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  1. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    Until when are we going to wait for changes in the game, not even mechanics that are already implemented, they want to put them back
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  2. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    First, let me say I played this game for a very long time. I started just after the ranger was introduced to the mix making 3 archetypes in the game. I left the game for a plethora of reasons. Non of which I will get into at this time.
    Since my "return" ( said that way because Im not sure I want/will stay for very long.
    I played other games ( Yes Mods, I know I cant mention them)
    Here are some of my thoughts on the "state" of the game so far.
    1: There are too many essences in the game. I have 2 pages worth of different ess's ... I didnt purchase the extra locker space so YOU can fill it with trash ess. Point in fact there are 2, yes 2 different light ess'es! WHY!??
    2: There is just way too many different types of currency in the game. Clovers, honor points, materi, gold, draken, a few different "frags" and so on... so many.... YOU had to create a currency bag.
    That brings me to number three
    3: Crafting materials. I understand that your were trying to add something interesting to the game. In actuality, all you added was more redundancy. redundancy = frustration, frustration is a key component as to why players leave.
    4:pvP. Stick with me here as this topic touches other areas as well. PvP used to be the main driving force for farming. Players farmed feverishly to obtain better gear so they can do better in PvP. When all the whiners started crying about how some players were OP and they didnt have the time to farm like them and BP made the monumental blunder and tried to "balance" PvP by making your gear/gems not count in PvP they pretty much killed the game.
    When I first started playing, top level was 40. and in the PvP talent tree there was a point at which when you got there you "GAINED" more damage against monsters. This was actually a brilliant idea. It incentivized players to try PvP at least until they got to that point. Doing PW's back then was a struggle even for the really good players, but once they got the buff, it made a difference in their ability to run those harder PW's and hard mode bosses.
    There really is no incentive to farm just for farmings sake.

    This game had sooooo much potential at one time. Was the game perfect back then? at level 40, 45, 50??? No, far from it. But, there was a goal... a height to which to endeavored to achieve. That goal kept players grinding day after day.
    I personally was never a fan of the pvp in this game. When I first started I hit lvl 10 with my first toon and took the pvp quest. Signed up for a match and got my ass handed to me by a toon 3 lvls lower than me. (I was 1 shot'ed by another SW). This was my first encounter with those toons that became known as twinks. It took a long time but the devs finally put a stop to it. That incident left such a sour taste, I did not go back to PvP until it became part of our dailies. right after that they decided to crap all over everyones hard work getting their toons built for PvP.
    For those that can PvP at the highest levels... let them sign up and participate in open matches, no restrictions. For those with less ability and/or less gear/gems, let them sign up for handicapped PvP matches

    4: Over time the devs have added so much to the game that now players have to spread themselves out thin over the game to get some of these and some of those and to farm this for this event and that for that event.....Again, redundancy = frustration, frustration = players leaving the game to find "fun" elsewhere.

    I, by no means, have all the answers. Listen to the players. Research what was said before and after each major change.
    As I am out of time for now I will leave off here.

    Thanks, Doc.
  3. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    1. and not only that, but also the gems that are crying out to expand the inventory either with an extra NPC or directly from the character's inventory
    2. And in the end they are not of much use you can buy things that are not so useful at the expense of the premium deluxe del jesse from aliexpres eggs
    3. You are absolutely right, I remember when before you defeated a boss 50 times but you got the whole set but now more than 100, 200, 300, infinite times and you don't get anything but junk items and it doesn't matter why you have to collect others Materials to build a unique one that with base values that give a complete terror and you get screwed more if you do not have groups for the farm or the gem of extra items that is almost non-existent, having few players and the friends of the old development team and the theory for it. current because playing alone before you could get things of value now you have to wait for a group that accepts you to go to farm unintentionally at high levels that the only way to get things is by paying to increase the level of fall or allying with Those developed by uploading videos to have them happened to other players and will continue to go through any new development team or anything in themselves are the same with a mask
    PS: I'm not saying that paying for things in the game is bad at all, the problem is that they do it well, as other players mention, before exchanging objects between players, they can say that it can be sold or exchanged at auction for real money or for adermantes, also for prizes. and bets on PVP competitions or tournaments, good to invent something different so as not to sell the issue of the RNG rate increase

    The problem that you mark about the crybabies that there are but what they indicated was the enormous inequality that there was and there is in lower levels as you mention the old PVP was normal in levels 15 to 40 doing pvp but it literally became a pay to win day just as you were so skillful at that time if your opponent had better statistics than you eliminated with a blow as it happens now they removed that and happened again an inequality with levels +5 and another is the equalization thing that continues to happen today That being a recruit they put you with a quarterback does not speak of the ability to play you can beat him but the points you earn to put him in the passive skills of pvp makes a huge difference and you had a hard time defeating high-ranking people. I lived it and many others also, that is why they left the PVP and focused on the PVE without adding the nerfs that had to all the classes the least affected was the magician being the most OP, currently I do not know who is better now, finally I applaud the people who made fun of the game's PVP system but the mechanics they implemented went from worse to worse.

    two possible solutions for the PVP

    1. the mechanics of equirar people is by the titles of + -1 and not by what are listed which is what happens today, the difference in points is less and you face people very similar to you in terms of exp category in playing PVP

    2. As today the issue of equipment is extremely rotten, regardless of what you have achieved in one hit, they kill you, it would be to put (temporarily for the moment) predetermined teams with fixed bases to the players, that is, although already You do not play with your team for the PVP that you have tried so hard to achieve but in return there is a greater possibility of fighting with more people (it is their way of having fun) in a more even, fierce and a little difficult way leaving the subject of statistics ( what is paying to win) becoming to win by ability or other problems such as the connection drop, you are bad or by losing purpose to make others win, finally, look for a way to have fun with that

    pd: translated by google translator thanks have a nice day
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  4. dam18

    dam18 Someday Author

    it should be easier all low antidotal essence in Sewer event.
  5. Baallith

    Baallith Forum Greenhorn

    A lot of lag, maps take centuries to load, impossible to play in a group, it's not just that I saw several complaints on the forum with this same problem, it's all this week.
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  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Seeing the utter lack of comunication, I'm starting to think that the new dev team actually doesn't exist.

    I'll have to press X to doubt on anybody that claims that the team actually exist.
  7. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    someone said here they were only 2 people now in forum... so i couldn't agree with you more.... sure there won't be any changes till next year and they won't tell like one month in advace they are gonna close the game cos for sure they will lose everybody next day... so in case they do it we will try to connect to DSO and there won't be anything in response....
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  8. Lazycrazy

    Lazycrazy Forum Apprentice

    I remember the glorious days of this game and this forum.
    And, after a few wrong BigPoint moves, everything gone wrong.
    It’s been over 9 months now that I don’t play DSO,
    but from time to time I come here and lurk from the shadows on all of this.
    And, I see, there is nothing here for me. The game is almost dead, the forum is empty.
    I'm really sorry, this used to be an interesting forum and an interesting game long time a go.
    But now, obviously, everything has come to an end.

    Greetings to all the old players around the World, from Croatia.

    Ranger and
    once proud Master of Crotigers guild.
  9. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    ALL Players until we get some replies from the "new dso team" just do not play, post as many comments on game sites to ward off newbies and tell it like it is!
    They DO NOT CARE, move to another game if they do not reply to us.
    Waste of money, I am going to request every penny back through Paypal.
  10. ВОРОН

    ВОРОН Forum Greenhorn

    I like the game, but I don't like the pumping. I play alone. I don't want to ask to be a beggar in the group. standing still is not a game. I don't see any point in running on easy difficulty. what should I do? how do I upgrade my knowledge? I can't adequately kill the boss 100. long. give the opportunity to swing alone. I'm temporarily out of the game. don't want. I should see the point of running to the first difficulty, to the second, to the third gradually. but everyone goes at once to the last difficulty in the group. they're being dragged through. the meaning of the arena disappears. let everyone download it by himself. It's fairer that way
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  11. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Why do you delete posts that are the honest truth ?
    The lag on this game makes it unplayable.
    There is no new team you can not respond to 1 question.
    Only thing you can do is delete posts.
  12. *Happiness*

    *Happiness* Junior Expert

    Dwarf:You need to increase the range of the flamethrower skill for the dwarf by 75% and for the skill dwarf in the box, reduce the cooldown by 50%. Mage: Add skill singularity 200% damage. Increase the damage to the skill Chain Lighting up to 150%. Remove cooldown from skill Frozen Sphere and reduce mana For this skill cost to 5.
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  13. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    2 months for this, I think we are on a "good" path
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  14. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

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  15. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Remove the limit of essence stack, or increase it to a very high number. Or move it to the "special bag".
    Remove the white , green and purple essence. Give only blue and red essence and increase the drop for it from normal mobs. Make it meaningful.
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  16. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    You already have this in the skills - Master of ice + bloodmage + 5 x reduce CDs gems. This means <1s CD for Frozen Sphere and no mana cost at all. Or do you want to hit with Frozen Sphere at full attack speed ? :)
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  17. 1vanka

    1vanka Forum Greenhorn

    1. I need to use more abilities, but I can't put them.
    2. The brightness is too high, I tried to lower my graphics, brightness, contrast and it's not helping, it is actually making the items more hard to see.
    3. There are too many people, who use bots and other programs. I don't think that 2 or more people should use one account.
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  18. mehmet044

    mehmet044 Forum Apprentice

    why did you remove the rage gem from the star gold event what is your purpose ?
  19. CH1976

    CH1976 Forum Apprentice

    Every time the game is more dead. They changed the DSO team, and
    what were the improvements? The game is still the same disaster, and it gets worse
    and worse ... The same events and progressively longer and therefore increasingly
    boring events, therefore, fewer and fewer people playing ...
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  20. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    Well i enjoy a good game but DSO is FAR from a good game anymore.

    the rewards are far and away not equal from the effort and what is needed to complete the events!

    i prefer solo play to the team based play for 1 main reason ii cannot follow where the mouse pointer goes!

    the only positive i see in the game is the detail of the graphics, but with to much it loses it's positive attraction!!

    ever sense the GREAT CE i have spent -0- $ and very little time in DSO with all my hard won gear turned useless AGAIN !

    i cannot see anything worth my $ and time here as i am afraid that it will happen again as soon as to many players get maxed out!

    i fear that i soon have to join the ranks of players who have just given up on DSO and quit, unless something is done to make solo play playable again!

    as for now i hold out very little hope!

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