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  1. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    Everything is being done to quickly close the Game..because there is no profit from the Game...and server support does not pay for can see for yourself The game is dead...there are no players who pay...a lot of donaters left the Game...therefore, they reduce prizes in Promotions and do nothing to develop the Game and attract at least old Players...beginners quit before reaching the 100 level....Therefore, perhaps they will say goodbye to us soon....
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  2. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    yes it does seem clear it will be over soon, they say it's being looked into but nothing get's changed for the better, in fact it's just the opposite!
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  3. IgnisSpellcaster

    IgnisSpellcaster Forum Greenhorn

    I haven’t played for two months! I wanted to try to play again, but the Star Gold promotion seemed to tell me, don’t do it!) No, well, this is not serious - 422 calls at the difficulty level of mod 5 is too much! The new administration is doing everything to the game has finally gone into oblivion! It's a pity ... the game was once mega-popular, and good!
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  4. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    It is not that there are no players who pay in the game, there are still those who are precisely players who use bots and programs to farm 23 hours a day through the currently farming system but I think you are right in terms of earnings if you see the balance sheets of the 2020 of bigpoint to which it belongs to the game were in red or with negative figures that was before but they have changed that and still have less earnings than the previous year and supposedly they had risk of over-indebtedness whose expense is settled by payments of 2010 from associations of the former owner of bigpoint and by the current owners or that is what I understand although it seems strange to me if the company is in trouble because it does not serve customers, what happens is that the game is oriented for those players who may be consumers they pay the most.
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  5. Baallith

    Baallith Forum Greenhorn

    I feel the same way, I was coming on the forum to create a topic in the same way and to my surprise there is already.
    Anyway, it's been exactly 3 weeks since I started playing again after almost 1 year, and I feel like quitting, the game is very good but the administration is at least nutty without failing with respect.
    They ask for the players' opinion and do the opposite, they announce an event like this on the server test, it's totally different for us, I'm playing for 3 weeks in the new expansion, I just did this event because my friend wanted the countdown gem, now imagine someone who have been playing for a longer time has no reason to make an event since rewards are completely useless. Besides not being fun, it's boring to farm 51555151 hours to drop a gem...
    As I see it the game is now breathing through appliances and it probably won't take long to go this way. I won't be here wasting time for nothing, I'll go to other games and it's probably taking my friends together...
    As you said above the only ones who will actually read this are the players and I'm sad because I see many people demanding the improvement of the game but what you can see is the end coming.
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  6. MagicProtection

    MagicProtection Someday Author

    as I see it, this game started to decline around 2015 with that expansion, I destroyed my characters and exited the game. but as you know, at veterans, we like the simpler days of DSO, we keep coming back to see this game. We veterans don't want those few rewards they offer us by email, we're back because we have the overwhelming memory and painful emotions of the early days of this game, with less stuff, more with rewards that were worth the time and money. . Friends, if you notice, this is a new game.

    Suggestion to the team: create a modern interaction and communication system, the DSO team should think of something along these lines. Users need an advanced social system in the game, friendships are what still keep users active, you have a great opportunity to change that now after so many changes.
  7. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    HA I used to solo Inf 4 and now I can't solo Pain or kill in PVP
  8. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Seeing no one replies EVER to us, I am guessing that they want to kill the game off!
    Maybe they just want to let it run down without actually doing anything to save it.
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  9. Arsyada

    Arsyada Forum Greenhorn

    Hi DSO, This is my suggestion to make this game more lively, One way to make dso players feel at home is to give gifts such as Andermant, Coins, Gems, Runes, Jewels, Skins, Mounts and others, Give special gifts after playing 3 months ,6 months,9 months and so on
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  10. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    The game should be...easy...bring pleasant emotions..and relax in the game...yes, at the moment it's boring...poor self-feeling...and nervousness...Return it to the Game...buffoons...ease and communication....The guys of the players also need time to's..native people....
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  11. aBDuLHaMiTHaN

    aBDuLHaMiTHaN Old Hand

    first fix these bugs
  12. VeteranDSO

    VeteranDSO Forum Greenhorn

    Yes thats an very annoying bug, happens alot,

    1. Mobs dont get dmg
    2. My health is not regenerated
  13. diavol1666

    diavol1666 Forum Greenhorn

    is a very cool game for any moba or rpg gamer and translated lunguich but is need some rebalance the pvp Dmg/life system so is not be first hit win like do x5 life or 1/5 of dmg on not sure how development can fix this !
    i think is good for avoid time on moving on areas not want and wait more loading screens that need for play make some new gates
    so you can restart q without town need also at boss at out of cardun area is good too add gate that you can replay the boss after killing it and not moving to unwanted area out \ loading \get in again \loading \ you can maybe after kill the boss can enter again in boss paying the enter costs of course ^^
    example for q after grimmag death from the opposite side of gate of cardun can add a port to start inside of q1
    and for out of Q boss after kill any boss you can move out or you got the option give the 1-10keys and replay the boss ! ?
    i think less loading screens on farm better quality gaming !
    all moves that need loading at repeat is get lot of waiting for fight what you want with a simple development add on after kill of boss farm can be even cooler than it allready is ^^ !
    just my option for better game with less loadings that makes you tired of wait them to finish if you dont have good computer with ssd or ram memory and you are not close to servers enaph for connect fast ...
    so even guys that connecting from a cave with a wooden pc can enjoy somehow farm without give time to unwanted areas that not play
    just go there /loading/ go where you need /loading/
    a development maybe got the solution button easy to make ! or hard? ! but it will be a true thankfull button ^^

    also i have to suggest a too good to be true add on a new invertory tab like the others for all farmed gems/runes so you can turn to dust easyer from there and not take normal invertory space or somehow add us to can unlock more tabs so we dont play with invertory stress when someone like to collect some items to be full unlocked and still not have invertory to play or must melt on every rounds if he is not unlocked couse gems is a primary reason for farm if someone now start the game and want to go party if he got unlocked half he is hard to imposible to play and keep from 1 of each gem he need 5 or more pages with runes too keep them in order with out other items in the slots just gems and runes it will be like a doble or more our working invertorys ^^

    sorry if i get you tired ! Good luck there !
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    It seems that the new devs, assuming they exist, have learned Jesse's lesson well, considering the new stellar gold event.

    And after trying to farm for Mortis' pauldrons effect, I actually regret that the creatress' tears were removed from the game, at least you could actually obtain those and easily unlock weapon and item effects without relying on RNG which of course the devs do not even bother to fix.
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  15. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    So I see on here that there is some 14 pages of "feedback"
    Some good and some , well.....
    Out of 14 pages you seem to have found nothing that peaks your interest so what do you do????
    You put out a survey!
    A survey that asks questions then doesnt really give much of a choice for most answers.
    A survey that seems to show you are ignoring what is said here and pursuing your own agenda.
    Starting with one of the things that drives players away faster than almost anything else.
    Youzu/BP/DSOs dismal failures to "REBALANCE" Classes and or game.
    IMHO None of those in charge have a damn clue what balance is, let alone how to achieve it.
    Every time you all stuck your nubby lil fingers into that part of the game you chased players away.
    As I stated in an earlier post "New Team....Same old Masters: leading the new team to make the same dismal mistakes that have left your servers ghost towns.
    What is that saying??? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    SMH,... Doc.
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  16. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    I will try to ask constructive questions..
    1. can we (players) hope that the game will become interesting for all layers of players?
    2. earlier, BP listened to the gaming community, accepted creative proposals from players to improve the game.. why, recently, the wishes of players are simply ignored?
    3. Why does the new team of administrators not communicate with the players?? why not share plans for the game?? why not find out whether players need something or not??
    4. maybe the forum has ceased to be the working platform of the gaming community??
    many care about the futility of tasks and achievements on the speed of passage.. be it a quest with bloody dirt, be it an achievement on a high-speed sweep of the dangeons.. when the download speed of the map sometimes lasts 10-20 seconds, when the counter time is already started, and the character has not yet loaded and cannot start the task.. is it really impossible to make a veil in dungeons, as it was once when performing PVE ratings or as done on many events??
    so that the countdown starts at the intersection of such a veil..
    and also, expand the entry point to the dungeon so that the whole group can enter the location and would not squeeze anyone out to the mobs/bosses..
  17. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Well now having posted 2 months ago on page 2, and seeing that there still has't been a game update in that time... or even any minor quality of life improvements changed with in the game (except the nerfing of 2 events from test to live, both of which i skipped) this seems like a bit of a failure, with no productive results showing. (Is it still too early to say they left house just yet?)

    My biggest peeve as there is nothing worthwhile to do now outside of any event, except daily login/realm frag quest. (and half the repeating events are trash, they were all trash but some of the past devs changes had made at least kia crystal and moon drakens worthwhile to run again.) So my options are limited to daily quests or desert farm. daily quests are so busted I haven't bothered to look at it since i pretty much started, unless I have some free premium to cycle through them for Infernal frags. Man I can think of 200 ways to alter this aspect alone to keep retention down, and reward players with it... as it stands its got minimal benefits to premium, and otherwise a useless aspect not under premium.

    I took the recent survey, which was catored to group play. I'm on agathon server, my friend list almost all inactive, no guild, barely any NA to group with (90%+ portugeuse/spanish i guess), no auto group seek features, just about forced to solo or invite myself to groups, which does work but the language barrier is bad for events. For desert I can easily start my own party and people just join, its not a problem (likewise solo works too, better I might add because theres less lag, and less graphic animations impeding what I can see on screen).

    As i posted before, they could add some form of scale loot / difficulty to # of players, balance it, and grouping wouldn't become an issue at all. beneficial to everyone, more so with a group of 5, but still possible solo/duo. The way some things have been in the past events, its either you can do it, or you dont waste your time at all. Again, of all that has been posted here and elsewhere, was a survey necessary?

    shrug, been offline for 2 months now, and maybe another month til some type of christmas event. this games already on the back burner, its about to get deleted in favor of many others games, that you know, get taken care of.
    The reason i think i lasted this long was the original dev team had monthly updates and a roadmap, updates regarding player input (to a certain extent) and overall brought more positives to this game, for when i was around, than what im seeing today. (I wont pretend the past 9 years were any better, i was not here before dark legacy 100 cap)

    I'm still absolutely baffled, how any dev team, gets together daily, ponders about what could be done, given the unlimited responses here, and still manages to do nothing.. and a dead space response.. for days, weeks, months, years without anything? You sure people are actaully working (or enough)?

    All i see is outdated vendors, outdated quests with no replay value, and outdated gear..and no new content, all of which could be revamped to resuscitate the game.
    I feel even the daily quests could be reworked to provide something great to bring players actually back on a daily basis, with even as something as simple as adding community coins or something greater to it.

    sorry folks if the bare minimum is never done, dont expect content releases either. unless some ungodly changes hit soon, or bide time with a decent christmas event.. this game is surely going nowhere. Not to say the game itself didn't give me joy for 5 months, but thats all that it took to hit a wall in this game, where theres nothing left to gain/do but high wisdom level, gem dust, and chest farm and completely ignore everything else.
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  18. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    perhaps this is the dumbest thing that developers allowed.. they think that with a premium package it is nice to scroll through the list of tasks for free.. probably wanted to cut off the players who did not donat, but in the end drove everyone away from performing daily tasks..
    absolutely agrees with your opinion, the road map for the quarter, for six months, for a year, aroused more interest in the game, the players waited for some events/changes, now they limited themselves to the weekly announcement of events.. many players do not like this fact..
    the fact is that the new team of administrators, they are also moderators of the forum/discord/fb/instagram, for some reason do not enter into a conversation with the gaming community, but could talk about the game here, because they read our reviews..
    and also irked repeated quests with a time counter.. when you collect quest items for a very long time and when you hand them over, you cannot take the same quest again.. this is a complete absurdity..
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  19. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    One obvious thing that is missing from the game is the drops filter. I should be able to filter out and not see the greens items, flawed gems, runes or whatever I choose to do so. All games of this type have that filter.
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Considering that the new developers, assuming they exist( and it's quite a big ASSumption at that), have made a bug fix that didn't fix a thing, I don't expect them to implement such an easy improvement.
    Let's not forget that they didn't even read the feedback let alone answer it and haven't said a single thing since september when the claim was made that the new development team exist( which, again, PRESS X to doubt).
    We haven't seen a new patch for the game since August.
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