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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Lυke

    Lυke Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Please, everyone should understand that the anniversary weapon just like all the other weapons has a chance to drop, and you are not guaranteed to drop it no matter how many rounds you do. Yes, in theory and practice you can do exactly 500 rounds and still NOT get the weapon, but you can also do 10 runs and drop it. That's it, nothing more nothing less.

    This thread is about you giving feedback to the "new team" about the game, your expectations and needs, not trying to blame the system for not getting the desired weapon. You can separate and focus your Anniversary Event feedback in the related topics here on Forums or in Discord.

    Being unlucky doesn't seem everything around you doesn't work, remember that. Just like in a lottery you can't blame the system for not winning the lucky number and not becoming a millionaire no matter how many entries. :eek:

    PS: Feedback and requests are being collected but we don't have an estimate or end-period on when to stop collecting for now

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  2. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    I think that the freedom of expresion is something important, if we can't express our liking and disgust hardly will go progress to better
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You don't get it do you?
    That weapon is representing the rest of the items in the game ... and the drop rate is representing the game itself.
    So yes, they are giving the feedback about the game and their frustration says more than enough about what they feel about the game.
    After 10 years of constant complaints someone is still asking same old questions under the umbrella of "we need your feedback" ... why would they need their feedback if they haven't listened to the previous 99999 times?
    And then we have you who is supposed to collect and pass feedback on ... and you don't even understand what the players are telling you.
    That is the reason why the things are not progressing in this game. (facepalm)
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  4. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice

    ->The current skill/combat system.

    In short, it is not fun to play at all. All of my friends quit because of that sole reason. I think bringing back the old "combat system" would make tons of players come back to the game and make tons of older existing players happier.

    (For example the spellweaver black whole cooldown reduction thing was really fun. Slowing down bosses with Ranger and Spellweaver was also tons of fun and required teamwork to pull off, making it rewarding and even more fun. The entire old Ranger playstyle was really fun for everyone I knew. The current Ranger playstyle pays little resemblance to the old one.)

    ->Also the old boss system.

    Bosses die in literally 1 second now, I personally find it a tiny satisfying to farm quickly by killing the boss in 1 second, but on the other hand it really defeats the purpose of playing the game. Making bosses challenging would be extremely fun for everyone, and by challenging I don't just mean giving them tons and tons of HP so they would take longer to kill. A challenging boss is one with more, and more diverse attack patterns and mechanics. I feel a great job of this was done with the introduction of inf5-7, so something similar (and maybe adding even more HP to the highest difficulties so it is at least a little challenging and fun to even a maxed player) would be great in my opinion.

    ->Also, the drop quantities and lower difficulties monster power scalings.

    First of all, it is impossible for a player to progress by playing solo in this game. I tried it and it was pure hell. First of all, the drops are very very scarce on even the lower difficulties (painful-fatal) making it almost impossible for players to get the required resources to progress with their character on their own. And this ties back to the other problem, the monsters at these levels are pretty hard for new lvl 100 players. Combine this with the previous problem and your playtime is absolute suffering if you want to progress entirely on your own.
  5. ~Μαριος~123

    ~Μαριος~123 Forum Apprentice

    I think some kind of combination between the old and new crafting systems would be the best thing. Like, requiring glyphs to create the item whose values you are going to transfer to the unique and requiring cores to transfer the values from the legendary to the unique item would be pretty cool, since it would be the best of both worlds, requiring grinding but taking the RNG element off of it.
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  6. Yulka1980

    Yulka1980 Forum Apprentice

    Welcome to the game LUKE.

    You have totally misunderstood the weapon question. Its not a problem of being unlucky or lucky. The real problem is, the UNLUCKY ones could farm for the next 200 years, collect 500.000.000 gem dust, anything you can imagine and we would never reach the damage the new weapon has.

    Another thing you are forgetting is that the LUCKY guys are able to farm, with this weapon. end bosses solo, which gives them more advantanges(better gear, life, defences, etc.), without spending anything. In the future they will be able to do all the events 500 times, solo, and get whatever prizes are offered and increase more the difference between the LUCKY and the UNLUCKY guys. For the UNLUCKY guys, from this point onwards, its a loosing game. It dosent matter what the UNLUCKY ones get in future events, the difference will still be abysmal thanks to this new weapon. A minority of first class gamers and the rest of UNLUCKY second class gamers.

    I m one of the old guys( in both sense of the word) and after the 2 or 3 beginings we have had and in my case hours of grinding, it is frustrating to have the LUCKY guys calling you a noob or worse, because we have no damage compare to them.

    Luck should exist but not with so much difference.

    Luke I hope you can reconsider the opinion you stated above, which is going to get many people very angry.

    Excuse my english as it is not my mother language. Still best regards.
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  7. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    There must be a better way for grinding gems and runes than going one slot at a time...
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  8. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    Welcome to the new team and good work in the future. Personally the game is fine but the pvp has to be completely redone and brought back to the level 50 as it was and trust me it will bring back many old players.
    I am of the opinion that a unique should be rare, as it was in the past with the mortis mask, I dropped it after two years, so I don't see why everyone should drop easily.I advise the development team not to worry too much about these complaints and in this forum there are so many about the drop of unique.
    Good work to the new team.
  9. mehmetzkn

    mehmetzkn Forum Greenhorn

    When we enter the boss maps, there are cases where the group does not take the whole. You can fix this. Sometimes it enters the maps too late, you can take precautions for this. You can make the delay indicator (ms) playable within 200 ms. You can increase the skill bar from 8 to 10, it will be more useful. I can say this for now. Thanks :)
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  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Bring back skill modifying uniques, I have asked this on here and on discord quite a few times
    Also implement my uniques -_-
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  11. TheLionRoar

    TheLionRoar Forum Greenhorn

    Hello new team of DSO, I am looking forward for all the upcoming updates (PvP, new class etc.)
    The game now looked so fresh from the last time I played (2014 ish). It is repetitive, but understandable as its an MMORPG-a grindfest, which I believe most players probably annoyed with it. So here are my 2cents:

    1. Make the game easier for fresh level 100 (at this state it is very uncommon to find group to play along as they deal least damage/least HP)- even. Probably decrease the difficulty of monster in mode under Infernal.
    2. Make PvP great again! PvP has been part of DSO since the very beginning. IMO the best era was back in Level 45 expansion. Not asking anything more but maybe bring back PvP leaderboards.
    Beside that, make all PvP mode available anytime-Team Battle is so dead right now, so at least more people will register and easier to find match, as there are more PvP modes available.
    3. PvE is so-so for me, at least for mid-game char, so no complain about that beside RNG, which is "kinda acceptable"
    4. Last but not least please improve the game playability-what I mean is the legendary rubberbanding effects. Since the very start playing this issue never been solved. Its bit hard to play with average 180+ ms (note that Im playing from Asia), make it playable for cross-continent.
    Thanks for the time and consideration good luck everyone ;)
  12. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Man, but feedback regarding that weapon IS feedback about the game. Especially that the weapon is OP, stronger than everything else, and game changing, and actually should be nerfed. <- this is my feedback: That weapon has to be nerfed before this gets out of hand.

    Secondly, if there was such an OP thing and it was widely available, so that everyone dedicated enough could reach it - sooner or later... like it was with Q7 set etc. before CE... it would be just broken. If some people can't get the OP thing... it is both broken and unfair.

    So, yes, this is a piece of feedback about the game for the new team to know that the old team left such a steaming turd here and left.

    So, yes, this is an expectation of many players, both some of those who got the weapon and who didn't, that the damned "new Q7" gets nerfed.

    So, yes, this is a need of the community that the OP weapon gets nerfed before this gets out of hand and a rift appears between bearers of that weapon and everyone else.
  13. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    Everything is clear , it was stupid to hope for help for the players , I already regret that I tried to explain the injustice, the division of players who received superweapons for 2-8 pieces for free and for players who received 0 weapons, spending a lot of real money to buy entrances to 4 bosses . So it was necessary to give everyone equal chances, and not to make a limit for buying inputs for gold or crystals . So tell me, how much real money should I spend to buy entrances to the arena of almost 5k inomants for 1 entrance ? Is this a new extortion ? The one who came up with the idea to make a weapon with a base 2 times larger than the usual one and give it to the chosen ones , clearly wanted unlucky people to stop playing out of resentment or at least stop investing money in the game , this person did everything . More than one friend has said that if he does not knock out this weapon , he will remove the unlucky character , and someone will simply quit playing , harm from randomness not only to players, but also to DSO .
  14. vitalyooss_youtube

    vitalyooss_youtube Forum Greenhorn

    Players are already going crazy trying to knock out this something weapon, I am including, I personally have done 140+ runs, and all I got was a fake-uniques in the form of two-handed weapons, however fun) Can we players know at least the chance of falling out of this weapon? Apparently there is less than a percent))) On the other hand, if the chance to knock out this weapon 1%, then how do other players knock out 3 of these weapons for literally 60 passes?) I think some players have a bug and this thing is just not in the drop list. I feel as cheated as many others. F good weapons :(
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  15. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert

    In that case, it would be polite to introduce them to us.
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  16. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    The problem with the weapon is a big problem just know (i'm totally agree).

    I think that the problem with weapon isn't nothing in comparision with the times that something like this happened in the past; i mean: the old team toke a bad decisitions but instead of accept this or just listen to the majority like solution they take again a new random decisition and close the topic like a taboo. I was trying say to the new team that with facts like this (once more and another) is how this game turned to a lonely game and i saw because i'm playing here since beta uninterruptedly (sadly for me and for so much players who really love this game and would love that it bring back to life, as good times used to be); i explained this point because they asked about points and dispoints for WE but sadly they censored my opinions. Please don't delete this again! is my opinion like the opinion of another player, let me at least explain what i like and dislike about Drakensang Online and decide later if you wanna ignore or listen but don't delete please. Censoreship is a really sad thing
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  17. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    I 100% agree traki on this.
    Another big examples of this are the jewel gem of fortune and jewels from "scam cave"
    One can only count how much time and money those who have those will win now and even more every day from now on to the unforeseen future.
    Every item like this should have at least some "achievement" behind . You do this 100 and you are 100% guaranteed to get it or like Traki suggested. It should be craftable.
    But now those who did not get the gem jewel have basically 0 chance to keep up with those who have it.(we all have seen the pictures for example 8 more bigger gems . I'm 100% sure that those will come in some time).

    For me new skillsystem is OKish IF it would bring in more variety on playstyle etc. But now especially on solo play almost every class is forced to use the one mastery that can break 100%res or armor. This kind of ruins the whole idea of these masteries since not all have possibility to always group on content they want to play(not with these player numbers) and if you cannot do it whole time . You then always will use the build that works and rest are just... useless.

    My suggestion to devs is to play game (solo and in group) with fresh 100 level character(without help of stronger characters). See how slow and impossible it is to develop toon.
    Play also mid level character. Pretty much see the same thing :D. Toon development nearly non existing on solo or in groups that do not get help from end game players.
    (Actually above applies only partially. One can develop items and some event have good stuff for fresh players but when that is done . Everything halts because this games end game is to max out gems and jewels and that basically stops and gets too hard or grindy)
    Play more end game character and realize that only things to do are bloodchest runs, some events, and q5 runs for inf passages and rest of the maps and content is well useless...
    Then you have pretty good idea about the issues in general.

    And YES fix the PVP. For lot of us (especially then on end game toons) the PVP is 50% of this game. On every level up I and several friends have been ok with end game since the PVP has then become the end game for us.

    ps. Already following the roadmap that previous developers had would be great.
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  18. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    DSO shouldn't be like a lottery where a lucky man invests little money to become a millionaire.
    ( everything for one, nothing for others )
    DSO should be entertainment, where players invest their time to get fun and not frustration ;)
  19. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    I fully agree with the above that any unlucky player should have a chance to get the right thing in the game, even if it is much more difficult than others . Every work must be paid , so give us this opportunity to receive a reward . A person will perform achievements, try and get 100% for his perseverance and work the right thing . And as it is now in the game , it turns out that people are discriminated against - you are lucky , take everything, smile and play happy further . And you're a loser , work hard , play a lot , get angry , get offended , get upset , but you still won't get anything .So you need to introduce the possibility of crafting ALL unique items , primarily weapons from the anniversary event . Enter the completion of any achievements to get the necessary gems, then each player will know that he is welcome in the game , that the DSO takes care of him .
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  20. Thoradin

    Thoradin Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    That would be nice give it back it would be much better
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