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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Why? Endgame players are allready OP-->This set shouldve been for everyone. Not only the ones that can easily solo dragan/battleground on merc/blood and getting the bones offcourse.

    Simple as that.

    As for progress-bars thats doable; guess i can agree on that. Its doable for anyone that also know the tricks to do things a bit easier or dont mind spending quite some hours. But yes its doable even tho i still dont like having the big progres bars cus i got high archievement points. -Before DarkLegacy that kinda worked, but not anymore.

    Then again...doing a shitload of grinding to clear progress for RNG rewards is not worth it in my book. Ive opened multiple jewel boxes in the past and they always gave me the same ''increase stun immunity by 2sec''. (never seen something else from that box)
    Imperial gem bags have always given me resistance and 1 time movement speed.

    This game needs to stop with the RNG rewards and stop basing everything of from a endgame perspective. And the archievement points= big progress bars need to be adjusted or removed.

    Completely unrelated and maybe someone knows: I tried looking through skills/pet and cant find anyting that give stun immunity. So what does that jewel do exactly?
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  2. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    mad eye skully does shorten stuns by 40%


    if you want a response from support we do need to be logged on the webpage if your client does not auto fill your info when you open the ticket.
    i had the client open as well as the webpage when i sent the ticket, and the response came back please be logged.
    so i now keep the webpage open and logged on to it too it until i get the response.
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  3. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Orange_George, I have merged your posts - in future please try to avoid writing consecutive posts and instead just add to your already existing post please;

    many thanks;

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Reduction and immunity are 2 different things.

    @Shine2 maybe you can clarify?
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  5. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    While chest farming could work faster over waiting on daily quests and random relic chests, 1 hour is a bit generous.

    how many are willing to drop 13k andermant on a cloak even once, or every day. Pretty much what your saying is buy your way through event progress, and scoff at others who choose not to? congratulations!

    yeah farming excavation site IS easy, yet you seem to think running it 100 times is not a terrible idea, To players that can't manage bosses properly, they need more, so add in another 100+, new crafts? add in another 100-200+, bonus that its not even guaranteed on any run either, getting 0-3 drops. I dont know about you, but running it 100 times is already a terrible grindfest, how about 400x?
    You still dont understand while you or I might be able to achieve events in record time, we do not represent everyone, but a small %.

    You seem to think im having difficulty with this event, which is far from the reality is that i finished it about a week ago, with a little more effort into finishing the progression of the mini, which started a week after. I'll be skipping the new craft.

    Do i believe this new crafting set should be easy to get, not at all, but when you devise an event and put a reward behind a paywall (elixer recipe), its no longer a reward, but a method to get players to fund bigpoint. If throwing your time and money at BP for the next best thing is your thing, instead of advocating balance, have at it. More or less, stupidity like this just causes more retention in an already dying game.
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  6. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    not really paywall with this eliksir
    nobody say that u need to craft this set today, tommorow or in next week. if u will have all craft items from event u can go for bones in every day in the year

    so. u dont have 50k anders? np go farm week/2weeks/20weeks no matter. u will craft this when u will have time to farm anders.
    also u can buy it for 50k drakens. every month u have many events where u can get 20k+ every month. be patient and u will have it.
    also u can buy it for clovers = as i know next event will be egg's event....where u can farm tons of clovers.

    u have many possibilities to do it. it is like always newbies(or lazy ppl) comes to the forum and cry 'i dont have this and this and this' is game for MONTHS OF PLAY not 1week game.

    my friend did 2x circus event without jewel of fortune and she doesnt come to the forum and doesnt cryed that sb has jewel but she hasnt. only newbies and lazy ppl comes to the forum and cry how bad are events etc bc they cannot get anythink without spend some time in the game...
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  7. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Junior Expert

    Here is a video of me soloing Great Hall dragan in fast time with mid mage character ( definitely not new but definitely not endgame either )
    Edit: forgot to say in Merciless
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  8. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular


    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

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  10. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    congratulations on your ability to play, you said well, your isn't an end-game character, but you have so many resources that make you able to fight merciless dragan unlike a weak character ;)
  11. dam18

    dam18 Junior Expert

    why have you put progress drop in New moon event back from before realese 253?
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Its like all drops are from pre 253...everything is really bad. Looters fortune not working either.
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  13. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Ahaha BP with the "scummy" moves with the nerfing of drops in New Moon. I'm sure you will claim that is an error , but we all know the tactics you employ. Good job BP, good job.
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  14. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Junior Expert

    I feel like you assume i got hard carried by people to get the stuff I have now. Truthfully, besides the cloak that was a lucky drop from a run with a friend, everything else I grinded 90% on my own, and easily too. I suppose yeah, mage is indeed easy mode.
    Also I'd like to say, tomorrow I'll be crafting the full mythical set, I'm almost done getting all the mats. I'm just saying it to show it's not as bad to get everything with a little patience as people make it out to be. And yes, ofcourse the bones are a completely different story, i could imagine that would take weeks/months of grind for casuals, let alone the pain to unlock the recipe for the elixir.

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Sure... I know mage is easy mode, but thats just a stupid lie or youre allot stronger than you showing us. (or mage is even mroe easy mode than i think it is).
    If youre not telling a lie, than it has nothing to do with patience either, but more the fact this game is so super unbalanced that a noob/midgame mage can easily farm all that, but other classes need to be endgame.
    Just an example: I used to be able to clear battleground on inf4 easy,.like REAL EASY. Now i cant do merciless and its just fkin bs.

    I dont bother even trying to get that set anymore, cus even if im able to get 200-200-200 mats, i will never be able to farm 1200 bones in the next 2 years. Mortis is simply too hard for me to even think about that.
    (not to mention 100s of leg. skins and leg. shards to craft the elixers) ---how you did that tho, with such ''noob'' char that never has been carried? Im sorry. but im not buying any of it.
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  16. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    u are playing here more than half year and u dont even have 145lvl items?
    it needs to be commented? this is 30min of playing after u get 100lvl character.
    the same is on dwarf and tank
    there is nothink hard on dragan.
    dwarf has turrent and go around.
    tank has immortal dragon skin, so do as many hp as u can and u will never die. than use essences and kill easy boss.
    idk how it looks on ranger bc i dont played this class on 100lvl.
  17. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    Dude, just get off your high horse and stop with the cringe comments - from all what I read from you here (and on Polish forums too) it is obvious you know nothing about pure solo play (no groups, no cash). Fresh level 100 would never had enough lockpicks to open chests in Bloodshed mode maps to get anything remotely useful, let alone enough 145 items for all slots - guess that was your "solution". Start a new char on new server without friends or cash, and come back when you beat a Bloodshed Q boss with that. We would probably never see you posting again...
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  18. linco1

    linco1 Forum Apprentice

    Only players who have grown stronger by playing in groups have the strength to play solo, this is the default in this and all other events.
    5% this was very mean:p, the number is much higher:D.
    As I said above, for pure competition in both pvp and ranks.
    Again, there cannot be just 1 option.
    I'm not against those who play in a group but solo play also needs to be respected.
    "Make groups", this has become the default answer for everything in dso, and this is very annoying, it's time to "turn the disk".
  19. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    what is not stated here is that for high achievement players the bar 3 in the event is 96,800 to finish . a new player without any ach will have a bar to finish with FAR FEWER pts.
  20. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Junior Expert

    I really don't understand why you'd think I, or anyone here really has a reason to lie about anything? What do you think I have to gain by lying? People here always love assuming the worst things.
    The adventurers chest gives something like 600 lockpicks by the time you reach LVL 100, it's not hard to get starter lvl 145 items, that's how I got my balor rings too.
    It's not hard to grind keys and farm bosses on painful-fatal to get the items I have now, some of them don't even have above 20% base stats cause they suck, but they do the job and what matters is I grinded them on my own with patience.
    How i got the 200 set mats?
    At the first few days of the event, it was very easy to find a group to carry you through dragan blood, cause everyone was begging for pearl donors. So I just got 200 pearls and found groups. And before you say "You say you weren't carried", I said i wasn't carried for the equipment I have today. Obviously it's impossible for me to solo normal dragan in blood.
    Great hall is a different story, just mind control all the time and you get 200 shoulders from merci in no time.
    As for the battleground, I did 25 runs on merci per day, cause I still got work and my own life. And today will be the last day.
    How I got the bones? I won this silly forum competition and got them for free. Got no rights to brag about that, I never killed Mortis once.
    So yeah. Again, I really have absolutely no reason to lie, people here just overestimate the game a lot. Even all my friends tell me "Dude this game has become 100 times easier than last year's".
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