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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please post your feedback in this thread. What you like and dislike about Drakensang Online.
    This is s owe can gauge you, the community and also help the new Game Team get an understanding of how you feel.

    Please try keep it as civil as possible and to the point.

    Feedback is to be strictly kept in relation to the game!
    This is not a thread to ask or discuss about the new Game Team.
    That information will be given in due course.

    Thank you!

    Your Drakensang Team
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  2. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Sorry to the people that posted their feedback before! I unintentionally deleted your posts.

    Was trying to delete my post and then have a direct link to the already started thread, but since they were merged it made mine the primary and deleted everything. Apologies.
  3. CrazyG00

    CrazyG00 Forum Apprentice

    Dark Legacy expansion changed the game so much and I tend to like it a lot more than before.

    Things I like about Drakensang:

    1. Gem system. For the 1st time in this game's history, the ones who play a lot are in advantage.
    2. We can farm every resource(especially andermant).
    3. The new crafting system.
    4. Reworked events. Getting drakens and being able to buy whatever we want and need instead of getting useless resources.
    5. The idea of Bloodchests.
    6. (If this is intended) Reintroducing the idea of OP game changer items. This is a + and a -. Why minus? Cuz it's based on luck. Even so, this reminds me of good old times. (Khalys and Mortis items)
    7. Every class can play solo.
    8. Last but not least, the skills system. For the 1st time in Drakensang classes are as it should.

    Things I'd like to see reworked:

    1. The need of a group with other classes when playing on the hardest mode. It's awesome, but in the same time boring, to be able to go anywhere anytime alone. But of course, if you'll make harder modes, you should also think about better rewards. It's sad to farm bloodshed maps in PW and get just few items with you can hardly fill one inventory page.
    2. I'd like more inventory pages. Currently all the consumable things (essences, entrances, portals, buffs, potions AND, not to forget, GEMS) fill our inventory.
    3. A great idea, in my opinion, would be to remove the gems drop and instead of gems to get dust. Every player would be able to buy flawed gems with gold (50x defensive, 30x offensive of each gem so players won't find an exploit in that) and higher gems with andermant. That would solve the inventory space and would save us time. (just a personal view).
    4. Since runes drop is that high, let us do something the the rune dust. There are many players with millions of rune dust.
    5. More jewel trinkets.
    6. Some quest, like the one from Thabo (daily), with matery fragments. (just an idea: Defeat all PW bosses on the mode x and get x fragments. Higher the mode, higher the reward.)
    7. Scale the difficulty with the rewards. Scale the event progress with the rewards.
    8. Rework New Moon event. It's old and useless, hard to do and ignored by everyone. Add a new set.
    9. Maybe add some event related quests. Defeat x 999 times and get idk what.
    10. If we have the option to craft items, let us craft every item. (cloaks, rings).
    11. Do something with PvP or offer players another way to get the costumes and mounts. (not fair for all the players who already worked years to get those. A nice way to do that would be to make a difference between the mounts and costumes earned from PvP and the ones earned in other ways).
    12. Add a special PvP inventory page with PvP items, buffs.
    13. Pay Infernal Passages 1 time per PW not 1 time/map.
    14. Create a special map, a very hard one, where players would be able to get infernal passages. Limited entrances. (1 with every currency, including real money)
    14. Make the game less grindy. It's boring to do the same thing over and over and over again. If you ask 10 players what are they doing in DSO all day, I bet top 3 answers will be q5, chests, staying AFK in city.

    6th day since I just log in to get the daily and buy ips then close the game. Drakensang is not funny without PW/PvP event, harder events.

    P.S. I wish from the bottom of my heart and soul you keep using the forum. Admins in Drakensang should not be allowed to get in touch with players as it happens on Discord.
    Please "talk" to us!
    Please do polls here on forum. Let us at least think we have a word to say in what's gonna happen with our beloved game.
  4. Ryzεn

    Ryzεn Forum Greenhorn

    Hello and Welcome, new DSO Team,

    There are some things which I wish could be reworked in the game :

    1) It would be great if the lag/rubberbanding issues could be fixed for the cross-continent players. Since the game performs bad even upto the point where it shows green latency indicator. Even some people who have lower latency have issues like rollbacks or getting stuck into the monsters but it's less frequent to them as compared to an Asian playing on Heredur, like me. A good MMO game should be able to perform well even upto 200-250 ms, and not just 70 or 80 ms. Improving this situation might bring DSO a step further towards being an optimized and stable MMO game.

    2) Secondly, bringing back the non-enforced group play like Pre-CE would be great. In the current situation, Spellweavers need to look for a ligutning resistance breaker to deal good amount of damage.

    3) A return of the old skill bar (which had 7 skill slots) would be very much appreciated.

    4) Spellweavers' ice res break skill should be changed from a melee skill (Frost Nova) to a ranged one. Since they are strictly a long ranged class with lowest hp, they should not be required to go into melee range with mosnters to break resistance.
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  5. grizzlly

    grizzlly Forum Greenhorn

    Welcome to dracania, new dso team,
    I have many things to say so I will divide them into multiple areas
    1) gameplay(pve) overall
    2) skills
    3) items and gems
    4) pvp

    First of all I would like to talk about point 1
    In my entire playing experience(6 years) we received few content expansion.
    Yes they called them like that sadly, however the point of those so called expansions was just to nerf players to the ground so we had to build our characters from 0 basically.
    You may ask why, let me tell you: There isn´t a proper endgame that´s the main reason so the only thing we can do is to build our characters, which then results in a boring game after we have achieved that→the best thing would be to add a new ways to entertain players f.e. some "endless dungeons" that would get harder the further we progressed and the top players who finished the most waves would be displayed on a leaderboard.
    or introduce some new hard bosses that would give great loot even for advanced characters.
    Other thing I have in mind is to give players freedom what they can farm and when→let me explain this: we have difficulties and bosses that are locked behind a limited entries which then makes players not be able to choose what they want to farm.
    the difficulties are the main problem: the only good difficulties are bloodshed and merciless→once a player is maxed there is no reason for him to play on the highest difficulty bcs it´s limited so he rather plays on the lower ones and saving those entries for future.
    that´s enough for talking about the general pve experience. so I´m going to move to point 2

    With this content expansion we received the worst skill tree we had in the entire game history.
    We use basic skills 95% of the time even if the player´s character is well developed
    We don´t have a chance to use 80% of our skills bcs of the current situation with resistances and armor of enemies(they changed those values with this CE to be ridiculously high)→this resulted in us to must break 100% of them even for normal monsters which ruins the fun and limits our skills to an insanely low amount of possible combination→would be very valued by players if you would have changed this to let us have fun with different skills and builds

    Items and gems
    The balance is fine, but we don´t really have an option to our builds. We are kinda forced to use the exact same number of different types of gems and the same items. This will be hard to change and surely it´s not a priority to what must be done to make this game a better place for both of us.
    I would suggest increasing the following base stats armor/resistances/critical value and block, they are quite low compared to what our gems give us. that would be the first thing that could lead to a bit different options

    the current pvp as of today is total mess, it´s focused on 1 shotting the opponent instead of actually playing and developing a good strategies
    The best pvp was for me 4-5 years ago on lvl 34, if you would managed to make it similar to that I would be amazed and very thankfull for that as it will bring fun and reason for me to play it. this is what I would enjoy, sadly it does mean that our current skill tree would have to be completely changed so it would require a lot of work.

    That´s all from me, wish you a great time and hopefully we will see a brighter future
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  6. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Hello, welcome! I'm an experienced player. I understand the evolution, expansions, new dinamycs in the game (or this game will fall to forgotten). The most dislike point in the game for me is the goals or difficult (the ceiling of the game) change quickly; for example: now the average level of the players don't let us farm without use stones/ess for get a few of valuable & useful items and spending a lot of time => (one month later) there's raining runes/gems; end game top weapon with X difficult for farm or craft this=> (three months later) there's a new weapon 4x times better than everyone on the game (PW & events); now a new gems/jewell on the shop or items for turn to new gems (with anders or so hard to farm)=> (one year later) they bring back the old gems/jewells; they quit speed gems, now there's rune speed => 2 years later the gem come back; 5 years of hard and regular farm => (1 month later) all of your progress is now easy to win in 3 months; 3 months looking for an special items build for maximize your skills char => (3 months later) this changed 2 times in this period and another build/skills is now useless... I'm agree with the progress of this game but would be pretty nice if it's progressively and with coherence. My best regards

    P.d: Us like enjoy reach a certain leve a minimum period at least, feel a few progres in our characters doing events (in a reasonable difficult/time) and isn't more important get the best character than don't enjoy the community sense on the road (it's because there's can't see barely teams or players) ; Pvp is far to be playable; this losed fun sense (i think) before to "auto-click" period, just near to the end of max level 55
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  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    What I like:
    1. No movement acceleration. That is, you start running immediately at full speed when you click, and you stop immediately, not running a few more meters after releasing the click.
    2. Current equipment crafting system.
    3. The idea behind current skill system.
    What I don't like:
    1. Repeatable quests with no useful rewards.
    2. Boring grind everywhere.
    3. Some daily challanges being too time-consuming (eg. collect X ore).
    4. Daily challange rewards being quite crappy, especially those chests that appear for finishing all 9 challanges.
    5. Have I mentioned boring grind being the basis of everything in this game?
    6. Some skills and talents being unbalanced and bugged (eg. Ranger's 2 special exp talents, Power of Nature and the other one next to it: Power of Nature is bugged and the other one is way too weak).
    7. So did I mention the fact that grinding dust (for gems, runes and jewels) and event progress is boring and time-consuming?
    What should be changed especially:
    1. Communication between devs and players. Eg. if something is taking longer than expected or devs run into some problems, they should inform players what's going wrong: something like Dev's Diaries of old, but better.
    2. Grind should be fixed somehow.
    3. Great care should be taken to make the new class (that is supposedly coming) unique, and not too ranger-like. That is, from the skill concepts for it that were released a while back, a few are very nature-related, and in general it feels like a more melee-oriented ranger dupe. So, if those skills are already made, give them to ranger, and design new ones for that class... especially that ranger didn't really get new skills with CE. Tree was split from an existing skill and Hornets are an old group talent (Deadly Blow group talent it was) with adjusted stats and graphics from pre-CE PW Bearach set bonus.
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  8. CrazyG00

    CrazyG00 Forum Apprentice

    You'd be surprised to know that me and other players who've been here since the skills were gathered from the ground, actually like the way game started to look like after the Dark legacy expansion. If you are a newbie and can't stand to changes, please don't spread your frustration here. As I wrote my PERSONAL opinion about this game, you are free to do the same and bring ARGUMENTS to support your affirmations.
    No time to argue or try making others understand or agree my point of view.

    The 1st feedback thread was deleted. The quick response I made is because I had the text saved and I just had to repost it here.
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  9. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I have saved mine :)

    I like that you have chosen the forum to give players a voice.
    I like the changes made to events where rewards can be purchased with draken.
    I like being able to choose which character to give the reward to.
    I don't like it when a new character at level 100 can't defeat the boss in normal mode, solo.
    Team spirit is fine, but also the player who play alone must have the chance.
    I don't like when the ice build is better than the fire build or 2h weapon is better than 1h.
    I want to choose what I like, not what is better.
    I don't like how the random in the game weighs on the players.
    It's unfair, for example, in the current event there are those who have taken the weapon after few runs and those who have spent a lot without finding it.
    In this way the concept of lucky is exasperated to the maximum, like a no respect towards that player relegated to the role of unlucky.

    P.S : you deleted some posts by mistake, I hope you don't delete this game by mistake ;)
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  10. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Granted that you may not like the current state of the game and that is exactly what this thread is for.

    However, it is not a thread for you to call out names or point out faults.
    How about you give constructive feedback instead!

    This is a chance to voice what you like and dislike in DSO.

    If you cannot post anything substantial without the above mentioned points and feel the need to call names, then maybe the Forum is not the place for you; and eventually your posts will be removed should they not meet the requirements of this thread.

    Thank you.
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  11. kaahay

    kaahay Junior Expert

    Dear Oessian
    I would like you to answer this question privately. Your only salvation is pure pvp. Are you really going to do this or are you going to tell us to wait for 1 year, if that's the case, you've already lost.
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  12. Voltaroo

    Voltaroo Forum Greenhorn

    Hello there and welcome, the new DSO Team.

    Things that I like / dislike are mostly the same as the ones stated above from other users. What I would like to see is to focus on quality and not the quantity of content. Fixing the current problems of the game such as connection issues, optimization or things like incorrect translation in some languages (f.e. haven't played a game in my maternal language for years due to the quality of its translation) is something that I would like to see.

    That's my opinion as not so experienced, old player. I wish you good luck in days that come and strong nerves! :D
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  13. VEΝØM

    VEΝØM Forum Greenhorn

    I was one of the best player in this game before this goddamn Dark Legacy update has arrived… I had very strong characters… And because of this exactly one terrible update, I lost everything for which I have been working for so many years. So tell me man how I can be not pissed off? I don't even mention the fact that you guys destroyed the arena completely, because for me, exactly the *ARENA* are the most important thing in this game... Because that's what's the real warriors do. Have been playing for so many years and improving their characters more and more to face other opponents!
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  14. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    This game had issues and problems from the beginning. I don't think that this inactivity is due to bugs or a better translation
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  15. Abracadaver

    Abracadaver Forum Apprentice

    Hello, this is the feedback not only from me but from my community as well (around 11k subs and 1k members on discord).

    First of all, the new team should try to stick to the 2021 Plans (PvP update should be the first priority, it should be somehow reflecting the level 45-50 times, you can check that on youtube). On top of it, LOTS OF people who had played this game in the past are looking for the 5th character that is announced this year (Nightwalker). If you somehow work on these two main topics (PvP & 5th character), it would be great for the growth of the DSO community.

    As for the secondary feedbacks;

    - Some maps are too crowded that causes the game engine to stutters/lag, reduce the crowded areas a little in order to increase the optimization. (i.e. Sargon's Shadowfort)

    - Levelling is a long and boring process for most people. Quests (especially side quests) are not rewarding enough, both for andermant-wise and XP-wise. Make low-level/ new players LESS dependent on high/old players because right now they can't / won't progress on their own, since it is still too hard, and getting carried gives tons of XP. You should re-adjust the leveling system in a way that, even on normal difficulty, new players should get a significant amount of XP that they wouldn't require getting carried.

    - Map changes most of the time take too much time, try to optimize in a way that players don't wait too much. Possible fixes for this can be done this way;

    Changing map generally takes too much time, which reduces the general game-play quality. For this issue I have a few suggestions: Some games have a system that even if you feel like changing a map, it happens instantly, especially in sequel maps, I mean the transition is so smooth and fast, which Dso should aim, in order to improve the experience. (ie. q1 first map to the second map should be instant, and you can also get back to the first map when you're in the second map if you want). I don't know if it's eligible for this game's engine and coding and stuff but it could definitely make the game experience smoother.

    After each run of boss runs with the key of prowess, and Parallel world boss runs, there should be two separate exit portals instead of one. The first one is the usual one, to go to the town portal, and the new one should directly go to the same Q's first map. (this one would reduce the 'loading waiting time' since you'd save an extra one map changing) Going back to the city to enter the same PW map again is pointless and a waste of time.

    - Skills need serious additions, right now most of them are boring. They don't change or have no additional effects when you upgrade the skills. Compared to level 55 skills in general, we used to be able to change our skills or give extra features by using our skill points. Right now %1 damage for each level increase is a joke. There should be additional effects unlocked when you give points to skills. And all of the skills should have at least one (ideally two) unlockable features when you upgrade those skills I mean.

    - Bosses on 'normal' difficulty should not have a shield, it makes it impossible to progress for new players.

    - Elite monsters are hard to see sometimes, like the player can't distinguish between the normal mobs and elite mobs, especially in crowded places like q3 first map. Consider making elite mobs more distinguishable either by adding a colored aura (the circle) or something else.

    - I was thinking why not add some "special" locker pages that are available with andermants or real cash that allow you to store all kinds of essences unlimitedly. I can understand you are avoiding implementing this for a long time for free. I'm sure lots of players would buy that if you implement it, and it would be good for players & company. Another special locker type would be for dyes, you'd store all of your dyes unlimitedly but you'll have to buy that locker page with andermants or real cash. (I am inspired by another RPG game, I think it is a good way of monetization policy. Not a huge pay2win and it is useful, BUT it is not hugely necessary at the same time) The other special locker type can be for teleport portals (including all the events & PW bosses & normal bosses)

    - Please revert the skill bar (10) skill slots. 8 skill slots are just too low and limit the gameplay exceedingly. Most of the players aren't happy about that. If some skills are needed, you'll have to switch skills from the skill page which really slows you down.

    - Feedback and Suggestions for PvP
    I think the current PvP ranking system or PvP league system is outdated, and they should be modernized. When we look at the big and popular PVP games, we can see that they are using a system that the rank is based on NOT how many PVP points you have but how much your WIN RATE is. I think this is very important because it will give back the PVP's competitiveness. Current system praise and awards the player who plays a lot, whether the player loses or wins doesn't matter. This approach is not suitable for PVP because PVP means competitiveness and talent. A real PVP does not express how much spare time you have but how talented you are or how much knowledge you have in the game, etc.
    PS: The system that I talk about is called the "Elo rating system". You can check it on Wikipedia.

    - Things to help the game experience better: Add item "linking" feature, through PM, guild-chat, or group chat. It basically allows you to share your desired item's stats with other players. Add drop filter option, in which you adjust the drop you want to see and you don't want to see on the ground, such as hide green/blue items or hide gems that have lower rarity than normal gems, etc.

    - Rework new moon event & items. The event progress is really hard to get & takes way too much time right now. New moon bosses (karabossa & magotina) should drop event progress.

    - Rework Sentinel's Chest so that they drop; - Gems (2-3) (Rarity scales with Difficulty) - Wisdom Rune - Ancient Wisdom Drop Scale with Difficulty - Infernal Passages (Merciless Only) - Multitool - Pet Cage

    - We should be able to add categories to our friend list, such as "close friends, bloodchest, guild member, others, etc." (And we should be able to rename the created categories)

    - Sometimes when you change the map, the chat connection disappears and it comes back in one minute. Please fix this and when it comes to chat UI, some updates would be great because it's a little old. Add some new categories like "world" chat. We only have now region chat but it is only for regions, not for the whole server.

    - Rework daily quests, it is really hard to find your desired quests, we should be able to go back or pick in a drop-down list, instead of each time click. And rework the "daily challenge chest", it doesn't rewarding.

    - Put a travel stone inside of the key of prowess boss maps after defeating the boss so that we can easily reset (so that we don't have to walk and change the map twice).

    - Add more unique items and set items. This would allow players to be able to customize their characters better. Right now we don't have enough options. An idea to help this; We should be able to drop the cube set to level 140/145 in maps, similar to premium shop Emilia's unique items. This set items drop can be "global drop" similar to "cloak of heroes" drop. If you have premium you get slightly more chance to drop, since it is the "premium set".

    - There are some "dead" servers (very low-populated), a possible solution may be a server merge or let players be able to transfer their accounts to another server.

    - Rubberbanding issues, when you use some problematic skills like "blade dance" of rangers & "frost charge" of spellweavers. The game system makes you go back to the place where you were before those using skills. You lose too much time and most of the time die because monsters already dealing you damage on that time.
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  16. Ugribugri850410

    Ugribugri850410 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi new Dso Team ! Im play this game from 2011 january without stop. I want the game with new Grafic Engine . Cry engine 4 maybe :) really!
  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Great to see a BP employee (I guess?) finally engage in a thread on forums after all these years. More such both public and direct communication please!

    While we're at it, I don't know how the code of the game engine looks, but I and many other players would surely prefer if the team spent a month or two just cleaning up and refactoring the code, with no particular new features in mind, just so that it would be easier to develop with it later. The engine is what, 15 years old? Surely a lot of dirty workarounds to workarounds and spaghetti code has accumulated over the years. IF cleaning it up could improve the development speed and reduce the amount of bugs, why not just do it? Just give players some updates on how it's going!
  18. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    I've been playing this game since 2012 , and the only thing that pisses me off in it is random . You can spend a lot of effort, resources and time and not get the right one, and others can fall quickly and easily . For example, 100+ races for 4 bosses , there are no new weapons, I feel like a person of the 3rd grade , many weapons fell from 2-60 times , you can not treat players like this, especially on the birthday of the game . It is necessary to make it possible either to craft all the necessary unique items, or to drop 100% for a certain number of boss kills .
  19. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    What's the reason people bark to make legacy servers where max lvl is 45 ? Because of how good pvp was,somehow game managed to make pve same as it used to be in 45 now you need to make the pvp like 45 that's all . If that happens players will return, never never when you make huge stuff (Dark legacy for example) don't make it unplayeable unfinished garbage for the next 6 month because not everyone is willing to return after x period of time passed.
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  20. emrecix2

    emrecix2 Someday Author

    firstly welcome to new team.My feedback is about usually pvp because currently biggest problem in game is pvp. Nobody plays pvp an there is no system about it, in my opinion needs to start from here after old dso team made roadmap for this year I think this projects needs to be done as well.I made a video as well I talked here a bit more. I put link here for better feedback ;)

    EDIT: btw So many people wants server merge the old dso team said no against this thing. What new team gonna do about it?

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