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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Aug 29, 2020.

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  1. Phyrix

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    Hey guys xD

    So i guess you wanna know what I mean with the title.

    A status effect would be well something like the q7 set bonus actually

    But I am looking at something a little more advanced here.

    As we all know many dso sets like to boost how skills work and yes the devs are reworking skills
    So why not now mention next meta level sets that could influence how the game is played?

    Kudos on the reworking of mage and dk skills they do look quite OP

    However I am going to briefly explain to you the kind of sets and bonuses I envision in the way forward

    Firstly the sets mentioned here should only compliment sets such as q7 or q4 or even other skill powered sets, and that is exactly what I would be pushing for.

    I will start with rangers as rangers was the inspiration behind these proposals

    I looked at adrenaline and realized the immense potential that adrenaline has for rangers

    quickly imagine a belt that increases a rangers damage by 25% while adrenaline is active

    now picture an amulet that increases a rangers skill attack speed while adrenaline is active
    then a cloak that increases his armor and resist by 20% while adrenaline is active.

    So in effect if a ranger had the q8 torso in combination with this, he would kinda be a juggernaut for certain periods of time
    He would still be able to use q7, however it would be favorable that he uses q7 while adrenaline is active.

    Now picture similar bonuses for dks when he does furious battle cry or even much higher boosted states while dragon hide is active
    I actually thought about how cool it would be if the cooldown on dragon hide was only 30 seconds, and how it would be nice if dragon hide was actually called dragon heart

    Now similar bonuses including increased damage speed and defenses while dragon heart is active

    Mages is a little harder, but I figured why give them a status if they could have one while guardian is active?

    So when guardian is active they attain similar bonuses but instead of lets say for example skill attack speed, why not skills cost reduction while guardian is active?

    As for mecs though, they have so many options

    example when they enter a tesla turret radius they have hightened status effects like armo and dmg or tactical turret, or dwarf in a box, heck even possibly while iron dwarf is actve