Stats to be able to solo the PW in Painful mode (2H DK)?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by AlexDK, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. AlexDK

    AlexDK Someday Author

    Hello everyone,

    can someone please advice about the approximate stats necessary to be able to solo the PW maps in painful mode as a 2H level 55 DK?

    Many thanks!
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  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Running maps below infernal are not really about targeting stats. It's more about improving what you can and giving it a go until it becomes easy enough to move up.

    I have an alt DK that can do excruciating without dying (much :D) and that build is based solely around a good T4 Bloodrune sword a friend helped me get.

    If you could post a screenie of your current build mayhaps we (the forum folk :p) could give you some tips about what you need to work on.
  3. AlexDK

    AlexDK Someday Author

    Thank for offering your help! For the moment I'm just level 53.

    Honestly, I'm only playing at weekends and I'm not interested in crafting. I just want to be good enough to play mod1 with or without groups.

    The idea is just to enjoy the content and the gameplay (I don't really care for the modes). I'm not interested in the stress of the PW Chat, neither in the boredom and frustration of crafting.

    This is my current build:
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  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    First of all, just worry about getting up to level 55 as fast as possible. That will help because then the gear you are getting will be the sort of gear you can actually keep and it will unlock T4+ maps for you to run with stronger friends.

    Second, find a guild that will actually help you farm a couple of T4 or T5 items. Even some OK extraordinaries would be better than some of the uniques and magic items you have and wouldn't take more than a couple hours at most. You can look for guilds in the appropriate section of the forums.

    Third, keep an eye out for key events. In the future (several months from the looks of things) we will have the Dragan event return. The Dragan event has a set that is pretty much the gold standard for 2H DPS builds. Additionally, there are some items you can get from the Full Moon and New Moon events that are superior to anything you have, even in their T0 uncrafted stats The full moon event in particular gives you decent odds to get a couple from the progress bar. On the topic of the full moon event, be sure to be going into the Full Moon in between event periods if you want to be able to get into the second map. It takes three months, so it's best to start now.
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  5. AlexDK

    AlexDK Someday Author

    @_Baragain_ , thank you very much, you were absolutely right.

    After I reached level 55, I bought the Glowing Dune set (the andermant set from the store) and the Jewels of the Desert set (with the bone coins). I then went solo to PW Grimmagstone in painful mode, and got slaughtered: while offensively the stats were ok-ish, I was killed pretty fast, because of the base stats of T0 items being low.

    So, I got some T6 items, and that made a huge difference. Since the base stats of T6 are much higher I was able to survive and solo the first map, in painful mode, without problems.

    Here are my current stats / build:

    Once again, many thanks!
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  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Very nice improvement for just a couple days. Now here are my next couple bits of advice.

    Build up gold. It takes time, but it will be worth it. Proper "targeted crafting" where you carefully craft items to get legendary items with the exact stats you want usually takes weeks (even with the recent changes) but with a little luck, you might be able to get a jump. You can also "dirty craft" where you put three of the item you want and one other item that you may want but not as much into the bench and hope for the best. For example, put three extortionary 2H weapons on the bench with a pair of extraordinary gloves and see what you get. The enchantments will be random, but if the items you put in the bench are higher tier (preferably T6), you have good odds of getting a legendary out with three or four gold lines. They may not be the perfect combination, but it will once again represent a huge jump in stats for you. For example, I was dirty crafting last night trying to build legendaries to use in legendary to legendary targeted crafting and I crafted legendary gloves with 19% attack speed and 60% HP on this item. Or I crafted a belt with 19% damage and 120% resistance on this item. Neither are amazing by end game standards, but for you where you're at now, they'd likely be amazing.

    Events... I know I said it before when talking about gear, but the moon events are super important because they are a steady source of speed runes, and you need the attack speed. In about 4-5 months, you'll be able to fill your weapon and decoration with first tier speed runes and that will have a huge impact on your offense. At lower speeds, little bits of attack speed have a bigger impact.

    Finally, build up your materi fragments and ask those same friends that helped you get the T6 exos to give you a helping hand getting some full PW runs in and then you can buy a couple higher tier uniques to hold you while you wait for events with good gear. Check out the DK show off thread for some ideas of some of the PW uniques that may help you.
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