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    SSL certificate ensures the clients that the server they are connecting to is legitimate. The certificate also provides the client with other essential information required to establish an encrypted communication channel. A computer needs to validate the server certificate using the certification authority (CA) that issued the server certificate. Information about CA is stored on every computer and is kept up to date with Windows updates and by system administrators.

    Players of Drakensang Online who still use the end-of-life operating system (such as Windows 7 and below) that do not have CA updates enabled might experience issues. This is because the previous CA that signed our server certificate expired on 30th September 2021. Computers that did not update the CA information will report the connection to the server as insecure, resulting in the error message above.


    How to solve the problem on computers with Windows 7:
    • Visit and navigate to the Root Certificates section.
    • Download ISRG Root X1 and ISRG Root X2 der files.
    • Navigate to the Downloads folder.
    • For both isrgrootx1.der and isrg-root-x2.der do the following:
      • Confirm the warning message.
      • Click Install Certificate.
      • Follow the Certificate Import Wizard.
      • Chose Automatically select the certificate store...
      • And Finish.
    • After doing the steps above for both certificates, your Drakensang Online client should work. Make sure to close all client windows.
    • PS: You can validate the certificates in the Windows Certificate Manager.
      • On the keyboard, press Win + R
      • Type certmgr.msc
      • Hit Enter or click OK
      • Notice ISRG Root X1 and ISRG Root X2
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