :( :( :(
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  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So, the event is mediocre: completing it is fast, thanks to the good drop rates of essences and event entrances, but drop rates for uniques, mounts and pet are beyond aweful. This is unacceptable.

    In my 60 runs of the event i got 2 hatchlings and i only got two mounts( 1 from the boss one from the trolls in the secret lairs) and i only got two mounts i already had.
    Drop rates have to be increased drastically, there's no reason to have such low drop rates and then also have to drop the same mounts you already have.
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  5. Bikkhu999

    Bikkhu999 Forum Greenhorn

    Only one thing interests me on this event and that is WHEN IT ENDS.
    This event is Really Stupid Thing blocking me from progress. I am playing alone - I understand that it is a breeze to do big egg in 5 players, but it is next to impossible solo without paid gear and thousands of strong color essences. So if there is an egg next to quest objective or on the route to it I am not able to do it.
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  6. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert

    Awful event. Disgusting. Do you think our players have at least one reason not to hate developers? Maybe they deserve our respect? Maybe we all say thanks to them ?!
    Monetization, your pursuit of profit ruined the whole game. Where is the quality product, where is the content of the game? No !? Maybe you improved the security of the game, maybe you removed the pvp violators, maybe you removed the users of the bots? No? What to pay in the end ?!
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  7. Majkelix

    Majkelix Junior Expert

    And I'm just like, "Hey, are you okay?"
    So the drop rate is ~0,44% or even smaller. Gj! C:
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  8. TheBB

    TheBB Forum Apprentice

    ok I dont usually write on forum but now i am so angry i got to vent. I made several inf 6 runs at new moon event and 1 run at inf 7 new moon event and i got to say its the worse quality equipment both base stats and enhancement. So want to ask 1 question what did DSO meant by the quantity is low but the quality is high at inf 5-7?
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