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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Oessian, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. dam18

    dam18 Junior Expert

    I think you could not do so you could choose solo or group which could be at the top so you could switch from solo to group if you had gone in a group could but still choose difficulty level as you can now.
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  2. giulia

    giulia Forum Apprentice

    With all respect, but I think that's a wrong point of view. We aren't talking about a lotery. It's a game in which drop rate is set by Devs.
    We had few experience in which 1-2 classes couldn't get in drop for weeks, certain items do an error in programming (this being considered unlucky at the beginning ;)), so I hope that in the future these things will be better checked before to be deployed patch content in the live servers and/or users complaints related to the missing drop, will be really checked.
    It's more, as was already mentioned before, bc the drop rate should be balanced to avoid huge discrepancies between players. Yes I agree that a good item should not drop in every run but to NOT be taken after 500 runs is absurd . The idea that not everyone should have something even if they farm a lot and for a long time, is wrong and leads to abandoning the game bc it's like " why I should play, spend many hours in the game if anyway I can't get what I want".
    The drop rate increasing depending on the level of the map may be also a solution bc in my opinion, must be a difference in rate drop, not only in base values/selling price..etc, doing 100 runs on blood or 100 on normal mode, so on blood may be a better drop rate .
    I want and I would like to see in the future, a much better communication between users/admins and Devs not to be left without information and answers for days, weeks, with the excuse that no one Dev could be contacted. Maybe also here in the forum can be created a section in which will answer directly Devs, IF GMs/mods have problems in contact them.
    As example, we are asking from when the Anniversary Event started, if the basic values of the dropped 2h weapon will remain as they are now, or will be changed to fit with those mentioned in patch notes & event entrance window, bc there it's a Huge difference. Til now we haven't received any official answer from admins, only personal opinions and smth like an excuse that nobody knows/ there aren't Devs which can clarify this.

    Regarding other aspects of the game :
    - would be great to have new events,
    - can be nice if it's possible to reduce the number of events running at the same time, bc it happened to be and 4,
    - returning more or less to the previous form of buying infernal, or reducing their price with materi/raising the limit on the number that can be bought from Emilia, bc most of users can't handle it with ip without using credit card.
    Rn between farming for inf passages, events, gems..etc game begins to become a chore not something pleasant,
    -adding a function to memorize the chosen daily missions so in the next day the ones chosen one day before, to appear first(rn we lose a lot of time to search them every day) or compacting them by reducing the enumeration of all bosses ( ex. for pw can be used : Any boss from pw on fatal..and so on),
    - rethinking the rewards offered for daily missions bc those from position 4 are ..nothing. To get from a chest an normal/ green item after doing 6 daily missions, it's completely uninteresting ,
    - recalculating the price requiered when it's purchased a big amount of "recources" and setting a lower price for it, not higher than when the same thing is bought in smaller quantities ( ex: ess in sale at Phestos).
    - introduction of the drakens reward system and Grima NPC, was a very good idea but I think that should be unlocked the number limitation in the purchase of rune/jewels, ess ..etc with drakens in Grima event shop. If someone wants to spend all his dk on essence, or with jewels( as example), then should be able to it bc. Players farm for dk or buy them so shouldn't be forced to keep them bc have nothing useful to buy,
    - a new pvp system and balanced one. One shoot isn't adequate to this game, in my opinion,
    -before buffing the skills of a class, only due to the fact that they can't anymore "watch a movie" while are using just 1 max 2 skill, to really test if these changes are needed or it's just the laziness of players who don't want to use more skills,
    - to be tested with characters at almost the same status if one is OP or not, not to be considered and taken for sure, in order to be changed skills, the complaints of small chars against players from other classes who farmed for many hours daily and have a char much better due to this fact not bc the class's skills,
    - the farm, killing the monsters/bosses, the events ..etc , to be tested /checked Also using normal chars not only booked ones, bc in the last case everything will seems very easy, some chars owners having no one real idea what it really means to spend many hours online to try to get items, to finish an event, and how frustrating is to not get day after day what you want.

    All the best,
  3. giulia

    giulia Forum Apprentice

    Regarding the char's aesthetics, maybe many players will enjoy to have new costumes for the female characters (wasn't added a new one from years), to be redesigned few of SW's items (cutting/taking off skirts and leave long pants :) ), to be added a fluid animation to the Shadow Hunter Costume(a nice one in fact), added more details to the characters ( face & body). Those are small things (which probably will makes players a bit more happy), things forgotten due to the stressful farm trend.:)
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  4. KARL31

    KARL31 Forum Apprentice

    It will always be impossible to satisfy each one of you, because each one sees the game in his own way. The more I read the comments, the more I see that dreams are allowed. The end of the game does not bring anything and having huge statistics makes the game an end ... it's the carrot that makes the donkey move forward and the donkey that I am no longer has a carrot and that's a problem, I was happy to play when I had little because I was motivated to move forward, this is less the case today ...
  5. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    I make a satisfactory request: reset the anniversary event to give many the opportunity to try again and many not to get bored without doing anything because the event has already been finished for quite some time.
    Some of you will remember that this has already been done in the past. Thank you
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Are you OK dude?
    Is that Drakensang Pornline you are promoting? :D
    Items should not be get by achievements (items like equipment) because they have random base stats. I still remember the Dragan event when I was playing one run for 60 minutes and at the end i got the amulet with 0% stats and I couldn't get another one :D
    But I could agree with you on items with constant values or no values at all. Sure, items like gems, runes, pets, costumes ... etc.
    Even those who know nothing about game design know that you they can't balance a game with such items in it XD
    It is impossible because it is breaking both PvE and PvP.
    Personally ... I don't have that weapon nor I do want it. Everyone knows I am not using hoaxbows :)
    I bought all entrances for gold and CoT ... and I still have 12 left ... that is how much I am interested in the weapon :)
    But it is not about me ... I gave sincere opinion without disregarding other player's will. I wasn't about to give feedback at all ... because I am tired of giving feedback for years and being ignored ... but i had to point out to the other players that there is a hope and fix and they should not get demotivated. Because the way they were asking to handle the situation by "demanding" answers and item bookings is not going to work ... not now nor ever. I am against mandates ... any kind of "item" mandates ;)
    The proposed "fix" is really easy to be arranged and the players will benefit from it in long terms ... and so will profit the game.
    There are a lot of examples when items got nerfed in the past, the Lifekeeper is not the only example.
    And that leads to the next purge ... because it is inevitable. And that would lead to another revolt ... because players already spent too much resources in order to get the item.
  7. Ginaja

    Ginaja Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, nice to meet you Oessian.


    Great Game and Fun, the passed 10 years i have been in many good guilds and met many
    nice people with which i had good battles, conversations and laughs.... and drama =P
    Sadly most of them left since the introduction of Dark Legacy and many guilds vanished.
    And i am sure this did not go unnoticed by BP.

    I like the effort/work SilverSeas [Velveteen Duck] does for DSO, i like her videos, guides, tips and the item database, its usefull.

    I like Trakilaki because of his humour and help!

    I play mostly PVE Merciless/Bloodshed solo and grouped, both is fun, but not so much exciting anymore as before Dark Legacy.


    Out of frustration and dissapointment because implementing Dark Legacy and seeing too many (horrible) changes
    i stopped playing DSO for about 5 months, then update after update i gave it another try but DSO still cannot grab
    and keep my attention like before Dark Legacy, it still feels like a boring game now, guess only nostalgia keeps
    me coming back from time to time to check things out.

    Introduce a henchman, received by a very long and intense solo quest, which you can also lvl up and give gear/items
    like in many other cool games or some kind of pet that can grow and wear items and can actually help you in a fight.
    I rather see a henchman then a new class, new class means same maps, same quests which we already done over and over
    not sure if a new playstyle makes up for that.

    Make a possibilty to craft/transfer Base Values to Unique gear of the same quality, same item and same lvl so we can really max out
    all our gear with gold/plat stats, should be costly and the other item should be destroyed in the process.

    Many People complain about not getting this new weapon (Challenge Arena) from the event, but what you say, i got it after 67x runs
    (PW Blood) and the base stats are horrible, isnt that even worse and much more dissapointing also knowing when it once drops
    chances are limited and very minor that it drops again!? So the idea of Traki is a good one, it should be craftable.

    Boring (old) events with mediocre lvl 100 Gear rewards, useless, most of us at lvl 100 have lvl 140 and higher gear, its easy to get.

    Once there was a discussion on the Forum when it would be possible to wear both the Victory Pauldrons (Wings) and the
    Crown of the Victorious (Mask) together, sadly still not possible.

    The old skill bar which had 7 skill slots (now 5) was much better and most important more fun and exciting too play.
    And visual it was alot better. More skills to use means more fun to play for me, now it feels so limited and i am missing out.
    And why is that Urban Area T. button so tiny....almost cannot click it (i know there is a hotkey).

    Every time when there is an game update all my settings are back to default, very annoying, especially my keyboard settings.

    Inventory is always overloaded even with 8 bags x 28 slots and after the introduction of the special bag so yes we still have
    too little space, but mostly because of the gem diversity!
    Please give us more space or transfer more items to the special bags and make higher stacks of essences.
    And make higher stacks of Mystic Cubes, 99x is way too low.

    So yes, way too much different gems, it clutters all my inventory like 4 complete pages after a day grinding and then to grind
    it all to dust is still (even after speedup patch) too much time consuming and very boring.

    Make guilds more important, more features, since Dark Legacy it seems there aren't any (good) guilds left.

    Since Dark Legacy i stopped playing PVP, lost interest, no excitement anymore.
    I liked PvP much before DL and played it daily, now i dont even play it for the daily quest anymore.

    To max out Runes is quite fast (high droprate and high rune dust conversion) but too max out gems/opals/jewels takes ages
    (Low quality gems drop alot even on Bloodshed and low shiny dust conversion), no balance there, should be the other
    way around since we use alot more Gems (130 Gems, 50 Runes, 30 Jewels and 10 Opals). Jewel droprate is quite low, they are scarce.
    Yes i could speed things up by doing catacombs Blood all day long but its so monotonous.

    I would love to see an extra slot to add an extra Rune Trinket, now i cannot use all the runes i have and need and want to use.

    In many games you can have a shared bag where you can put in all you want and share items amoung al your other characters, i love this.

    Can there be a new achievement (we already have Rune Expert 20 Leg Runes), that when we got max 50 runes to Legendary we get a "Rune Master" Title.

    All event/quest rewards give out gear of lvl 100, vendors sell all items of lvl 100, all my gear is lvl 140-145 so all those lvl 100 items are useless.
    Only Premium Day is good, at least there you can buy lvl 145 Unique items (like Belt of Zeal which is a great item)
    Even Legendary Cubes give out only lvl 100 items.
    There should be a fair system, like if all my Unique gear combined together is at lvl 141 i should be rewarded with that lvl gear from events, from cubes, even from vendors i should be able to buy lvl 141 items that would be an honest and fair system.

    Hope things will change for the better!

    Ciao and regards,

    A 10 year DSO player and fan.

    Other very good ideas (resume) from other players on this topic on which i fully agree with,

    User - grizzlly
    Items and gems
    - I would suggest increasing the following base stats armor/resistances/critical value and block, they are quite low compared to what our gems give us.
    that would be the first thing that could lead to a bit different options

    User - Abracadaver
    - Some maps are too crowded that causes the game engine to stutters/lag, reduce the crowded areas a little in order to increase the optimization.
    (i.e. Sargon's Shadowfort)
    - Rework daily quests, it is really hard to find your desired quests, we should be able to go back or pick in a drop-down list, instead of each time click.
    And rework the "daily challenge chest", it doesn't rewarding.

    User - RagePowered
    - Transparency (I think we are not sufficiently informed on what's going on with the game, progress made with features announced or staff changes)

    User - Passemuraille
    What I do not like :
    - The skill bar too small graphically, and not enough slots, the old one had 10, why did you reduce it to 8 ?
    - The nerve of skills, such as the mage's ice sphere, his icy wind that no longer freezes enemies.
    - Bosses, even normal, are way too difficult for a new lvl 100.

    User - Ronaldos
    - Return the old control panel [skillbar], I've said everything !
  8. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Padavan

    i'll take 2 more Rune Trinkets pls :)
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  9. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    You don't want to understand that the problem here is the limited number of runs/ cost of runs/ drop rate.
    You play from an already maxed character from the company since the begging of lvl 100 and you dare to talk about 10 -500 runs to players who dedicate a whole month farming infernal fragments and then bloodchest for andermant and then the weapon (3 things for a month for 1 item)
    You ought to fix something of all the above mentioned
    Either you will remove all limiters of gold and crystals of truth for the portals, so we can buy the portals FOR FREE. Why did the company left without limiter the portals offered with andermant only?
    (As a suspicious person, i ask you straight WHAT WAS THE PLAN ?
    To leave a window of 50-60 weapons open for some people to obtain it in order to then say ' Oh look so many photos exist in Discord from people with a weapon, it's not bugged why do you complain?' but indirectly forced everyone else to waste andermant the direct per payment currency of your game?)
    Or you will reduce the andermant cost of the portals to something like 200 or 500 ander per round without the veteran bonus NOT 5000 and then increased the drop.
    What is so hard to understand here?
    In the summer festival, for example, all mini- game tickets were offered for andermant, but first of all they were relatively cheap (800 ander per round) and the drop was excellent. I was constantly receiving 6-7 items per 10 rounds? Who complained in that event about the drop? In 20k andermant max, you could have at least once every piece of zeal in your inventory.
    In general, you have to grasp that this ridiculous policy of frustrating people with a shitty drop rate in order to make them pay for something that they won't even get for 100% loses potential customers, because these situations and occur again and again not only on this event.
    And that's my advice and appeal to all players out there...
    Until they take our feedback seriously and implement our ideas, STOP PAYING FOR ANYTHING IN THE GAME!!! PERIOD! 0 money for event attires + 0 money for andermant purchase. DO WHAT WILL HURT THEM!!!
    You see their answers with your own eyes.... They don't even consider as a problem receiving the weapon in 500 rounds!!! How impudent.... Translation of this quote? 500 rounds x5000 ander (4750 with veteran)= 2.5million (2.375million with veteran) andermant =
    1645 euros is equal to someone that receives the weapon in the first 10-40 FREE rounds. 0 money to scammers!!!
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  10. Yulka1980

    Yulka1980 Forum Apprentice

    How about offering high-end weapons, armour, pets, ect to the players in dual form: real money and grinding:

    For example this weapon we are all talking about:

    - 5 euros and 200.000.000 glyphs - 10 euros and 100.000.000 glyphs - 15 euros and 50.000.000 glyphs

    Like I said this is just an example, DSO would get some money in. The people who can or want to grind for hours. would get the things with a little payment. The people who dont want to grind too much or have to study, work or family would get them, paying a little more and the lucky ones would get them in the events free.

    The system to work can never be 100% paying or 100% grinding. It has to be a mixture of the two worlds.
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  11. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    Interesting fact: for this money it is possible to make a real bow that would be a visually identical copy of this one from the game. Maybe even for a lot less money depending on the material to be made.
    And I think we could have more fun with him than with a DSO like this.
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  12. Galadriel01

    Galadriel01 Forum Greenhorn

    This always disapoints me, we give feedback and mods doesnt event try to understand our point.. they just said we are unlucky or blaming the system

    I dont want the weapon for free none of us want that, im even ok with this weapon been so rare that is not craftable.....
    But the system to get it ist just unfair.... there should be a repeteable quest to get marks.. do u rlly expect us to do 500 runs and spend 2M ander when the drop its no even guaranteed?... with a repeteable quest u can let the droprate stay the same but a least encourages player to grind to get it...

    Whats the point of giving our feedback if u just gonna say we are unlucky and we souldnt blame the system.... we are giving feeedback on a system that none of us likes... and u chose to dont listen us... ur entire player base is telling u about something that should be imrpoved and u chose to don listen to them... why?

    these type of dynamics between mods and community is why we always felt like none of u listen or care about ur players/community
  13. AnXiuS2

    AnXiuS2 Forum Greenhorn

    Just one thing i want to talk. Its client too much bug. Loading too slow, and crash many times. :(
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  14. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    Hello, the new DSO team...I would like to discuss the Dragon Knight is not in demand...previously, he could tank bosses well and restore life to the entire the Knights are forgotten...More weapons from the Action from the Arena...this is obtained if someone who has it can play on the expanses of Doria...Can the other Players guys delete the Game?Well, then 1% of the guys will remain and they will that how it works?After reading the above posts where there was a calculation to spend 1,600 euros on a gun from the one will pay for this....the maximum price for this Game per month is 5 euros no more...and both trapezoidal stones and imperial ones should fall.....There is a remarkable grind in this more than that...she is 10 years old and that she is still breathing...This is thanks to the old Veteran Players(I myself have been in it for 9 years) is better not to write about beginners...they are thrown very far back for decades
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  15. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    And soon there will be a decrease in players in the DSO , it is many old players who have not knocked out the superweapon . When communicating with them, many said that after the anniversary campaign, they would not knock out the weapon - they would stop playing or simply delete the character . And I understand them, because with 9 years of experience in the game and maximum stones for damage of 700, I will lag behind beginners with stones of 80-113, but who have new weapons . So wait for the DSO , in 2 weeks a lot of people will say - " Goodbye to dishonest DSO , there are other, more decent games ! "
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  16. Dampfxaoc

    Dampfxaoc Advanced

    To the whole BP/DSO Team, and also dear Luke, who tries to explain us that there are players who are BLESSED by ITS Majesty Random, and there are players, who are CURSED by "[EDIT]" Random. You must understand, that FUNDAMENTAL / BASIC / the MOST IMPORTANT stuff un the game such as +5 gem, ingredients gem or 2h weapon from the event MUST be obtainable NOT by RANDOM, but by achievements!! The possession of such FUNDAMENTAL items leads to enormous gap between players!! Can you imagine me with +5 gem, and someone who didn't get it... after DTU event? Can you imagine how far i gonna be in gem upgrade than that person? Can you imagine how much blood passages, essences and time spare a person who got 1/2/3 ingredients gems? How you generally come to the idea, that such significant stuff must be given randomized? Achievement or CRAFT!! Who plays / spends his time / invests money - deserves to get stuff they want not by random! You Peter - today is your day, and you get 2h within 5 runs, and you Michael - you are piece of [EDIT] and you will not get significant stuff, because.... just because Random doesn't want this. Introduce back achievements! Achievements push us to CREATE parties with the same goal, push us to SEARCH and JOIN parties where players playing together! PUSH us to reach stuff we need playing together, and the main word is TO REACH IT. Wasn't it one of the main calls in the game as everyone started to farm solo? Random leads to players' frustration, as those who deserve it - doesn't get what they are working for, and those who got it once - will not be happier after getting it 2-3 or 7 times. Imagine you and me making same job.... from 0 to 100%... i get my money for that, and you.... well not, because of random. FAIRNESS!
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  17. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    Grave silence and nothing is done. It seems to be talking to the walls. But is it possible that there is no one behind to come up with something to eliminate boredom?
    Are you kidding us by chance or do you think that we are all kids to be fooled at will? I gave you an idea and reset this EDIT event.
  18. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Padavan

    drops from cubes should be at the lvl of the map they are farmed
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  19. vincfang888

    vincfang888 Forum Apprentice

    I got the 10thevent 2h weapon in my first 4bosses fight on pw mecri difficulty with solo.Maybe you can try soloing.
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  20. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Hello and welcome
    1. The grinding is unreal and it's really not fun or engaging in any way.
    2. The stats are just too inflated, Why are we hitting mobs for 10+ mil again? This is not diablo
    3. Most sets are virtually useless (from what i know and seen) Parallel world sets should be the semi best sets with good %% values on skills and good set bonuses, not 4% damage on a skill you dont use, Event sets are useless too... even the world sets have no value :/
    4. PVP is a 1 hit fest and it's no fun + everyone moves at max speed and most skills are still useless.
    5. Events arent really that interesting besides from draken
    6. Level 100, we never needed one hundred levels, we never even needed 55... Maybe level 50 but more skills are added, more content, more sets etc..
    7. Test server not actually being a test server for normal dso people, keep the test server locked until a new update needs testing and then give everyone GOOD characters to test out the new updates and then when the testing period is over you can close the test server again.
    8. Take away the grindy aspect of the game, A tower with a certain amount of floors which get progressively harder , World bosses which drop really good loot for all characters dependent on the damage they do, Even hunts (marked monsters) where you can accept a hunt in a certain area and that monster will appear in that area which actually poses a challenge, A timed mode for map clearences (better than bloodchests) where there are also objectives to do to earn better rewards for that map and lets say you can get 3 stars for a clearence with 2 objectives and a good time in 1 map and for collecting a certain amount of stars you get rewards for it and eventually clearing a continent earns you massive rewards and for completing the whole of dracania with 3 stars you get a title/costume/mount/stat bonuses/gems/a universal weapon glow (a weapon glow applicable to all weapons)..
    9. There was a huge lack of communication and we were mostly in the dark about anything
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