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  1. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Ive left a few messages in the general forum a few times regarding things in this game that i felt should be different, fair, and correct.

    -increase starting inventory (extra 7-14 is reasonable)
    -reduce andermant for inventory up costs (2k/5 storage - 4k/7 slots is ludicrous, over 150k ander - anni event was so good on this!)
    -remove paywall on skill bars (or add more free hotkeys, there plenty of room on the GUI, i se previous mention of 7)
    -add a few more variety of skills or add skills to uniques (remove/reduce costs of less useful ones)
    -revival should cost 10 or 20 less (or reliable sources of spirit guards, plenty of MSG in event merchants now)

    -daily quests paywall reset (should be free or lowered if it had better rewards)
    -daily quests rewards on both effect/gain and bottom tier rewards. (should be increased/better chests/gem bags etc)
    -daily quests PVP (should be removed to complete all dailies or you know make PVP good so people want to play?)
    -daily crafting quests to offer more items (i think i got 2 basic from quest chest?)
    -increase ways to get multi-tools / increase harvest amounts

    -ability to buy more basic advanced physics (or increase drop rate for basic ingredients, its too low to craft more than 1 item / hour)
    -ability to buy better essences (basic is fine, carmot gives reason, but the ability to buy for heavy gold price would be nice too)
    -ability to dust gems 9 fold like portable smelter (though its a lot faster now in R_251, portable gem duster?)
    -ability to buy or upgrade shop/event gear from level 100 to 130-145. (level 100 gear is practically useless they need upgrade methods)
    - theres plenty of 100 sets pieces for draken, bone coin, materai, ander, coin, but their 100 base stats make them unusable
    -add new items/cut costs to materi coin vendor in cardhun. (5 legendary runes to wear, and nothing to bother to get? runes at 500k?)
    -add more items to bone coin vendor in desert. (mounts, older pets, uniques, consumables, give deeps of demise more than a day of use)
    -add in game community events for community coins (open server challenge competetion/event, all get rewards-only promo/stream bad)
    -increase gilded clover drop / increase items (1/2 price was a good change, however you can farm all your runes faster than these drop)
    -add something for glyphs of power- merchant, 10 million glyphs to increase base stats of gear 1%? increase base enchants 1%?

    -increase infernal passage coins / realm fragments.
    -increase wisdom drop rate more (yes R_245 was a vast improvement, but you flat out around 100/300 wisdom - im 102 atm)
    -increase chances of boss in multi-tool cave (700 in, never seen this thing, reduce costs or increase spawn rate)
    -remove boss shields regeneration, and above, normal mode (one is annoying enough while they're also immune)
    -reduce/increase difficulty/HP of bosses dependant of # of players / level (more so under 50 or 100 solo)
    -increase boss unique zone drop rate % (440 medusa for 2 BGH, anni event, ZERO uniques - mostly fatal/infernal though)
    -increase zone drop rates (your "1%" is more like 0.01 normal up to 0.15 on infernal champs, these items are not end game gear)
    -create more unique boss items from their respected items, (not the same items i can farm in PW, and make them GOOD)
    -create more world/pw uniques (lets see boosts to ALL skills/new skills)
    -viable sources to obtain jewels (i have 2 from BGH thats all)
    -increase drop rate on leader monsters in higher difficulties (only getting copper for harder work is annoying)
    -increase timer or reduce health of greedy sentinels/goblins/blood chests (its gone before its dead)
    -increase sentinel chests (barely any wisdom, 2 useless items for a full map clear? how about a fat treasure chest / new zone uniques)
    -new challenges, zones, bosses, events. (everything im seeing is rehash from old DSO)
    -new classes (supposed to be a new one soon?)

    edited some info as i copy pasted it, perhaps im not thinking everything through as perhaps some ideas could cause worse issues, but the general thoughts of what seemed broken since i started earlier this year.
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  2. *Happiness*

    *Happiness* Junior Expert

    I will write about what I do not like in the game.
    Firstly, daily challenges.
    To select the desired daily challenge, you need to press the mous 100500 times. It's make me angry !!! Make fewer daily chalenge options, and more worthy rewards. Defeat monsters (and you don't need to divide it by difficulty), craft and melt. 20 knowledge as a reward is very little, make more worthy rewards.
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  3. BurkayGenc

    BurkayGenc Forum Greenhorn

    Welcome new team,

    So I will just say my ideas,

    1.Try to Improve Wisdom Farming (because its hard for new players or fresh 100's to farm wisdom without a bonus code).
    2.I think shields should be removed from normal bosses and only exist in parelell world bosses(or just any boss that is not in normal difficulty so weak people can farm better and faster).
    3.Please increase max essence stack to 100k or 999k.
    4.Server Merge would be very nice (or a server transfer thing).
    5.Add more skills slots like the old times.
    6.New Unique items so people can have more choices on their builds.
    7.Remove Specific element resistance gems and runes from drops and make them only craftable from normal resistance gems and runes
    8.Maybe Add better drops for stronger enemies
    9.Change bosses ''spawn army to make it difficult'' thing (I want to fight a boss ,not fight an army of its Unnecessarily tanky army while getting body blocked and get one shotted by bosses special attack)
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  4. lobista

    lobista Forum Greenhorn

    Good day. I would like the Diary - Achievements to have a check box "Show only tasks that I have not yet completed". Thank you.
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  5. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Padavan

    bring back PVP

    it's easy just let toons use all their skills & people will play

    only have 2 rules...No Essence & No Health Pots
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  6. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    it will be 1shoot fiesta
    many ppl have 600k+ dmg with 500% crit
    how do u think it will be looks if ppl have 2-3kk hp? 1 shoot will kill u 10x
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  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Welcome, new team.

    Please communicate a little better with your audience. We love this game! The week long silence after that deleted(?) Twitch stream was rather unnerving. We want to know what's going on, what the future plan is, and so on. There's no need to make a live stream for every single little announcement. You can always make a short post to be copy-pasta'd across all your social media platforms.
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  8. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    What I like:
    • Ability to farm most of the game's resources and items even without paying
    • Obviously the general gameplay, which is the reason we all continue playing
    What should improve:

    • Randomness - the game should avoid using too low probablities (under 1% etc.) on any substantial non-cosmetic item, as they create situations where one player gets nothing in hundreds of runs, while other gets it in first two. The difficulty can be increased so that maps take longer to clear, but drop rates should be very high so that we get good reward after each round.
    • PvP - right now there are no useful rewards, and the style of combat is one-hit kill (whomever hits first wins). As a result, I didn't play PvP for months. If PvP is fixed, players should be incentivized to play it, for example by creating new items obtainable only from PvP (which also work in PvE). There shouldn't be a separate reward system which doesn't affect the rest of the game.
    • Limited content that is worthwhile - currently people are mostly farming Q5 and a few good maps for bloodchests. That leaves 90% of game's content unused, or used only once during leveling. Would be nice to think of some way to make those other maps useful.
    • Traders - a lot of interesting items and sets are only level 100. Give some way to buy max level items from the shop. Last time the belt of zeal was available on level 145 for premium day so we know it's possible. It could be a limited offer, once in two weeks or a month, of course the cost could be increased so players won't be able to just buy all without effort.
    • Cubes - cubes should drop item level based on their rarity (white 100, green 110...).
    • Infernal fragments - there should be ways to obtain more of these. I suggest possible new jewel or item to increase drop stack, recurring event or special map similar to Thabo map.
  9. RagePowered

    RagePowered Forum Greenhorn

    I am actually impressed, it's been a while since someone with actual impact on the game showed up on the forum. So, thanks, you're appreciated.

    I like:
    • Crafting mechanics (way to transfer enchantments, crafting uniques)
    • Gem & rune mechanics (The gem dust)
    • Event rewards and difficulty improved lately, also the new event trader
    • Freedom of build (there are good and bad items, but not an universal way to build your character)
    I dislike:
    • Wisdom drop (Even with 5 legendary wisdom runes the drop is very tiny)
    • PvP (Dead at this point, I'd love if you got some good talents you can use in PvE as before)
    • Difficulty (Especially of bosses, it is a nightmare for beginners and solo players)
    • Lack of quests (Getting XP to 100 is really boring unless you get boosted by someone, which I believe is not the right way to play)
    • Gold prices for crafting runes (& dust) (& maybe gems) (It may be easy to get gold when you can grind bloodshed, but for anyone else, it is much more difficult to get gold and upgrade their gems & runes, which are absolutely essential currently.)
    • Daily challenges (Very small rewards)
    • Gem dust crafting (Process of creating gem dust is painfully slow, I have 3 pages full of different gem types and I have to craft them one by one)
    • Price of resetting talents (way too high for new players. These players don't understand which talents do what, let them experiment with talents for much smaller price (or make it free))
    • Price of new slots (items have 7 slots, that's ~6000 andermant I think for 3 slots), That's 30k andermant for rune trinkets, 18k andermant for jewel trinkets, 78k andermant for inventory items. I am happy to pay for the trinkets (and inventory slots as well), since I can keep them permanently, but I really don't want to pay unreasonable price of ~80k andermant on items that I change for better ones in a short time.
    • Drop on difficulties other than bloodshed (I can count the number of items/map on one hand, also the quality of items and gems is pretty low)
    • Transparency (I think we are not sufficiently informed on what's going on with the game, progress made with features announced or staff changes)
    • The colors (This is gonna be highly subjective, I love that more detail was added to the maps, but the colors lost a lot of contrast, it used to have way more fatasy feel viz. comparasion)
    • The Infernal passages (It is a pretty weird item that forces you to farm on lower difficulty)
    • Unreasonable prices (Mount you can get for 2000 gold costs 14k andermant, bad unique items for your level ~5k andermant, key of prowess 1k andermant, and so on, the price is not correlated to the quality of the item)
    • Bugs & Crashes (They will probably stay with us forever)
  10. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    Hi New Bigpoint DSO! Need Happi need work and job the game.....need ...look game DSO 45-50 lev.....nastaldji and Happi
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  11. Black_Sky

    Black_Sky Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, new team!

    I really like DSO, but there are many things that can make the game even better.
    For me, a huge advantage of the game is the stress-free farming and the ability to interact with other players.
    At the moment, the difficulty is quite consistent with the awards we receive.
    As for me, the game lacks impulsiveness, I have long lost my sense of excitement. PvP is not interesting and meaningless.

    My wishes:
    1. Add rewards for each achievement (more motivation).
    2. Update guilds (pumping any bonuses for resources by the entire guild)
    3. Return ratings
    4. Reconsider the pyp, separate pvp and pve armor sets, not achieve balance in different directions in the same way.
    5. Make fights between guilds, there are a lot of variations how you can implement this. In my opinion, it is best when there is a limited number on the battlefield (for example, 7v7), and other guild members are in the queue and enter the field when space is vacated, the space is freed up when one of the participants dies.
    6. Think over pve content for guilds. For starters, you can use existing maps. As an example, a quest chain that begins when a certain item is knocked out, and at the end the boss awaits.
    7. To make the difference in classes more noticeable (and not just a difference in stats), in fact, the set of skills is the same only with a slight difference in mechanics, which is not very interesting.
    8. Revise bonuses from armor sets, most of them are not relevant.

    If there is a need for a more detailed presentation of the mechanism of work of the ideas I have proposed, please contact.

    Separately, I would like to note the lack of optimization of the game and the constant overload of the RAM. I hope you pay attention to this point.
  12. passemuraille

    passemuraille Forum Apprentice


    Sorry for my English, but it's not my native language.
    Google Translate.

    Glad we are given the floor.

    What I like :

    - Gems and runes fall pretty well.
    - Party skills are pretty good, but so were the old ones, like the dwarf skill that could heal party members every X seconds, but was removed with the Dark Legacy update.
    - The ability to buy event items in draken whenever you want.

    What I do not like :

    - The skill bar too small graphically, and not enough slots, the old one had 10, why did you reduce it to 8 ?
    - The nerve of skills, such as the mage's ice sphere, his icy wind that no longer freezes enemies.
    - The general poverty of the gameplay combinations, 90% of the mages use ice, while one should be able to use all the others, if they had been made in such a way as to be effective.
    - Resetting skills is too expensive, and resets everything, when you should be able to modify only those you want and not all of the ones in the table.
    - The exaggerated cost of resetting Knowledge Talents.
    - Too high a price for upgrades to gems and runes.
    - The daily challenges having very little knowledge to gain, whereas before, 500 knowledge were guaranteed (if we had the mentor bonus), from the first challenge done, but also the really mediocre gifts, how can we be Satisfied with gaining 1000 or 2000 Glyphs of Power, after spending a lot of time doing the requested challenges ?
    - Some of these daily challenges are simply impossible to achieve.
    - Bosses, even normal, are way too difficult for a new lvl 100.
    - Before Dark Legacy, potions, various essences, resurrection stones, and hooks fell very well, but now none of that.
    - I wish there was a special satchel for essences, event items, gems and runes, and dyes.
    - Be able to correctly see objects on the ground, such as runes and gold.
    - In the cities, put a different color for each type of merchant, because currently, they are all blue.
    - Have the ability to reduce the map, move it and change its transparency / opacity.
    - Have the possibility of being able to see the guild messages, when you are on the group channel.
    - Some cards, when we go out to reset the map, are filled with enemies that attack us as soon as we go out, so created a safe zone when we appear in the new map.
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  13. Aras

    Aras Forum Apprentice

    Hello and thank you for choosing to listen to our opinions.
    Basically, you may have noticed that we all say the same things: we like the new reward system but the game needs to be more balanced. Bosses are too difficult, especially for new players, the shield that regenerates might be fine on higher difficulties. The elemental gems are too many and they fill the inventory, it would be necessary at least a quick way to melt them like the portable foundry. Solo play has become almost impossible and we shouldn't be forced to play in groups. Level 100 items from vendors and in cubes are useless. Unique item drop is low or too random.
    That said, I like the game but I hope we can get back to having fun as it once was, when you saw the results and managed to climb the difficulty levels in a reasonable time, without having to be led by someone. I want to play, not watch someone else play for me. ;)
    (translated with Google)
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  14. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi again. To beging with dark legacy lot of people including myself didn't like it. there's a lot of people complaing about this new changes posting here but nobody took care of them. There have been lot of complains later and nobody care. I think the main problem here is comunication. Do our complains get to you devs or not? Cos if you want really changes beging to fire out all the stuff of mod there are here who swank that as they are not paid to do like mod and there are players like us they can behave like this... so if that is the case, it won't cost you a € put them on the street...

    About suppor same again. most of the times you write them their answer, in case they come up, has no sense so one decide to solve problem by oneself. if you check post here you'll see people complaining about quest ect or something is not working... the answer here is go to support and once there nothing they pass our complaining lke a hot potato...

    Changes, are you really think to change something again? a lot of people waist money time and effort for farming and now are you gonna change everything again like you did with DL... new skill or new quest or what's gonna be now? it's awesome how there are each time many more people ranting of this game, but you don't care and now you post you want our feedbacks, so here is mine...

    I wish you enjoy it

    EDIT: it happened again. Here they ask for our feedback and we apreciate your opinion etc... JA In another thread called september event? they just shut it up. It's not possible to write here or there. they just close it because they wanted to cos had nothing more to do, so if you are bored with your life, buy a new one and let us be
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  15. morningstar2302

    morningstar2302 Forum Greenhorn

    My previous post was deleted (by mistake as u said :) ) so... hello again and welcome new DSO team.
    I agree with most of what i read above so i will say just a few things:
    - make solo play... playable. Group bonuses are ok, but we should be able to farm what we want or need in solo mode too. Related to this i would like to farm realm fragments solo, not to have to wait for my friends to be on or look for a random group (thing that i don't like at all ) so i think a rune or a jewel could help (but not with a drop rate like ingredient jewel from shinny cave :) )
    - make drop on maps worth to farm, so players will not rush to get to bosses (where drop is almost a joke also)
    - bring back in drop essences (all kind of them, even in small amounts) and revival stones
    - make Emilia shop what it should be, premium and deluxe members merchant. What we can by there now? exactly nothing. And lately, when premium day was running, there were ridiculous andermant prices for almost all stuffs... So... premium day is for those who pay to pay more? :). So Emilia is there for a category of paying players, sell us something useful mostly with gold (even some with andermant, ok, but don't take us as fools).
    In the end, make us to enjoy the game, instead of trying to dive deep your both hands in our wallets, make us want to give you money for pleasure, for fun, for our pleasure :).
    Thank you in advance for what you will do for the game, for us. Wish you all the best :)
  16. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    Things I don't like about the game;

    * The changes made to skills in the Dark Legacy expansion (more like reduction), e.g how the frozen sphere is now useless
    * The reduction of the skill hotbar
    * The changes made to stats in the Dark Legacy expansion and the way they're calculated, as well as how the new gem system works. It is a lot more difficult to get a good attack speed with a two handed weapon now.
    * The new world map and how it now requires multiple clicks to travel to an area, instead of just one click on the old map.
    * Why do I, as a solo level 55 player, encounter level 80 enemies in the parallel worlds on the lowest difficulty???
    * Crafting is incredibly slow, it has been for years, but the Dark Legacy expansion made it even slower. Please just let us right click items into the grid without having to first navigate to the recipe (of course considering we already know the recipe), and let us accept the item right away without a 2 minute long animation.
    * The inability to (still) add discontinued emotes and costumes (The Razer exclusive costume and emote for example) into the collector's bag is also annoying.
    * The ability to now purchase or obtain costumes, emotes, or pets that used to be handed out exclusively through giveaways or events, is also not cool. Such as the ILIKEDRAKENSANG emote, which used to be given out through a bonus code when the Drakensang Online FB page reached 1000 likes.
    * Quest navigation doesn't direct you to a map's location on the world map anymore.
    * Alchemy circles disappear upon mounting a mount.

    The game is also unplayable solo, unless you invest a lot of time and money. Before this expansion I was able to easily farm maps on infernal 2, while I am now struggling on the easier difficulties (with unchanged stats), and on top of that, the loot on the easier difficulties is terrible.
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  17. Anonymous253

    Anonymous253 Forum Greenhorn

    Hey new devs 1st of all i wana say we wellcome you and i am happy to hear that dso got new caretakers , now i wont leave much feeadback because many people before told enough already +there is ton of it on discord.

    -FIRST i want from you is take the roadmap and focus on it.

    -DON'T make promises that you cant keep.

    -IF you can make new engine for game because nebula is oldschool and its rly not good anymore if that is even possible.

    -MANNY people including myself have huge MS/PING spikes recently i am sure that something is wrong with servers working on that would be rly good too.

    -KEEP interacting with us with monthly Streams and keep us updated with your future work , dont keep much secrets from us when it comes to balancing, talk to players they know the best.

    -TAKE test server more seriosly i see a lot of people go on test server just to mess around, find bugs and keep them so they can abuse on live server. i want you to put stop to that, test server should't be there for someone to mess around it is serious thing for the game.

    -I was asking for this for years but if its possible make a account transfer method to other servers , becouse manny people want to switch servers.

    Honnestly i want to say manny manny more things but this forum and discord is full of posts about all the stuff i wana say. Anyways take care of us and i wellcome you to Dracania
    -Apocalypse Heredur
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  18. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    What you actually mean is that everybody wants to play on Heredur, and all servers should be merged into Heredur ;)
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  19. dam18

    dam18 Junior Expert

    1)bloodchest with a different name and worse reward in lower mods.

    2)an alternative to getting what one can get in pvp things.

    3) Remove time from request's
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  20. Even1

    Even1 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello. I would like to add mages to remove resistances on skills like other classes with the help of elemental masters. This added variability to builds.Today
    is possible only by playing with ice, or poison with special things. Increase the chance of dropping gems from the chest after a boss in a parallel world, or add them to events. The rest of the game is like. Good luck with the development of the project. Thanks.
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