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  1. Toby1kanobi

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    With release 111 we are introducing repeatable quests and scaling item quest rewards for the parallel world. The scaling item quest rewards guarantee that, upon completing a quest, your reward is an item equal to your level and not below or above that.

    In addition, we have fixed a variety of bugs, have removed exploits and have adjusted the drop chance of andermant to progress with the level of the character.

    Scaling Item Quest Rewards

    Until now, rewards for the parallel world quests were fixed in terms of level and power. With this release, reward items will be adjusted properly to the players level, making it possible for all parallel world eligible players to get a proper reward, according to their own level!
    As we had announced in the statement of release 109, the parallel world would be adjusted continuously. Now, all item quest rewards will be scaling according to the level of your hero.
    The aim is to make the items more useful for you and to give you a proper reward for finishing some of the most difficult quests in the game.

    Repeatable Quests: Parallel World

    Now that the quest rewards are scaling to your character level, we allow people who already finish the quests, to repeat them. It would be pretty upsetting to see that you just finished the quest, only to find out that the items are now adjusting to your level. So we wanted to give you the chance to make the best out of the quests.

    Diminishing returns

    - The higher the level of the character, the lower the rewards if the character defeats low level enemies -
    This adjustment is a progressive system that has been implemented in various other RPG games, it is basically a classic feature. A strong character ought to be focused on defeating enemies equal to his/her strength and rewarded accordingly. Especially the high level characters among you will notice this change. However, the drop rate of andermant in general has not been changed, only the amount is scaling according to your level and also depending on whether, the enemy you are about to defeat, is still a worthy one for your level.

    A nice side effect of this adjustment is that exploits from bot-users are being tackled as well.
    We have read your feedback and we agree with you, that it is unfair that bot users farm their way to fortune with simply defeating the same weak minions over and over again.

    Those of you, who are taking the time and effort, to defeat enemies of their own strength
    ought to be rewarded accordingly and not for simply slaughtering weak cannon fodder enemies.

    The goal is to keep the game a challenge and allow the player to test his/her skills against enemies of his/her own level. High level characters can still defeat enemies of lower level but will not be rewarded as if they had the same level as the monster. In order to keep the balance between lower level characters and high level characters, we decided to implement this feature, as it promotes challenge.

    The quality of drops and the quantity of certain items (i.e Andermant) scales together with the hero’s level, thus, when defeating enemies around his/her level the drop is obviously much more valuable than that of lower level enemies.

    Guaranteed Andermant Drops

    Enemies, such as champions and mini bosses, now have a drop chance of Andermant similar to the drop chance of any other monster in Dracania. We do not want to give bots the chance to make runs on the same mini boss just because it drops the exact amount constantly.
    Thanks to your feedback we have discovered areas where bot-users would simply focus on the same champion or miniboss and exploit them.
    Important note: the total andermant amount that is dropping from minibosses and champions has not been reduced. The player will simply find sometimes more, sometimes less.

    Glyphs of Power: Half - Off!

    Your goal is to improve your equipment and we have seen you investing largely into
    making your heroes mighty vanquishers. We understand the importance of powerful equipment and customization, therefore we decided to boost the upgrades of your items by lowering the cost of Glyphs of Power.

    Higher Drop chance for legendary Items

    Drakensang Online is all about individualism and customization when it comes to items,
    we enjoy seeing that you present you upgraded legendary items in the forums. The game is much more fun if all of you have the chance to find a legendary item different from the other. In order to increase the diversity among you but also because we have read your feedback, we decided to raise the drop chance of legendary items by 50% from normal monsters in all dungeons and parallel world.

    Doubled the drop rate for Lockpicks

    Loot is the heart of the game, and our treasure chests are one of the best sources for loot. Unfortunately so far, it was very hard to come by lockpicks, and thus having the experience of opening one of those treasure chests. From now on, lockpicks will drop twice as likely. Hopefully giving you a better looting and treasure hunting experience.

    Thank you for your active engagement
    and participation in Drakensang Online

    Kind regards
    Team Drakensang Online
  2. Toby1kanobi

    Toby1kanobi Guest

    Additional information on scaling items –
    How does this work?

    At the moment you collect the quest reward, the item will be immediately scaled to your level, as if it would be upgraded with glyphs of power. If your character is level 30, you will get a level 30 Item.
    If your character is level 31, you will get an item of level 31 and so on, up to level 45. In addition, the items now have slightly random values (although of course the choice of enchantments on these stay always the same).

    To give you a chance to use your Ammon's Item in the earlier levels and still get an according level 45 Item when you reach this level, you can now repeat every Quest of Ammon. You can also use this to have another try for better values on any of your Ammon's items.

    Known issues:
    - The old Ammon's items cannot be combined with the new ones for the set bonus right now.
    This will be fixed. So keep the old items, if you want the full set bonus without going to the parallel worlds again
    - The Tooltip in the Quest rewards will display random values out of the possible range, which mostly isn't the excact value your item will have, when you receive it. This will be fixed in one of the next releases. Until then, we will provide you with the possible range of values via our community channels (Facebook, Forum).

    The scaling Quest rewards are just another step to give every player a chance to obtain a free (no identification costs) and interesting item set without making other unique or legendary items obsolete. We will introduce new items and other content for the parallel worlds further down the road.
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