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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I guess I didn't set my expectations low enough. Now the game doesn't run at all. :)
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  2. -kirachan-

    -kirachan- Someday Author

    fix this broken server, it makes you nervous, you can't play for 1 minute and wait for 3 minutes to load the card and after the whole thing waiting to give you an error, I don't know which connection with the server was lost ........
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  3. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Didn't see a thread for Desert of Essences. I decided to give it another try. It is even more boring than I remember. Go in and clear the map. But don't stand where the sand will kill you. Some mobs stand where they can't be hit. THEN clear the map AGAIN!! But the sand is even more deadly. I gave up before getting to the boss. The rewards are draken. With draken I could buy a rune and grind it up to upgrade one of the runes I have. But I don't have enough gold to pay for removing and upgrading a rune. I can't stand the boring grinding. If I pay money for things, I just end up grinding at a higher difficulty. So I'm still not playing.

    UPDATE January 13. Without warning, the server was shut down while I was fighting Sargon in the Shadowfort. This why I won't spend money on this game.
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  4. t3n3br3

    t3n3br3 Forum Greenhorn

    hello, I will immediately go to highlight the possible requests that could be useful to develop: 1) extension of the foundry, from 9 to 27 objects
    2) possibility of purchasing a permanent foundry, or Otherwise you could add the possibility to use the wisdom to get the melter likewise for the portable workbench and shop
    3) inventory expansion, we currently have 216 slots, increase to at least 500 slots
    4) new game graphics, this is 10 years old, and it would be good to be able to modify it, with a new, more defined graphic resolution
    5) possibility of new repeatable quests, new objectives
    6) another problem is to occupy slots in the inventory or in the cobold, which can be solved by adding pages for the sets, consequently we would save slots
    7) increase the drop of andermants and resurrection stones, really reduced now
    8) change the position of the mobs in the maps, they are always the same, and it's boring, maybe spawning in a random way could be fun,
    9) reintroduce the old ways from painful, excruciating, lethal, into the PW, because with my other characters it's really almost impossible
    10) PVP: return capture flag, storm fortress, upgrade, and other pvp modes, hope to get response from you, thank you
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  5. starbuzz29

    starbuzz29 Forum Greenhorn

    Just one regrets : there is an important gap between big boss difficulty level (yellow) and all others monsters (from white to orange) in a same difficulty mode.

    I play anywhere in "Fatal" mode but to win against big boss, I need to put "Normal" mode so !
  6. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    That's your only regret? You should have been around for the Great Sapphire Theft committed by BP where they took items from player inventory, that players payed real world cash for and replaced them with runes that had to be used in a specific configuration that never equaled what the player that paid cash for them was promised at the time of purchase. This is truly a brave new world we are living in. In my country, the Commander in Thief resides in the White House and picks my pocket on a daily basis, letting me know I should be thankful for it. I guess some folks are cut from the same cloth eh BP? C'mon man!!!!!
  7. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Agree 100% to this day I refuse to buy ander after Bigpoint stole everything I put into my Sapphires . Was a very hard lesson learned. Buyer beware.
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  8. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    To be honest, in these days, the players which remained and still play the game are only the old one(the new one are no chance), with a lot of hours played, and even with the dark legacy etc, we can handdle good without to pay for gems or for andermand(with cash)... which means this game will die because no one will pay anymore, and no one trust you(BP). This game have a lot of potential but the big problem is the few players who still play will not pay anymore, and to make a game alive again you need MONEY MONEY MONEY.
    So, in short, the game is kind of; successful operation, patient dead, because MONEY talk, always baby !! :(
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Since theres no feedback for events;

    I really wonder why dragan event only drop mats for new gear on merci/blood. I feel like i wasted lots of hours on this event, since i only played with the idea i could craft a new item that still give a nice 15% bonus to armor/res.
    Tried killing him on high modes, but soon i almost got him....pooof regens all health/shield and for some reason barely do any dmg after that. (with red essence i was doing 1000s dmg for some dumbass reason)

    What an absolute crap. Really disapointed.

    Those players that can do high modes are allready strong, lets give them some more cool items to get even stronger and screw the mid/low-range players.

    /End of rant
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  10. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    I'm not sure why they have different progress bars based on achievements for bar 2 and bar 3 which get doubled 20k>40k elemental charge pearls & 48k>96k raven pearls. bars being locked until finished doesn't help progress farming zones for bar 1, lose out on bar 2/3. This is a slap in the face to old players.

    This new gear is a scam as well. It would have been completely fine as a rare drop or as a craft from burnt flesh drops.
    What people dont seem to understand what it takes to even craft it.

    Dragonbones x400 - dragonbone elixers that cost 100k ander or 4000 clover just for recipe, then 100 anxiety shards/100 boss mats for 1 elixer, then mortis marks, mortis farms at merci/bloodshed x15-30 runs with 4-10 elixers for 15-25? bones per boss.
    gear piece x200 -solo dragan (shoulder), group dragan (head), solo arena (back)
    dragan's soul? x1 - only on tier 3 finish, and only 1.

    while 1 piece is not exactly out of the realm of possibility, the idea of getting 3 set pieces is almost a pipedream.

    It seems the mini event drops the last 2 dragans souls in the upcoming event saturday 4/23.

    so final thoughts, most people cant even get the dragonbones, let alone finish 200 to 600 Epearls + boss, and finish bar 3.
    only positive thing in this event was the week premo in relic chest, some minor progress rewards, solo dragan drops+chest.
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  11. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    just like in real life, those that have and those that don't have the gap is getting bigger here.
    the new players have NO chance to get anything or any event's finished, it seems all on purpose to make players spend and even if we do that basically changes nothing!
    even spending every waking moment on dso seems to be hopeless to get anywhere.
  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    i dont really know what stats u have that u cry about difficult of this event?
    really get this craft items 200x isnt a problem. the problem is time which u need to spend to farm it
    if i can kill dragan blood solomode on char with 100k dmg and 30% takes 'forever' but i can, so? are u playing here 1day or u dont even try to read urs skills and u play on random skills? if i can kill dragan blood on 1day char so i dont see there any problem to kill dragan merci on normalplaying characters(more than 1week).

    there is no problem with boss difficult. it can be only problem with time to kill him 2x200+1x100 merc on weak characters.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Sure you can buddy :)
    Dragan regens all hp/shield if you dont kill him fast enough....really wonder how youre able to kill him on your 1 day char :)
    No idea why youre lying about something silly as this, but ok.
    Also goodluck getting the 400 bones
  14. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    I think you are wrong. maybe you should try what you say and show me how you with a level 100 character who has little wisdom and weak gems and jewels can fight merciless dragan in a reasonable time. I can assure you, from experience, that for a weak character is hard also in normal mode. maybe it's time to stop feeling strong and powerful by denigrating the weak ;)
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  15. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    Agree... completely.
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  16. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    In the game is sth that like essences. i do it once to get uniqs from 1st kill. and yes its really not so difficult if u know ur skills and have some time to do it.
    yep it can be difficult to do it on new char but if u have many free time it is possible even on new char.
    btw go to the city and look at region chat. there is tons of ppl whos can kill u dragan merc/blood if u have red pearls...than red pearls u can do on normal mode. where u see any problem? and they dont play here 1day but 'some time' so if they have weaker character than my 1day char so...its not game fault but they that they dont farm? this game is farming simulation so if they dont farm so for what they are playing?
    i know u play here a long time but this wasnt to u but to them.
    there is many posibilities to do this event easy. there are many eq buffs that gives u possibilities to kill dragan in solo mode easy like fire guardian on mage or turrents on dwarfs.
    but if sb play here few weeks/month and dont know mechanics/skills/eq or they are too lazy to farm its their problem not the game problem.
  17. linco1

    linco1 Forum Apprentice

    A thorny topic.
    The key point of the disagreement is "ask for a group", this was supposed to be optional but it became an obligation, this modality creates a very strong snowball effect (buffs), those players who stay in groups can't understand the difficulty of progression in the long run term, compared to those who play alone.
    Farming time is much longer making it almost unproductive, it's not for lack of player commitment.
    When the game forces you to go only one way, it's wrong.
    Drakensang always had the option of playing in a group but I don't understand why they decided to punish those who play solo.
    Sooner or later this group buff system will be nerfed, because it's breaking with the game.
    Before anyone uses the standard speech: "mmorpg were made to play in groups", those who like to play solo also look for this type of game because of the challenge that is much more intense, and the pvp that is easier to find (in theory) even because playing against mobs becomes monotonous, but this can only be done if the game is balanced, which is not the case here.
  18. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    i miss somethink?
    u need to do:
    50x dragan SOLO mode
    100x dragan solo/pt as u want
    100x hall of glory SOLO mode
    x2 if u go merc

    all other maps u can do solo/pt as u want
    where is this pt standard in this event?

    as u said mmorpg's are doing for pt playing bc 95% ppl play there to play in pt
    noone will do mmorpg game solo mode for 5% players bc it is not worth in $$ as in players community bc 95% of players want to play in groups.
  19. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    This guy is so full of it. Casually dropping lines like "only 250-500 boss runs solo" or noob 100 with "fire golem / SM turrets can solo merc/bloodshed", followed by "%'s ill throw around as fact, even though I have no clue".

    Yeah no noob is solo'n this on merc/bloodshed, without exploit or a beefy character, or in a timely fashion. I cant even get the 2.5k-5k infernal fragments for the bloodshed entries, and getting jacked on re-entries costing twice?

    This event is terrible because of the time it can take to complete. Not only that, depending on where your character sits in questline? or achievements, your progress bars require 13k cursed pearls, 20 or 40k elemental charged, 48 or 96k raven pearls and mini at 41k.

    group or not, this event shoves you down a grindfest of lets see...

    Daily quest for bar 1 progress / 6 Epearls - 7 resets of castle knights / 1 dragan on painful for time = 45 mins (optional)
    Dragan excavation site @ painful x 150-300 for those Empowered pearls = 5-10 mins a run (Fastest method for Epearls)
    Gloomy pastures infernal/merci/bloodshed for real bar 2 progress = 30min-1hour solo (2-3k progress tops)
    Dragan mini event, 500-1500 progress per zone - ghastly 10-15, wild forest/mystra 20-30 mins, or slowly kill infinite fire sprites.
    (this is not bad if you piggy back off your bar 2 progress, but trying to pop zones in general can take up to a half hour or more)
    Dragan solo x100 Merciless for 60k raven pearls or bloodshed x50 (200 shoulders) and bar 3 cap - 5-10 min run
    Dragan Group x100 bloodshed / x200 merc (head piece)
    hall of glory x100 bloodshed / x200 merc (cape)

    Then to top it off, this doesn't even come close to the next part of 1200 dragonbones if you actaully did the last two parts of cape/head.
    which involves the dragonbone elixer, its own high as hell reqs, anxiety shards, boss mats, mortis seals, and lol like 40+ bloodshed mortis runs.

    Excluding the actual 3 piece new set, and just getting through the progress bars your looking at roughly anywhere from

    1-10 hours on bar 1 (possible to buy your way through, relic chests, and dailies)
    5-20 hours on bar 2 (id guess 5 hours in group play and only if you have the 20k progress bar)
    7-20 hours on dragan mini (luck, group play, multiple zones not in ghastly grave)
    5-20 hours farming more E pearls for bar 3
    3-10 hours of dragan group/solo on bar 3
    5-10 hours of arena / group for those back pieces / headpieces - optional.

    Given this event is 3 week duration, decent grouping can clear this progress in those minimums, but solo.. yeah good luck investing 40-70+ hours.
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  20. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    go try to play again.
    first bar = 1h on normal mode on 03 with pt = u kill pt chests and u get 25+ pearls per chest when u have 10+ on every map.
    second bar = u go to npc on castle and buy event cloak for 3h(12k~mm) and u go farm. u can buy this cloak 1/day
    third bar = dragan in hall(solo mode) gives u 600 progres on merci and 1200 on blood = its 162x merc or 81x blood

    red pearls u can farm again on normal mode = every single character with 100lvl can do it easy
    so where is this terrible grindfiesta? and u have 21? days to do it when u can do this i 5h of playing

    if u cant play dont come to the forum and cry how hard is this event when it is 10x easier than in last few years.

    and if u dont have time to play = dont think that bp will do events for u. bp in last few big events do progress bars so easy to do that u can do it in playtime = 30min per day.

    mythical set is other case. this set is for endgame players so WHY!? do u think that begginer players should be able to do it easy?
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