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  1. Anonymous253

    Anonymous253 Forum Greenhorn

    More like to make ticket so people can play what ever server they want , for example i have friends on grimag , balor , tegan but cant play with them so if i could i would go to ther server to play with them or they come to me
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    LINDADOMI Forum Greenhorn

    I propose to introduce a market for things (sale and purchase) between players. All transactions through the DSO resource with interest for DSO) This is my idea, the screenshot was taken)))
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  3. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    I will like to see;
    • more infernal passages free or something like we can buy more from Emilia.
    • special maps with strong boss and a good/strong rewards.
    • more materi from final boss chest not only 300-400 materi.
    • create a real system, anyone who spends more time in the game will be properly rewarded accordingly to this(p.s! I didn't say this because I have much time , i work nine hours in each day so ..)
    • infernal passage bought with badge of glory (pvp coin)
    • add the new jewel from rising heroes in the next events. Here are players who didn't catch the jewels.
    • For premium or deluxe members, make the option to automatically lot items from the drop. It is a win-win for both sides, we buy premium you win money..
    I don't like the SHINING CAVE it is a scam cave, some players got the jewel but very rare, and got a very nice benefits, they make in 17 runs 102 boss materials and we the others need to make 102 runs to make what they make in 17 runs , answer me if this is fair ??
    For me in that cave in 10x runs i got only 1 mini boss... tell me if i cannot find that d**n mini how its supose to find the jewel ? Increase the mini chance to find it and the jewel drop as well.....

    • I will like to see a NPC who give us tasks,a lot of mission to do, like find something or like kill some boses or monster(find a item or materials) ofc with a very very nice reward.
    • I will be very very happy to see in the future a big improvment of the guilds, like you can add a button to teleport us on guild town hall, and all players can enter to meet there. On maps, boss, monster, leader, they also can drop stone, wood, wire, rope etc. In short materials for improving some buildings in guild hall and they will give us some permanently bonus like %damage %hp %life steal(why not its just a ideea) depend on which buildings we construct. This will make guilds more atractive and popular. I will like to see a NPC here with mission to.
    This game has huge potential, but it needs people who want to change something and dedicate themselves to doing something beautiful here. I put all my hopes in the new dso team. I hope you will not disappoint us.
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  4. Galadriel01

    Galadriel01 Forum Greenhorn

    First of all... welcome to the new devs...

    i think it would be better for the player and the game diversifie the farm maps and dynamics... right now its just bloodchests and q5 merci.... and event if its worth to do it

    i understand the idea of making group play te focus.. but that shouldnt mean some classes are just useless playing solo (like DK or SW)
    And its not really fair taht rangers are way more powerful than the rest of the classes.... yes you can farm solo with every class.. but rangers can do everything 10xfaster

    I think it would be cool if instead of making mor attires and bundle chests for events u focus on the customization... it would we great to be able to use skins from the other classes

    increase the drop of infernal passages
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  5. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Welcome new Game Team and good work.

    You inherit a difficult situation after a new expansion and I give you my best wishes.

    The most important new features of the game that I like are the possibility of being able to use any unique without depending on specific sets, so if you find a good item that you can use you do it and so on, I wish this setting would remain, it can be a good way to give longevity to the game.

    Try to eliminate the bungee jump, it has been in play for too long.

    The balance between the classes has improved after the post CE changes but there are several things that are still not going well, many skills are too strong others ridiculous, the damage balance is still not good, the same goes for the mastery of the elements has little it makes sense even worse if this is different between useless stamina drops on the one hand plus damage and advantage on the other.
    The tank is dead as a game setting for the Dk with the lv 55 now it is how much more wrong has been done by the previous team I wish it would not go back and in the same mistakes. Then balance the game to make all classes more free!
    Daily quests are a torture of 300 clicks to change quests and if you are wrong as many it is too much to find a solution!
    The pvp is dead and I must say that everyone contributed to its downfall.

    There is simply too much damage, ridiculous OP skills, nothing worth playing with!

    Dk requires a minimum of skill to play melee and be able to reduce damage and negative effects, one being immunity to negative effects in the dragon's skin and the other passive life regeneration.

    Personally, pvp is always seen as a parking lot to entertain players, after a certain level and not letting them go away waiting for new content is an invitation to improve it in a short time.

    One last thing in this period the long-postponed Games are moving, the first will be on the 28th then the other in March of the new year. The first satisfies what I find in this game that is, good graphics, language translation, a new graphics engine (not this one) and I hope with less bugs, I hope roles between decent classes and a new type of pvp.

    I've definitely lost faith that too many things can be fixed are wrong and still prefer to try other games that have better expectations. So I'll put my battered Dk to rest at the end of the month!
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  6. vitalyooss_youtube

    vitalyooss_youtube Forum Greenhorn

    Welcome the new DSO team!)
    I will not go around to about as many have already written about what I would like to see in the game.
    Well, I do not like the strange randomness in this game, at the moment in dso is action in honor of the 10 th anniversary of the project, on this action is a very necessary Unic, which is different damage in 2 times. I have made more than 100 hits, what would knock it out, and I still have not fallen out this Unic) At the same time, I know many people who fall already 2 or even 3 weapons, why should I pay money when many knocked him a couple of hits? Please stabilize the randomness in this game... It feels like some players do not have a chance to get this Unic, thank you for listening! I hope you give the game a second wind!)
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  7. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    Well, after years and years of mourning on our part, and the huge negative wave caused by the Dark Legacy, are you asking us again what we like or dislike?
    Is this a joke, or have all DSO employees left?
    Do you want feedback again as if nothing had happened before? Is it difficult for the new team to warm up the chair a bit and list the old posts in which almost everything has already been said?

    You want a new wave of criticism about the:
    outrageously poor drop after a hard long game,
    unprofitable PtW system - 5 euros a month is a lot for the deluxe "benefits" you offer us,
    about non-optimized software that drags like a snail on the latest generations of hardware - Anniversary arena drops to 20+ frames on a computer with Ryzen and RTX graphics for example,
    losing awareness of the fact that there is real life around us (not just DSO),
    bombarding with various events where time is wasted for something that can be obtained with ordinary casual play…

    AAA game titles in which tens and hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested cost around 50-60 euros at the premiere. Most competing games are either totally free and some are paid once or for the next DLC as much as DSO is paid monthly. And what do we get for that money?:
    invaluable help in rotating daily tasks to infinity - "Dailysang Online", because when the appropriate tasks are found - they should be completed,
    daily rewards that are repeated after the fifth day for the next years,
    !free travel! all over the map,
    Mystic Cubes which are just another poor drop that is the same as the rest after the defeated enemy,
    25% more Honor points we can't function without,
    a discount in Workbench that no one even thinks about anymore,
    100-200 Andermants - drop of a couple of slightly stronger opponents…
    I stop here because I have to go to bed and the purpose of this enumeration is slowly being lost...

    You have experienced players who have been here from the beginning, so consult with them. That is our (old and experienced) team! There is no point in chewing again and again together what has already been chewed and wasting time reading and writing something that has already been said on several occasions.

    Greetings to all players.
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  8. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    go back to the old skill system and unique items that gave skill effects.
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  9. ronaldos

    ronaldos Forum Greenhorn

    Return the old control panel, I've said everything !
  10. AlecsandurStrashni

    AlecsandurStrashni Forum Greenhorn

    I was looking for this opportunity veery long time and here it is finally.
    First i want to say welcome to the new team and i hope that with time and patience the game will inprove and our friends and guilds will return to the game again
    So let's start with the obvious one - bugs
    The game needs much work on bugfixes because it's full with them and the old team haven't done anything about it. I don't think that i have to say more about this topic.
    The problem that i want solved the most is the bunch of boring content. Years have passed and we have received only old content or new PW's that actually are maps with mobs and bosses that we have already seen many times and i can't even look at them anymore. For the endgame we need something fresh and new that we haven't seen before like entirely new bosses,mobs and maps which can be actually interesting.
    No one would be against some changes to the current events as well they all are very old and boring to play or new and interesting but too hard and with bad rewards that doesn't worth the time.
    For me the game can also recieve at least 2 new classes and 2 new storylines different from the rest outside the PW. Classes like stealth assasin could be very enjoyeble.
    Complete guild rework is needed too i mean it'll be good if we recieve something like Guild only events and some kind of competition between the different guilds.
    And now the last thing is actually getting from 0 to hero as a new players. At the current state of the game the only chance for weak players is to find friends to carry them in the highest difficulties or lie to randoms for their dmg,crit and hp to be in a group which ruins the experience for both sides. I am not saying give everything for free but at least work in a direction that will allow weaker players to start from the lower difficulties and climb to the top in interesting and rewarding way worth the time.
    If all of this is completed maybe DSO will be able to compete with games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars The Old Republic again after at least 8 years in the dust.
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  11. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    I want to give a simple example for the new development team about randomness, so that our indignation is clear . Here 4 people will work , someone is trying, and someone is drinking coffee and reading newspapers at work , and when it comes time to get money for work, 3 people are paid money , and 1 is not, and they say-sorry, guy, random, you're just unlucky . Is it a shame ? Unfair ? Unfair ? Do you no longer want to work in this company ? Yes! That's how we have in the game , 112 visits to 4 bosses for the DSO birthday promotion , the new weapon did not fall , which means that my character will be much weaker in damage than the one who received the weapon ( 2 or 3 ) . So why is my character worse than many others ? I have been in the game for 9 years, I always bought premium, invested real money in the game and received such a random in gratitude , I was listed as very unlucky . After this, there is no desire to play, and even more so to invest real money in the game , it's like being spat in the face .Therefore, a big request to the new development team, while there is still time before the end of the promotion, give us a chance to get this new weapon, do not offend your loyal players .Sorry for my English, Google translate .
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  12. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    I think lower the entrance difficulty in PW to painful would make a lot of players happy.
    I can only speak for myself, i'd like to finish them all for the Achievement Points.
  13. uurcanarda

    uurcanarda Forum Apprentice

    Oh really? new ha?
    -Bring back OLD skill tree (40 level)
    -bring back OLD skill bar
    -bring back OLD level capacity(40level)
    -remove all items bring back paralel word sets(55level)
    - remove this complex skill tree knowlage tree
    - bring back old group skills
    -remove new maps (anderwold maps 100lvl maps)
    - remove new quests
    -remove sargon
    -bring back old mage skill meteor big skill
    - remove this playing system I mean double armor breaking on bosses
    - improve solo playing make powerfull solo playing as old
    - make this game simple not complex pleaseeeeee

    - base on guide of all things as old (for example event guide)
    -dont touch gem drops
    - improve loots more item more runes more jewels
  14. Kacerhoward123

    Kacerhoward123 Forum Greenhorn

    Make 100% chance for boss to spawn in multitool cave
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  15. Epilogue

    Epilogue Forum Greenhorn

    Nice to see you new DSO team, welcome.

    First of all, I've been playing this game for about 10 years since the open beta.

    In the early years of the game, PvP rank was really important and the main purpose of the game was to be strong in PvP. Players were farming in PvE for months to become strong in PvP. Yes, there were some wrong things back then too; using health potions during the match, using strong essences during the match, etc. Despite these, the old times of the game in general were very good. In the past, the items in Ammon were the most necessary items in the game and people were farming for these items for months, because ammon items were worth the effort. But looking now, you say "endgame content" for Parallel Worlds but almost all Ammon uniques are useless. Adding individual unique value to uniques and removing set bonuses is nonsense. Yes, there are also blue colored uniques under the name of set piece but almost all of them are useless, please bring back the old unique system. Please bring back the old skillbar. Please bring back the old skill tree and old main character skills. Please bring back the old PvP system. Please fix the drop system. Please make the sets for the new moon and full moon events worth the effort. Please fix bugs that have been around for 10 years. Please merge all servers because the number of players has decreased considerably.

    We are not asking you to create more gem types, new character classes, new events or rune types. We are not asking you to innovate, all we want is for you to return the game to level 45 time. We know there will be no going back but at least bring back everything at level 40-45, all content expansions up to level 100; Qaizah, Lor'tac, Dark Legacy should not be removed, but please bring back everything you removed, it shouldn't be hard. Old maps, old bosses, old sets, old events, please bring them back.

    And also, please bring back macOS support. Yes, it is possible to play the game by installing Windows on macbook, but it takes up too much disk space. (About 80-100 GB)

    I hope everything will be better than before. I wish the new DSO team good luck.
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  16. JimJupiter

    JimJupiter Advanced

    Yes, you would make many players happy!
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  17. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    Another appeal to the forum moderators, please convey to the developers the idea that there are a lot of people who have not received weapons at the DSO birthday action, but not all of them write on the forum. And this means there is a resentment against the random, which means no more money for the DSO, so if the situation with the weapon drop is not corrected quickly, the DSO will lose real money investments from the offended players. Because of such a randomness, I will definitely no longer pay 1 euro and many others, too, and this is not profitable for DSO. I would like to hear some kind of answer from the developers, whether there will be corrections or not, because time is not in our favor.
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The randomness is not a problem ... the problem is the way it has been implemented.
    There is a simple fix for that ... and it is not a merchant who will pump up the item prices.
    Every single item should be craftable on the workbench. Players should not be forced to play dungeons or bosses they don't like playing ... but they have to play because of item(s). Every item should be craftable with unified ingredients which would be farmed on preferred maps. There is no point forcing players playing on particular maps because gaming is entertainment where people should relax and spend spare time instead of getting frustrated by the devs who are forcing them to : play on certain maps, to play with certain classes and certain people instead of their friends (we don't select our game friends based on class, race, occupation ... etc, if all of my friends are tanks i should be playing with all tanks in group without being penalised for it). Happy people spend money ... frustrated players will only find a way to exploit your game. That way no matter where players play ... they will be able to obtain desired items whether from drops or via crafting.
    It only takes a minor change to the current crafting system ... by returning few crafting cores back to the game ("Building Back Better" would WEF's minions say? XD).
    Event items would be created with Draken Core instead of particular Event Boss fragment. That would be in example 500x Draken Core + 500x Ore + any ordinary item at specific level.
    Items from regular dungeons (scaling dungeons) would be created with Solid Core instead of particular Boss fragment. That would be in example 500x Solid Core + 500x Ore + any ordinary item at specific level. This crafting would also include all items that are not part of events or PW ... like Premium items and sets i.e.
    Parallel World items would be created with Pristine Core instead of particular PW Boss fragment. That would be in example 500x Pristine Core + 500x Ore + any ordinary item at specific level. Rings won't be needed because the ordinary item is determining the level of the final item ... and on top of that those Rings should be craftable as well like any other item!

    This way the items would remain dropping BUT in same time ALL items would be craftable at all times. Players should not fear if they miss an event ... because they will be able to craft any item whenever they like (or have necessary ingredients).
    This way players who play more than few hours every single day would have a chance to get the items from drop and have the back up option in case of failure ... but the most important thing is all CASUAL players would have an opportunity to craft the item.
    Daily Chests would give certain amount of crafting ingredients as well. Logging in the game 120 days in row is achievement too and players should be rewarded even if they don't have more time for playing other than just collecting dailies.

    Intentional or unintentional it is a almost certainly a "bug". They introduced the new Dark Legacy game with the excuse "lets make sure errors like Q7 set never happen again" ... and they made even more broken weapon on their way out :)
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  19. Sargon

    Sargon Forum Greenhorn

    1- Please bring back the game solo playable(like old days). Forcing players into group play doesn't make sense.
    2- Make the game beginner-friendly. Today, beginners really struggling while making anything and it makes most of the players don't want to start the game from zero. Upgrading their runes, jewels, gems, (because it wants really high amount golds) dropping items (including wonderful(!) RNG system), can't kill bosses when they reach level 100 fresh, even they drop the uniques, they are really weak because of low-level gems. They can't farm dusts easily in lower difficulties.
    3- This article is about my opinion. I started that game about 1.5 years ago and I want to say, I liked an old set system and upgrade system. About sets, if you look old Dragan set, also they have a unique value except for the set bonus (like 6% two-handed weapon damage increase). Maybe you can bring that type of new item (you would call that "mythic" or sth else) which has 2 bonuses (1 unique-1 set value or 2 really OP unique values). And about the upgrade system, I think that old workbench cores are really good for make the game continuous. I know, old developers removed them because they bring a new "item level" system but in my opinion, the old system is better than now. We needed to farm those cores from special bosses/events/maps. (especially Draken cores, because they were only dropped from event bosses, we needed to wait for them) I think I am one of the newest players here, most of the players have older accounts than me but honestly, I was having fun with that old 55 system.
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  20. Anyki

    Anyki User

    I'm sure the new DSO team is reading this thread already, considering they went out of their way to start it, even if they aren't personally answering it. :)
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